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? at-large delegate selection (texas) resume question

I am running for an at-large delegate position from texas this coming state convention. I know 2 reputable state judges who know me and would endorse me if they could (judges not being able to endorse politically) but both are hesitant. my question is how to involve them in my meeting with the delegate selection committe if they cant technically endorse me? are their any loop holes to this? another question is that my father worked with David Dewhurst who is the establishment candidate running for state senate (voted for Ted Cruz though) and knows him well. should i mention this? and how? Lastly, ive been told to build a resume to turn into the committee. is there any specific way to write the resume or is it just whatever format you see fit?
Please let me know if you have been through this process and have any information for me or if you are just more informed than i am right now. my email is west2836@gmail.com

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Contact the member of the nominations committee from your district and let them know about your qualifications so they can speak up for you at their meeting. Maybe even have some of your connections contact the individual members they know, especially if they have a lot of influence.
Remember they are meeting today, tomorrow, and Wednesday ahead of the convention, as well as during (though most of the decisions will have already been made by then), so you need to contact them ASAP.
Otherwise contact your fellow congressional caucus delegates and ask them to vote for you. This will probably be an easier option if your establishment connections can't get you through.