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Why Kurt Bills Will Win: Why We Fight

1. Energy: Kurt Bills is very energetic. Anyone who has met him in person or watched his speeches knows he has a lot of energy and dynamism.

He exercises daily. Like Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Many Libertarians are morbidly Obese, slothful, lazy, TV, Video Game Addicts. They are basically couch tomatoes. Not Kurt Bills. He has strong work ethic and perseverance.

2. Knowledge: Kurt has solid command of economics and finance. He is well read, like the Pauls. Not air-head like Palin. She is sexy, magnetic, that's it. But no knowledge. He is formidable in debates.

3. Authenticity: He is real. You know instinctively, he is a small town guy. He has integrity. He will not stab you in the back, or front. He is the anti-Pete Hegseth and Severson. The well funded establishment prostitutes who were defeated, thanks to liberty movement.

4. Great Plan: He supports the Rand Paul and Mike Lee budget plans. These are the most conservative Senate plan. He supports the 3 core libertarian issues: Hard Money and Audit the Fed, Constitutional government, and armed neutrality, not horrible wars.

5. Army of Dedicated Volunteers: The young conservatives and libertarians are behind Kurt 100%. They will work tirelessly to push for liberty, Sound money and Constitution.

What will you do without freedom?

5. Demographics: Minnesota is still 80% White. Its not California where Whites are dying or leaving in droves and highly organized Blacks, Browns and Asians compete for ethnic benefits. Minnesota is home to Michele Bachmann. If Bachmann can be elected, then Kurt is 1000 times better.

Yu can donate and volunteer for Kurt here: http://kurtbills.com/

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Let's show the GOP establishment why they WANT us in their party fighting for them instead of against them.