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Company Vows Mars Colony by 2023, Funded by Reality Show

Watch out, Kardashians! A Dutch company says it will produce the biggest reality show on the planet, centered on a group of humans who colonize Mars.

In the wake of SpaceX’s first successful commercial mission to the International Space Station last month, Mars One has vowed a much grander feat, according to reports.

The firm claims that it will put four people on the red planet every two years beginning in April 2023. By 2033, Mars One boasts there will be 20 colonists on Mars.


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this is awesome. and it will only be a confined space for first 2 years after that large living and growing facilities will be built and theyll have ability to expand settlement as much as they want.
AND they wont loose their muscles or bone density mars has enough gravity to allow near normal functioning of the body.
although theyre most likely going to be eaten by alien bugs.

instead of giving billions to pakistan to try and kill us with we should give it to them so we can start a united states of mars. since this one is no longer a republic.


You could go to Mars & never come back for a "reality" show

You could go to Mars & never come back for a "reality" show
Published on Jun 5, 2012 by AdamKokesh

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This will never happen; at

This will never happen; at least not the way they have it planned anyway. Experiments with people living in confined spaces of long periods of time have shown that the vast majority of people go insane; their living quarters are not nearly large enough to mitigate that inevitability. Also, if the 'show' loses funding then the people are stuck there with limited ability to sustain themselves. The long travel time to get to Mars, would decrease their muscle mass significantly, and with less gravity on Mars then there is on Earth it would take some time to regenerate enough to make them(the individuals) able to do major tasks. To generate the muscle which would be lost, due to the travel -unless a ship which produced gravity itself were to be employed- to Mars would entail, would require a massive supply of protein which would have to be supplied because they wouldn't have the space to raise any animals, in their habitat, for the protein.

They, the creators, will most certainly have to take-on other groups which will be able to be utilized to provide the necessary requirements to sustain life; it would be the only responsible thing to do. There are organizations and groups which would be interested in getting to Mars to set-up facilities for colonization. If the creators of Mars-1 were to take-on these groups as partners then the facilities created by these other groups could be utilized to sustain human life, for a while at least, in the event that the show got canceled or there was some-other problem with getting supplies to Mars.


How are they going to get back?

P.s. they will lose most of their muscles imo..


They are not to ever come

They are not to ever come back to Earth.

Intelligence suggests that Iran is building a nuclear enrichment

facility on Mars.

We must send Sen. Lindsey Graham to investigate.


more power to them. it might actually get done!

Will Newt be the CEO of the company?

He needs a job now.


he's in the cast