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The Police State Grows - My Story - Take Heed!

I grew up on a ranch around cops and learned to trust and believe they were the good guys, because the ones I knew were. They often came out to hunt or practice shooting with my Dad and us kids. Now, I no longer trust police officers, as I used to, or believe that the Police are here to help me. Here's my story:

I had a personal encounter with the police last year, where they tricked me into entering my home, intidimated me and searched my house without my permission.

They came to the side door of my residence where there are no windows and I could not hear them through the solid wood door. I could only hear knock, knock, knock, "POLICE...mumble, mumble,mumble..." Innocent and concerned, I thought maybe a bad guy was in my yard. I made the mistake of OPENING THE DOOR. I saw only two plain clothes detectives standing there with clip boards, they asked me if my son was home, confused and then scared something had happened to him,I said No, why? And then they asked if they could step inside to ask a few questions. I innocently said ...yes, yes!!! I wanted to know if my son was alright, I had nothing to fear, right? WRONG!

Well as they stepped in the other 5 fully rigged cops with guns drawn swarmed in behind them (they must have been hiding along the wall to the right of the door out of my line of vision).They overwhelmed me and took over my home searching (for guns I was to find out momentarily). Not only was I scared to death, I was totally confused, off guard and overwhelmed by this show of deadly force. At the same time I saw other rigged cops swarming my garden and backyard there must have been a dozen cops on my property including the detectives. (BTW I have always been what is called a good citizen. I have never been arrested, never been in trouble in my life, at 58 I have only received 3 traffic tickets in my life! My 14 yr old son they were looking for was with his Dad at the time and is a good student, and not a behavioral problem in the least at school or at home, he's a good kid. So I could not imagine what was going on.)

To make a long story short, a notebook was found earlier that day at school by my son's history teacher. It had a hand drawn picture of a video game forge (where gamers go to build their own melieu to play in, in a game). I believe the game forge they were planning to build was for "Call of Duty" so they showed a building with stairs, tables, hallways, bodies lying on the floor and drew a picture of a machine gun in the diagram. There was also a short list of the three kids who planned on going on X-Box live to play. My son's name was on this list. The teacher did not realize the drawing was a video game, and took it to the principle, and said he was quite sure the notebook belonged to my son (it did not BTW).

The principle, even though he's known me for three years as I am very active at my son' school, did not call me, the parent, he called the SDPD who came calling to my La Mesa City residence (out of their jurisdiction)and tricked me, in my opinion, into searching my home. While the search was going on one of the detectives waved the notebook in my face and berated me for being a bad parent. He purposely intidimated me and told me he had done his "homework" and knew we had guns in the home. I asked when did it become illegal for Americans to own guns? And furthermore, that this was not true, if he had done his homework, he would know that my ex-husband was the owner of the guns and he had taken them with him over a year ago.

One of the cops searching found an airsoft pisol of my sons during the search of his bedroom, and the detective again berated me for allowing my son to have one of these as the cops could mistake it for a real gun. I said that might be possible if my son was allowed to carry it around but he was not, he shoots targets on the property (WE have an acre in a rural area)! Since when was this an excuse to raid my house? (Well, their justification was that the SDPD was on high alert because the anniversary of the Columbine HS shooting was the following week. But I digress...)

I finally grabbed the notorious notebook he was waving in my face, flipped through it and realized it was not my son's notebook afterall as the handwriting was not his. It was too neat. I pointed this out and that the drawing was a video game forge and my son was not plannig an attack on the school, if that was what all this was about.(I must say the look on the cops face was priceless when I told him the notebook did not belong to my son!)By this time my fear was gone to be replaced with righteous rage and indignation at the arrogance, utter stupidity and hubris of these cops. I felt tricked and violated because that is exactly what happened. I trusted them and they betrayed that trust. Never Again!

They finally left when they damn well pleased. And I and my son had to deal with this again in what they intended to be a BIG SCARY MEETING with the cops, the kids and the principle at school the next day, but that is another story.

These arrogant, short-sighted police did accomplished something very important...they WOKE ME UP! I used to respect police officers, but now I have ABSOLUTELY no respect or trust for any cops and lock my front gate, not to keep out the criminals, but to keep the cops out...how sad and telling is that?

When I relate this story to people I get one of two reactions. The #1 reaction is disbelief, they are sure I am lying, exagerating or that I actually did something bad and am not admitting it, and probably deserved what the cops did, becuasae they cannot believe taht cops will do this. The other reaction is the nodding head one, where someone, who has had something similiar happen to them, understands! They know first hand too how far we have fallen. I would not believe this could happen until it happened to me so until law abiding' American citizens feel the boot heel directly on their neck as I had, they will not truly realize how the growth of the police state endangers THEIR Liberty.

I am sharing my story to help prevent this from happening to you. I do not open the door to Cops for ANY reason. Frankly, from another DP post yesterday, I learned about Terry Ingram who teaches how to handle police encounters. Here's a link:


I am very grateful I found this and now you and I can start learning more about how to handle the inevitable encounters with the police. So, please take heed of my story and be prepared, because you're next...

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You might have some civil or criminal recourse with a criminal

but never a cop

They are so militarized now that any excuse to employ tactics is more than welcome.

It used to be they took too many 24x7 color glossy photos...



involved with the gov't at ANY level is your mortal enemy.

Remove your child from public school, and avoid any and all contact possible with the enemy.

I would really like to

I would really like to homeschool my son, but his father will NOT allow this, my ex is totally asleep and refuses to wake up (one of the myriad reasons we are divorced).

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Thanks for posting

Soon drones come into play.
Police state strides forward.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

yes, I've thought about this

yes, I've thought about this and their ability now to listen to every word inside you home from a van parked out on the street. Horrid!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle



Free includes debt-free!

Thanks Paul, people need to

Thanks Paul, people need to read this and be prepared!

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle