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To Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig

To Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig:

I’m just now reading the news of the weekend’s happenings here on the Daily Paul, and just have to say: I am overwhelmed with admiration and thankfulness to you and all the other patriots serving on the front lines of our revolution!

I am here enjoying my family in my comfortable home on another continent while you are sacrificing your time, energy, health and comfort in the delegate battle that is so critical to our movement. At this moment, you are the change I’d like to see in the world, and I am so proud to share the same cause with you!

I wish you a speedy recovery and am thrilled that you all in Louisiana were able to come out victorious in spite of the resistance! I’ve considered trying to track you two casualties down and send flowers as a thank-you for what you are enduring, but have decided instead to donate in your honor. So, in honor of Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig, here goes $50 to the good folks who are working to win South Dakota!

And to everyone else who are delegates or otherwise actively involved, thank you for doing what not all of us have the ability to do! Don’t be discouraged, feel the r3VOLution love from the international cheerleading section! You all are OUTSTANDING, and whether you know it or not, you make the world a better place!!

(P.S. Should maybe mention I'm a U.S. citizen and can legally contribute to the campaign! In this case though, South Dakota for Liberty money bomb.)

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Legal action fund?

Has anyone setup a legal action fund to help both in their criminal defense and for the counter suit against those fascist goons? If there is one please link it so that I can donate.

Thank you

I would have loved to have gotten footage

of the incident, but the hallway was blocked off by a large black curtain attached to a wooden frame that had been set up before the convention. There were off duty police officers preventing anyone from looking behind the curtain to see what was going on. You could only hear yelling and commotion.

It was highly suspicious that a visual barrier was erected before the convention even began. They obviously expected to have to eject people from the far entrance and wanted to keep it free of cameras and witnesses.

I take my...

I take my hat off to you two gentlemen. Bonum Salutem et Libertas!!

Liberty is meaningless where the right to utter one’s thoughts and opinions has ceased to exist. That, of all rights, is the dread of tyrants. It is the right which they first of all strike down.
-- Frederick Douglass

Give Them The "Stank Eye"

"Stank Eye" : A stare a hitter directs at a pitcher after being the recipient of a bean ball......Ha!

Everyone!! Give the Shreveport Police the "Stank Eye"

Yes, A BIG thank you to

them and all those delegates out there getting the job done! Please know there are sooooo many people who are grateful beyond words! You are making a difference and never give up as know one really knows what tomorrow will bring.

Henry Herford interview in progress

Henry Herford interview is in progress right NOW on Ron Paul Radio's "Occupy the Media w/Paco Elijah".


VIDEO: here's Heny Herford, Jr. in his own words, immediately

following release from hospital:

What a BEAUTIFUL gentle soul, and to think these lunatic Nazi copthugs assaulted this man, clearly under color of law.

Lawsuit time. Go get'em, ALL, from training officer to the supervisor, to the assaulting scum and his pension.

God bless you Henry, and Alex, and any other R3VOL who became unfortunate victims of the Amerikan policestate.

We forge on, inspired by your strength and composure, and righteousness in the face of blatant thuggish tyranny of the polyester costume guild.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Ben Swann wants to talk to Henry Herford


Ben Swann WXIX
12 minutes ago
There is a huge network here... putting out the word that I want to hear from Henry Herford from Louisiana and have him share his story of being attacked by Shreveport police at the state convention. Henry, email me please at bswann@fox19.com so we can set up an interview with you for this week.

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I believe the Shreveport Police Chief owes the public some

1. Under what authority did the off-duty policemen act?
2. Will there be an investigation into the unlawful arrest, assault and battery of Henry and Alex?

Please give him a call:

Chief of Police
Willie L. Shaw
Office: (318) 673-6900

They have apparently been getting calls, because I've been on hold now for over 5 minutes....tying up their line. Obviously the assistant is hoping I'll just hang up.

"We marched in, we can just march right out"

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Call indeed; and I think the Chief owes the

public some FIRINGS of cops too mercenary and empty-brained to be trusted with power and weapons.

These men are truly heroes in this peaceful revolution

men and women like them (i.e. Brent Stafford etc.) deserve to be in the history books for reshaping this country back to it's original constitutional roots. They are already US heroes in my book.


The LA Ron Paul delegates are my newest heroes! Way to stick to your guns, patriots! Special thanks to Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig. You are part of history now.

I read that we won 62% of the 46 LA delegates spots? That would make 28. But I saw another post saying 27...could someone verify this number?

In it to win it! The R3voLution train can't be stopped. I can't wait for Tampa~

RP R3VOLution

I believe

the solid number is 17 = 12 + 5. The other numbers we won are bound to Santorum. At this point we add them up... LA "at-large" delegates are allocated based on beauty contest.

Those who understands better, please clarify.

California Liberty Candidates!

SPREAD this page FAR AND WIDE, let's make it viral. In a few minutes a TON of people are going to hear and see this page (via robocall and text) so let's supplement it by posting everywhere!


We have The Evidence, Valuable Evidence....

"We have evidence, valuable evidence, that's going to convict a bunch of maniacs." ~ Buford T. Justice


Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig

Remnant Patriots....
I will RP sign wave election day in El Dorado,
the Restored California Republic!


Nice to see all hard working people on the ground fighting for liberty against all odds.

But what is happening on youtube now is a different story. It is a total division and betrayal. Many youtube channels who mirrored pro-Ron Paul videos, now claim Ron Paul is a sell out and they themselves never believed in free-market economy that only benefits the rich.

It turns out that big number of those channels and Alex Jones listeners are progressives on economy, like OWS or Larouche democrats. They were drawn to Ron Paul and Alex Jones for an opportunity to spew something against Jews and offer another conspiracy theory. WOW, what a let down.

reedr3v's picture

Thank you Karicia, for showing us the perfect

response to honor Henry, Alex, and all of our peaceable warriors on the front lines.

Who Pays for These Off-Duty Policeman?

I recall someone recommending when we had trouble at past conventions that we should be contacting the police ahead of time to inform them of possible trouble so they will be aware and Not arrest our liberty brothers who are fighting to take back our country for them too! I also am confused as why these officers did not know who was the elected chairman at this convention. From the pictures I see police officers standing by the red roped off area dividing the delegates from the board. Don't the police officers make judgments in a situation like this or do they just work for the ousted chairman regardless of the injustice that was taking place? If anyone was hauled off, it should have been the past chairman calling the shots to sic the police officers on these two chairman. This chairman should also pay a penalty for his actions that led up to this uncalled for directive from him.


I made a similar comment a

I made a similar comment a few weeks back here: http://www.dailypaul.com/comment/2469464

I think anyone planning on going to a convention in the near future should take this advice.
These officers looked like they had little clue how RRO works, that a new chair according to RRO and GOP rules was now in charge. They are only looking at whomever they were told was in charge prior to or at the start of the convention. They most likely fell back on their training and tried to contain what they perceived to be a problem. Taking orders from the official looking podium with the loud mic rather than the quiet legitimately elected chair in the audience.
To head off these problems in the future:

  • Open dialog with the police prior to the convention
  • Let them hear our side
  • Share some basic knowledge of RRO
  • Inform them that it is possible under RRO and GOP rules that the chairman can actually be replaced by the voice of the delegates
  • Inform them that there is division in the Republican Party and many may attempt to cheat
  • Inform that if a new chairman is elected, the old one may not want to step down, and if this is the case to not take orders from him regardless of him holding a mic
  • On the day of the Convention prior to opening, have a group of Paul supporters approach the LEOs. Introduce yourselves, thank them for their time. Let them know what you discussed with their superiors earlier. Or if that wasn't done, to open a discussion now with the above info.

    I think any true red blooded American police officer would try to do the right thing if he knew what the right thing was.

    I believe police would try to

    I believe police would try to respond to the person who called, and then try to determine who belongs there and who is causing the disruption. The old guard probably gave the police lines like "I'm in charge here, I've been chairman of this district for 37 years [but I'm not anymore]".

    henry9's picture

    I concur.

    The security (police force) should have been aware of the happenings, but were not---or ignored self knowledge.

    You have to wonder how many on the other side of the red ribbon helped get their chiefs and sheriffs elected?


    Still in disbelief about what

    Still in disbelief about what I have read went on at the LA GOP Convention. I hope there is legal action pending. The evidence is there on video. Your inspired victory seems the only good news to come of this weekend. Thank you for never giving up, even against (off-duty, and paid-off) "police" force.

    Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race. -H. G. Wells

    I'm hoping that the donation

    I'm hoping that the donation goes to a PAC not affiliated with the official campaign, otherwise its illegal and could get Ron Paul in a heap of trouble.

    Blessings )o(

    I see your point!

    Made a little update on the post...


    what you've done is highly appreciated! rest, heal-up, and rejuvinate so you can continue forward in this march-to-liberty with the same courage and stregnth. leaders, such as yourselves, are what the party needs. we need leaders in this country that believe in personal liberty, smaller - more efficient - government, less foreign entanglements, gradually decreasing entitlements, real money, and a general sense of being "with the people" instead of with the monied interests.

    wouldn't it be nice to live in a country ruled by representatives of the people that act in the best interest of the country and have the personal fortitude to resist the monied and assist the citizens.

    My best regards as you continue on in the name of liberty.

    Thank you!

    Thanks to all those delegates who showed up to win for Louisiana! Special thanks to Henry Herford Jr. and Alex Helwig as well for keeping up the fight and remaining civil even when the opposition has resorted to violence. Two great men who deserve to call themselves Patriots.

    The World Thanks You Two Patriots including all of our Ron Paul

    Delegates including Romney, Rick & Newt delegates that will be voting for Ron Paul come this August at the Tampa convention!