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Bug out/in survival stove! On the road to being self-sufficient

Hey Everybody!

This post is going to be more attractive to "prepper type folks" out there but I was hoping to get some Ron Paul folks to think about preparing for the bad times ahead. Our country doesn't seem to be doing very well at the moment and I think it will get a whole lot worse before its over. But I advocate that even in good times we should all try to become as self-sufficient as possible to keep times good. :-) So with that purpose in mind I wanted to share with y'all about this awesome little stove called "The Deadwood Stove". Two brothers started making these little beauties to help people prepare for whats coming. They understand why people need to be self-sufficient in order to truly benefit from their Liberty. I highly recommend checking them out and adding it to your plan for being able to eat and drink when others can't. http://deadwoodstove.com

The "Deadwood Stove" or is pretty nifty and premade way to prep for bugging out or bugging in. Being able to cook food and sanities water will be very important to most folks in the near future. The "Throwback Blog" had an good write up on it here: http://www.throwbackroad.com/2012/02/deadwood-stove.html

Watch the Deadwood Stove tyoutube video:

DEADWOOD STOVE Bannock Fresh Bread in Camp and history lession:

Short youtube review by Mark:

Cooking Steak on Deadwood Stove:

Deadwood Stove, "Rail Road" Black Eye Peas

Heres a little about it from their website:

What is the Deadwood Stove?

The Deadwood Stove is an efficient, rugged, and portable outdoor cook stove. It allows you to cook meals using only small amounts of sticks, scrap lumber, tree bark, pine cones, and other biomass fuels.

Efficient - The Deadwood Stove is known for its outstanding ability to maximize heat produced from a minimal amount of fuel. This makes it perfect for camp sites, backyards, and during a power outage. No need to cut large firewood or purchase gas or charcoal, just use dead limbs, scrap lumber, and sticks you find on the ground.

Easy to start - Place a wadded up piece of newspaper in the combustion chamber and drop some kindling on top. Light the paper with a match, lighter, or magnesium starter and begin inserting sticks into the feed tube. The stove is ready to cook in a couple of minutes. Dead grass and leaves also work well to start a fire in the Deadwood Stove.

Easy to use - Cooking temperature is simply varied by the size and amount of fuel used. Only a few sticks generate enough heat to cook eggs, pancakes, hamburgers, steaks, popcorn, and just about anything else you cook on your kitchen stove top. The Deadwood Stove will heat 1 quart of water to a rolling boil in 10 minutes.

Durable - The Deadwood Stove is built for daily use and covered by a 5 year limited warranty. The combustion chamber and cooking surfaces are made of heavy 11 gauge steel. All welded construction so there are no bolts, rivets, or seams to deteriorate.


Height without the leg extensions = 14.5 in.
Height with leg extensions = 21.5 in.
The grill surface = 8.5 in. X 8.5 in.
Footprint with leg extension = 11 in.
Footprint without leg extensions = 7 in.
Weight = 18 pounds

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