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V For Vendetta? No, V For Vatican

I don't watch movies because I prefer to live in reality rather than fantasy land. Because of this, I've wondered ever since I got really involved with the Ron Paul movement, what all the masks meant. I didn't see how the movie could be pushing individual liberty when everyone looked exactly the same. It seemed really weird so I did some research on the topic. I found the following video on YouTube.

Please do not think I am attacking Catholics. It's the system of Roman Catholicism that I take such issue with. Just as I do not believe that all Jews are evil, but the Talmudic system is.

The videography skills are not that good, but the history lesson is invaluable. Please watch only if you are interested in truth; I've learned that those who sincerely want truth will find it no matter the obstacles, while those who do not, will not accept it no matter the facts staring them in the face.




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Good stuff

Never did understand the use of the Guy Fawkes mask by supposed liberty minded people although I suppose it's just a lack of knowledge. Supporting that man to me is akin to supporting someone who would blow up the US capitol in order to restore the rule of the british monarchy over the US.