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Microsoft Virus out of the blue

Did anyone else get notified that Microsoft had a virus and offering the patch to fix it? Maybe I'm feeling paranoid but I didnt want to download the patch cause who knows it could be the entryway into computer


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Old post, but that's okay

I'm wondering just how this post ended up being refreshed on the DP in the most viewed posts section if nobody's said anything in it since last June. I apparently bumped the old thread, but it was on the main page so I automatically assumed it was fresh. No matter. The information remains valid.

Watch out for scammers and tricks to get you to install viruses! One of the latest ones is a phone call "from Microsoft" or "from Windows" that says they've detected viruses on your computer. They show you something in the Windows event viewer (which always contains numerous minor errors that don't need fixing) and say these are viruses. They'll insist on connecting to your computer to fix it for a fee. Of course, they will hack your computer, steal your information, and possible damage your operating system or leave a virus on it. My mother got a few of these calls last week. The callers are almost always from India, and the scam is always the same.

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Microsoft Virus?

Microsoft Virus?

You're talking about the "Operating" System they charge us for, and that we can curse at on a regular basis, right?

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When in doubt, get updates

When in doubt, get updates from the Microsoft web page directly. Or click on Control Panel/Windows Update and go from there.

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Sounds fishy

You don't fix viruses with a patch file. If you actually have a virus, you need to clean the infection with a good antivirus program.

It could be a vulnerability patch for a security hole, but those are ALWAYS given on the official Windows Update site.

How did you get notified? I am guessing that this was in an email, from a place that claimed to be Microsoft, and they were offering the program (or a link to it) right there? If so, that's almost definitely a scam, even if the sender address looks legit. It's far more likely that the "patch" is actually a virus itself.

The other day

when google was saying there was malicious software on the DP I got a blue screen (while on the DP) and it said "Driver_ILQS_Not_More_or_Less"/ "Dumping Physical Memory" or something like that. It scared the crap outta me because my warrenty is up and I never renewed it. I googled the error and it turns out to be A) bad Microsoft antivirus (don't have it,) B) Loose RAM / Video cards. I removed some files from my comp (it was jammed to compacity prior to the blue screen) and it has been fine ever since (cross my fingers.)

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That actually sounds like a video card driver issue. You should update your Radeon or Geforce drivers (go to AMD.com or Nvidia.com respectively) if you have not done this already. If you don't have a video card and just use an Intel video chipset (slow compared to the others) go to Intel for the drivers.

Removing files from your computer won't do much more than give you extra space. (which is important in itself, but it wouldn't cause an error like that)

Good luck in fixing things!

Edit: I just realized that this post was from last year! I wonder how it got onto the main page in the most-viewed posts section.