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Boston Globe Editorial: State GOP shouldn’t use tricks to defrock Ron Paul backers

Boston Globe Editorial - June 4, 2012

Whether on the playground or in presidential politics, rules can’t be changed midway through the process just because they become inconvenient. But that’s what Massachusetts state Republican leaders are trying to do by invoking dubious technicalities to try to remove Ron Paul supporters who were chosen as delegates to the party’s national convention in Tampa.

The state GOP has good reason to be concerned about a process that allows fervent activists to flood local caucuses and play a disproportionate role in choosing convention delegates. Those delegates will nonetheless be pledged to Mitt Romney, who, after all, won 72 percent of votes in the March presidential primary, versus less than 10 percent for Paul. But according to party rules, Romney’s campaign had more to do to get its own people chosen as the delegates to the Tampa convention; they had to show up at local party caucuses, the obscure gatherings where delegates are actually chosen. They didn’t, at least not to the degree that Paul’s supporters did. To the extent that Paul’s zealous supporters abided by the caucus rules in place, they deserve the delegates that they won. Attempts to throw out scores of caucus votes on technical issues, which is what party leaders would be doing by ignoring provisional ballots the rules had allowed for, should be abandoned.

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they substitute one bad prescription for another

In the end, they are a nearsighted doctor who doesn't keep up with the literature.

Boston Globe article

I'd just like to say to the author of this article, "Are you SURE that Romney's delegates are vound to him?" The GOP says otherwise!

This is What Started the Bru-haha in Louisiana....

The LAGOP changed rules just a couple of days before the state delegate primary and tried to coerce the Ron Paul delegates to comply. Sore losers who refuse to be losers...

This is a bad article if you actually read it

It gets worse and worse by the sentence; starting out with a title that sounds good, and ending with a conclusion that is bad.

I think I would be somewhat surprised

if the MA GOP doesn't do something like what is suggested in the final paragraph in 2016. They could just switch the delegate selection rules to be like the rule used in California, where each candidate selects a slate and the winner in each CD has his/her slate become the actual delegates.

Michael Nystrom's picture


FYI Boston Globe owned by New York Times.

FYI Wall Street Journal/ Dow Jones owned by News Corp
FYI Financial times owned by Pearson PLC (Rothschild)
FYI Sunguard (softwae for equity markets) is owned by Silver Lake Partners,Bain Capital, The Blackstone Group, Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. L.P., Providence Equity Partners and Texas Pacific Group.


We need a little trust break-ups
might start with DNC/RNC. MSM, TBTF banks. FED,
mutual fund ERISA, many insurance products.

This is not free markets but crony capital and corporatism or soft fascism.

Massachusetts You Can stop the state GOP

Scott Brown is in a dog fight and the people on this board know what Brown, McCain and Lieberman did to stop Hr 1207 and stop S604 from even hitting the floor. The underwear model is actually campaigning on Elizabeth Warren's heritage. It is a Hobson's choice but Brown's vote on audit the FED, the surge, patriot act. The man's record on killing the 4th amendment and any pretense of liberty is abysmal. Enough so that I will hold my nose and vote for Warren if Brown does not stop this RNC crap against Ron Paul Delegates. We have enough activism to pressure Brown to cut it out. Brown votes with Obama on lots of issues presuming Massachusetts is Democratic. Massachusetts is NOT DEMOCRATIC. Massachusetts has close to 70% independents. In fact if it was put to a vote Massachusetts would break up the the RNC/DNC collectivist big government. Patrick the current Governor hired the Bureau of Labor Statistics where last years jobs were revised down from +40,000 to +9,000. This is as evil as the Obama participation rate chicanery.. You really as of today have a choice of big government candidates. Massachusetts is highly influenced by defense, education and mutual fund big government interventionism. Michael Nystrom has been heroic in his keeping the Daily Paul going.. It is not gone in vain we did get the delegates in Massachusetts and IMO district 4 had an additional 3 delegates stolen by Romney dirty tricks.
Hey go grab a Sam Adams read a little on Sam Adams and make a difference.

"It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."
Samuel Adams

We won the delegates lets fight to keep them... CALL SCOTT BROWNS OFF AND TELL HIM TO HAVE THE MASSACHUSETTS RNC GET THERE HEADS OUT OF THERE A$$. Remember Louisiana it is our choice if you want it to be the Alamo,Marathon.Arminius, Waterloo or just lie down.. Call Scott Brown and explain his political survival.



Tools for Justice

Here is a link: http://www.toolsforjustice.com/elections-campaigns/legal-rem...

Every delegate, every alternate, every person who was intimidated in any way, go to this link, sign up for free and let's start rockin and rollin on a lawsuit against these GOP establishment thugs. "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party."




"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

Are you FED UP with the fraud of the GOP in this election??

…Become informed of a LAWSUIT BEING FILED soon in federal court - CIVIL RIGHTS AND VOTER FRAUD VIOLATIONS. A group of attorneys have come together – “LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL” (https://www.facebook.com/groups/188334154612254/) and will be on a huge conference call on Wednesday 06/05/2012 @ 7:00 pm (PST), to explain this “Heart-Pounding” event. These attorneys have expressed that without this lawsuit, Ron Paul will NOT be able to win the nomination at the Tampa GOP National Convention in August because the election is so wrongly rigged for Romney. Adding further, the attorney spokesman said, “There is no chance of Ron Paul winning the election without the lawsuit.”
The core-team members of “Watch the vote 2012” are asking other WTV members to attend this conference call. Why? LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL needs assistance in finding more “Injured Parties.” Right now there are over 60 testimonies from Arizona alone. People from 10 states have already submitted their “Testimonies” of election fraud. More are needed. We need the help of Watchthevote2012 members to perform a “Manhunt” to find injured parties for submitting “Testimonies” to include in the lawsuit.
These “Testimonials” can arise from huge violations to even small testimonies smelling of fraud. We are also seeking voters and Ron Paul Delegates of any level.
This is a “Manhunt” that will make history!!! It is a “hands-on” effort you can help with so please join us!! We, at the WTV core team, are beyond excited after Monday night’s conference call with LAWYERS FOR RON PAUL. Please come to the conference call Wednesday night @ 7:00 pm (PST), 8:00 (MST), 9:00 (CST), 10:00 (EST) and become informed on how you can help!!! Join us in helping Ron Paul win this!!!!
The conference call number is: 805-399-1200 Pin: 412531#
Testimonies can be submitted at: www.electionfraudremedy.com

It's really crazy ...

That Romney thinks that Ron Paul supporters should be the ones that show up at the conventions to vote HIS delegates in.

Pride goeth before fall.

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Tools For Justice Filing Federal Suit This Week For Paulers

Tools For Justice is filing a Federal Lawsuit this week with tons of testimony from around the country where voters were damaged and defrauded particularly delegates representing Ron Paul.

Without this lawsuit it will be impossible for Ron Paul to be the nominee in August in Tampa.

That is why it is essential for ALL Ron Paul delegates or alternates to sign up for free with Tools For Justice at their ElectionFraudRemedy website for free assistance in providing testimony which can be turned into affidavits.

THIS IS URGENT. This is real. Please pass the world to all Ron Paul delegates.

Well, DUH!

The Boston Globe has a way of stating the obvious! But only so far as it makes them look reasonable. Hah!


Perhaps somone

Would anyone like to place a comparison piece of the accumulated list of crimes/injustices? I know this is around some place by now.... And the Boston Globe is open to comments.

Not so fast

It's a good article for biting at the GOP, but it also advocates changing the rules for the future. Basically, "let's not let this happen again" for both parties. Both sides want to keep out the peasants.

Changing the Rules

I think it is good in two ways. For one, if it is determined that states cannot bind delegates, and I think it will, then more people will have to get involved in the process and stop sitting around and then voting and going home. That is a positive. It also shows that laws should remain in the states and not at the federal level. Maybe more people will be woke up, I hope.

The way I read it,

it's OK with them if Paul delegates are defrocked so long as it's not done with tricks. They are clearly viewing our side as a nuisance if not a bit threatening.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Nice Find Michael..

Thanks for sharing.

The state GOP has good reason to be concerned about a process that allows fervent activists to flood local caucuses and play a disproportionate role in choosing convention delegates.

Wa, Wa, Wa..

Hey Boston Globe, that's America and that's the process in America.. Eat It!


he probably is saying that just to fool the paul backers to think he wants every thing to be fair,but they'll still be cheating.


Holy sh*t

This is major. This isn't even some article posted by a blogger. This is great. The GOP better step back.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Nice to see

Thanks Michael.

as i said before

you know things are bad in the state gop when the boston globe is helping to clean house.

Those words are coming

Those words are coming straight from the Boston Globe's editor!

Never be afraid to ask simple questions.

Someone has gotten a clue.

Someone has gotten a clue as to what is going on. Too bad he isn't a Paul supporter.


Perhaps he would be open to a return letter?