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Ron on Cavuto 6/6/2012

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Economic Death To Any Given Country

Eventually, total global enslavement...

Anne, get you gun, ammo, storable food, water, water filters, gold and silver coins and get as far away from the nearest big city, (100 - 120 miles) since you can expect food riots and total societal breakdown.. Hope for the best but always plan for the worst..

new slogan

Government Austerity = Personal Prosperity

What do you think?

Austerity = MASS POVERTY


I don't understand. Doesn't

I don't understand. Doesn't austerity mean cutting govt spending?


Austerity is just a fancy word to mask its true intention, which is to use the DEBT crisis (caused by Trillion dollars of Banker Bailouts, Wars, Corporate Crimes, etc.) to screw over the poor people and the Middle Class and impoverish them.

When you go after poor people, and let the FAT CATS THRIVE that ain't cutting spending in any meaningful way.

The result will be mass poverty in this Country.

Austerity equals the final

Austerity equals the final push to enslavement.

It's always wise to be

It's always wise to be pennywise


Disappointed in Cavuto for not announcing him as "Presidential candidate, Congressman Ron Paul". That's the appropriate introduction.

I guess it would be

If he were actually trying to win.


Neither Ron Paul, nor anyone else on his campaign staff have done one damn thing here in the last two months to try to compete against Mitt Romney.

No new speeches.
No public campaign statements against Romney, and his policies & record.
No public challenges for a one-on-one debate.
No further public promotion of Ron Paul's own programs, details, and vision.
No Ads of any kind.
No meaningful appearances of a campaign nature of any kind.
No protection, backup, and support for the efforts of even his own supporters -- who are trying to make him competitive.

If fact, all of their silence and passivism, and statements in-favor-of Romney, included endorsements by Rand Paul and Jesse Benton (and moving the goal-posts to just have a sheep-like, orderly, scripted Convention "respectful" to Mitt Romney), and the statements made against their own supporters -- just deliberately killed off and sabatoged the large momentum that was building and building throughout throughout late-March and April.

It's pretty clear that Ron Paul, and his "campaign" do not care about actually winning anything, or even aggressively competing.

Every move, every gesture and their lack of actions, demonstrate that they wanted to just pre-emptively forfeit and shut down the whole campaign -- right after they had picked up a few wins, and things were begining to look interesting....

I can only conclude, that they didn't want things to really ever get that interesting.
They didn't want to win.
And they do not even support our efforts for an aggressive Convention challenge to Mitt Romney in Tampa either.

We're gonna have to do this all by ourselves folks.

It's like we're here now all just trying to draft Ron Paul for President, rather than him really standing-up and running a race against Romney.

Im waiting out til tampa.

Im waiting out til tampa. Maybe the campaign knows what they are doing? I have a feeling the campaign is not being 100% transparent however, notice how Dr. Paul has always considered his chances "unlikely." Maybe he was personally threatened by Ben Bernanke, or worse? But if it turns out you are right then I for one will not ever, not in 4 years or ever support Rand Paul or his friend Hanity or any other would be sell outs. This movement is the people and we are all the spokesmen for this cause, including Dr. Paul. We have plenty higher ups out there on national syndicated levels. We all just need to keep doing our part for as long as it takes. It is against the law if we do nothing it says so right in the constitution! And how could any human being allow this suffering? So only 8% of the population votes in America. Let's wake The People up who are apethetic just like you and I once were, because we have been getting shafted for a very long time do you realize? I do things my way to make the world better whether that be support Ron Paul or find a different means of advancing liberty. I will not ever in a million years support republicans though, get it?

What "Campaign"?

There hasn't been any "Campaign" since way back in March.

We ARE the campaign!


Are you tired and feeling dejected and deflated??

Are you tired and feeling dejected and deflated??

I’ve seen several posts from people who ‘s zeal for the movement seems to be deflating. Admittedly, the campaign and Dr. Paul himself could be more nurturing (I for one would like to see more from them). With this in mind, I ask you all for a moment of reflection.

Reflect on the knowledge and passion you've have gained through RP and this movement. Now put yourself in RP's shoes, no no , not today or this year, but for the last 30 years.

Every day for 30 years your life revolves around a den of heathenous blatant corruption .

Every day your life’s work and gained knowledge are labeled as fringe and ignored and scoffed at by both those who are smart enough to understand you and our forked tongued elected idiots alike.

Every day you watch the principles that live at the core of your being and our country trampled, disregarded, and abused by your peers.

Every day you see your warnings fall on deaf ears as the fattened sheep are told by their trusted Shepard that “everything will be ok”, as they are walked into the slaughter house.

Every day you watch as evermore silk lined pockets are stuffed with cash intended to betray an honest vote for the good of the people.

Every day you work circles around your coworkers but no respect is earned.

Every day you are assured by the beast in every measure that your efforts are in vein.


Every day you “show up”, unbroken, and ready to fight another round against the unbeatable beast.

Every day you rise to the occasion for the Love of country and your fellow Patriots.

By comparison the suffering of Jesus Christ was only the blink of an eye compared to Dr. Paul.


Are you tired?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Dthompson's picture

I will never tire!!!

How can you go back to sleep? Once you know the truth it is our
(your) duty to fight for liberty and freedom at all cost.

Long live Ron Paul, a true Statesman.

"When governments fear the people there is liberty. When the people fear the government there is tyranny."

-Thomas Jefferson

yes absolutely. i was

yes absolutely. i was thinking the same thing.

Notice he says "ronpaul"

really fast and sort of quiet.. then he begins to stutter (stress). Neil Cavuto is a dirt bag, he serves banker scum. What a sell out.

I cant click on FOX links...

Id rather play with alcohol and razor blades.

Here is the tube:


'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I always choose the network link

If they see a spike in viewership every time they air Ron Paul, it might inspire them bring him back.

I understand the conspiracies governing programming, but at least in some measure, they are guided by profit.

Let's show them there is profit in being truly Fair and Balanced.

nearly 6 years

and people are still holding on to this pipe dream?

"If they see a spike in viewership every time they air Ron Paul, it might inspire them bring him back."


Really great interview

Ron sounded cogent and upbeat. The Walker win is a real boost for fiscal conservatism.


Walker is a tool of the Corporate Monopoly structure.

He represents slave wages, no benefits, no job security, lower standard of living, and anti-consumer choice.

When Corporations rule you have Tyranny.

Austerity (which is just a fancy word for screwing poor people) will produce mass poverty here, just as it is doing in Europe. And it will NOT solve the debt problem.

Ron Paul's own proposal cuts Trillions from Corporate Corruption (Military Complex, Wars, CIA, Corporate Subsidies, Cabinet Departments serving Corporate interests, etc.) and DOES NOT GO AFTER POOR PEOPLE.

Clearly Ron Paul and Scott Walker are on opposite ends of the spectrum here.

I don't particularly care for

I don't particularly care for Walker, and probably wouldn't have voted if I lived in Wisconsin, but this is bull. Europe has not pursued "austerity." In most countries, there has been a decrease in the amount of increased spending. Unless by austerity you also include tax increases. Those have been enacted. That and Europe's debt is what's causing its impoverishment, not spending cuts

More Nonsense

The term "Austerity" in fact was first popularized in Europe.

The people have revolted over there because of the harsh cuts in benefits, college costs, etc. which is moving Europe to be more like the Corporatist U.S. The people hate it.

Your statement that Europe has not pursued "austerity" is laughable nonsense. It began over there (as a reactionary response to the EURO DEBT crisis) ... and has since spread, and recently been incorporated into U.S. vocabulary over here (as the new GOP platform: i.e. Paul Ryan, Scott Walker).

The DEBT is used by the Bankers to screw the masses (the people) -- not solve the problems. This is what's going on.

Once again: Ron Paul's own policies are very, very different. He's cutting the Corporatism, Wars, Corruption -- not screwing poor people (and killing their meager programs).

Huh? Fiscal Conservatism?

The news is he outspent his opponent 7 to 1. The race cost $63 million with the overwhelming majority underwritten by out-of-state sources. You call this Fiscal Conservatism?

Walker benefitted from the state’s election finance rules that allowed his campaign to raise unlimited contributions from individuals...His challengers could take no more than $10,000 from individuals.

This is an uneven playing field that is made even worse with the Citizen's United.

AND by the way, Obama outspent McCain 4 to 1.

What is the best way to deal with this that benefits all US citizens?


There are Many Bobs...I'm the Maine Bob!

any texas delegates reading this.

im Traveling 7 hrs to Ft. Worth. Im a college guy and none of my family or friends were able to accompany me. I feel lonely. haha hopefully i meet some good people. I also need a place or hotel to stay if anyone can help. have my own car.

From Oklahoma

I came in today from Oklahoma. I'll be in ft worth in the morning. Send me a message with your info and maybe we can run into each other this week. I was a delegate in OK and maybe I can take part in changing just one person's mind by dharing my own story.

www.standardexcellence.net - Bringing you Oklahoma, Texas and national news & opinion that matters for liberty.

reedr3v's picture

Are you a delegate, or are you going

to provide much needed support?

Where are you driving from?

I live in Houston but I don't know if it's on your route.

San antonio area up to ft

San antonio area up to ft worth.