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The Associated Press posted numbers for each town, that do not add up to anything remotely close to the final tabulated total numbers (which we understand as the 'official' results). The town by town numbers from AP show large amounts of Ron Paul votes, that not only would make an 8% outcome a statistical impossibly -- it highly suggests Ron Paul actually came in 1st-place overall.

Watch the Video Clip: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qV6qAGigGYY

Can somebody explain this?
We simply have to put all other considerations aside here, and demand a manual, hand-based, recount by any means possible.

If they can do this to Ron Paul, and nobody cares or does anything, then the Ron Paul campaign and the whole movement is going absolutely nowhere folks and never can.

We cannot let highway robbery of this magnitude stand, without a serious fight and pulling out all the stops for a manual recount immediately.

[ This effort may also expose that Hillary Clinton did not really win NH as well ]

Ron Paul's campaign itself needs to be alerted of these AP results, and that he has been denied possibly thousands of votes across the State.

So, how do we get this Recount accomplished?

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"Mutha of all Bombs"

I think there is an ounce of reason to have the NH vote recounted. What would Ron Paul do?? Hhhhmmmm? This is what came to me after pondering. "THE MUTHA OF ALL BOMBS". Ron Paul should immediately make a statement demanding a recount in New Hampshire. Then when asked under what grounds do you see the need for a costly recount! Ron will look right at the camera and say:

"Certainly, We The People should be able to test out what we are paying for in these voting machines. The new voting machines and the issues with tampering that are coming to light only demand of us that we at least test these machines once, before we decide this is the future of voting for us. We must have a recount to ensure we are getting what we are paying for.....furthermore I am certain that these vote machine companies would like to clear their name! We are spending trillions of dollars to ensure democracy in Iraq but will not test drive a system we are trusting our freedoms on!.......come on! "

....."On a final note I am challenging the rest of my Republicans and Democrats running this year to pay for it out of their campaign funds! There is no better way to accomplish this test run of the system than with donor campaign funds, certainly each voter who has donated won't mind having a few cents of what they have given to ensure their vote!...."

...."And on a final note, we don't have to raise taxes to do it" :-)

hope you like it

Humans for Ron Paul !

Humans for Ron Paul !

Even if this was just a typo, glad people are being alert!

As celticavenger pointed out, this playing fast and loose with the figures is not ok.

Good job spotting it.

Way more interesting

click the link the click view slideshow....


50,000 - 70,000 cars per day see it....

St. Louis, Missouri for the win. We have 8 more billboards

....pictures to follow.

Not Fraud. This is an error

Not Fraud.

This is an error on the website. Apparently what happened is they removed Dr Keys from the middle column and it caused problems.

Also the AP is not the NH Election Commission. You need to look at the official numbers for problems.


I saw that same chart with different column headers. this is a red herring, I wouldn't let it distract anyone from the recount, because this website bs can just be called a mistake. As nice as it would be, I don't think McCain would have done that poorly (all those 0s and 1s). This was just a screwup.

"I killed the banks"

Its like poker and Watergate

These political campaigns are like poker. Cheating is par for the course. Not getting caught is the goal.

This is America. Our politicians would never cheat.

Remember, Watergate was just a conspiracy. What were those kooks thinking? A President's men would burglarize someones hotel to get information to help win an election?

misalignment indeed!

Id love if this were true, but if you compare the columns of this video with that of what is currently published, youll notice this.

all the numbers for the candidates up until Huckabee are correct (presidents listed in alphabetical order).

However, starting with McCain, the results in the video are shifted 1 column right as opposed to the results now published after the format was 'fixed'.

All the numbers seem to be consistent when shifted left 1 column, except fo rmccain's column, which cant be found anywhere on the currently published list.

heres why. McCain's column in the video is showing results for Alan Keyes. Its the only logical conclusion one can draw. It is very possible that the data was entered thinking Keyes was a viable candidate on the spreadsheet deserving his own columm. The number of Keyes votes would be consistent in NH as they were in IA considering this possibility that the chart data was entered under this assumption.

(think about it, Huckabee, I , J Keyes, L, McCain, N....)

So while i was extremely emotional when first watching the video, taking a closer analysis of then and now sheds light on the fact that this is VERY much explainable by a mis-entry of poll numbers over confusion of which candidates had their own dedicated columns and which hadnt.

If the numbers in other columns were not adding up from the table in the video with the numbers currently published, then that would be a much greater cause for concern. But im afraid to say that this is a geniune format error/issue :(


Okay I can go with that conclusion no problem. Thanx for clearing it up :)

Love Has No Opposite!

Love Has No Opposite!

I checked the numbers last

I checked the numbers last night against the chart you are looking at.
The columns were misaligned thats all. Unfortunately just a typo.


Hmmm Im not so sure. I went back compared the video with what is now posted on Boston globe for the Nashua. In the video it showed McCain with 11 votes. Now if it was a misalignment where did the eleven go? Also notice this...in the video the very top for Huck was 23 and its still 23 in the new post...something strange is going on here. Do a comparison for your slf between the video and now what is posted. I am not buying misalignment as of yet. And this alone is enough proof to do a recount IMO. Especially if it is AP.

Love Has No Opposite!

Love Has No Opposite!


It's preposterous to believe that McCain got the votes the video showed him with. It's a programming error. That much is obvious to anyone not predisposed to conspiracy-think.



First off..

let me say this, I don't believe it is a conspiracy so please don't assume that you know whats going on in my mind. Second where did the numbers go if it was misaligned? If it shifted down one (which it looks like it did) why is Huck's numbers the same when you compare? Plain and simple, it is strange.

Love Has No Opposite!

Love Has No Opposite!

You're implying something

You're implying something sinister with your line of question. Yeah it's curious, but in an innocent way. Programming a web page isn't as easy as shifting things up or down in a line, you can send data all over the place if you get a comma or a dash wrong. Of course it's strange, but I can name a dozen things more logical than "government/special interest/media intervention to skew election results".

nope, wrong again!

I dont believe it is sinister either. What I am implying is this, that it is quite possible that electronic voting has its flaws and not 100% reliable.

Love Has No Opposite!

Love Has No Opposite!

"Live Free...

..And Diebold!"

The thought of a recount is laughable

Guys they called the primary for Mccain after 13% of the prec were in.... because they can figure out statisically very early on who is going to win. Asking for a recount is luny maybe you should all give the blogging a break for a while take some time away from ron paul. The fear that has hit this site is really bad. You are all paranoid about the end of the world. People are talking about leaving the country and selling there homes. You guys are so far into conspiracy land I'm truley concerned for you mental health. Try to stick to what RP has really been saying, drop this 911 truth, end of the world and total government control BS. The principles are shrinking the government, putting us on solid money and defending libirties that have been taken away end of story.



It is statistically

It is statistically implausible to accurately predict who is going to win based on 13%. Especially since New Hampshire precincts are not nearly a random sample. Alpha would be near .40.


Contact the official campaign with your concerns


Trolls... Plant.. alpha .40?

Um OK.... I was watching the NH primary coverage on NECN all day long when the called McCain very early on... But you guys keep going on your delusional rant as usual, don't ever take a break from this conspiracy theories or anything your brain may come back to you.

This is obviously just a mistake

Ok, let's delete this post, it's just getting people unnecessarily riled up. It's obviously a mistake. It's funny, because this shows the thought process of some supporters - I see that youtube video and right away the first thing that pops into my head is that it's an error by a web developer. Yet the first thing some Paul supporters see is government conspiracy. Folks, I support Ron Paul. I have since before most of you have. But I'm just not keen on donning my tin foil hat. LET IT GO. There's no conspiracy. Life isn't as sexy as you think it is. Sometimes, the good guy loses because people are just plain dumb.

How do you explain Sutton, NH?

We already know that the Sutton NH count was wrong and wrong by a lot (not an off by 1 type fo error). The town clerk even ackowleged it.

Same problem with one other town (Greenville?)

I'm sure some of the reported issues or causes may have some benign explanantion, but we already know that real votes .vs. tallies type of disparities did exist here.

The problem is real.
There are more Ron Paul signs in NH then there are tabulated votes for him.

It has been corrected at the Sec. of State's website to 31 votes


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Formatting Error

This is not correct, McCain didn't have that few votes. Those were Hunter's or Alan Keyes numbers and they just didn't get moved over correctly, it's easy to mess up columns in formatting.

From the Boston Website:

Note: Due to a formatting error, some of the columns of this chart appeared mislabeled in some users' browsers Wednesday morning. They are now correctly labeled. The data appearing on the map was not affected.

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Boston Globe showing different totals now


Gwen Kraft

Gwen Kraft

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Time Won't Stop

Nothing is going to stop while we figure this out. What needs to happen FIRST is SET UP A 100% EXIT POLL. Is anyone listening?? We have to have Exit Polls. 100% Freeeeee Voluntary. Third Party organized and led. We need it NOW. No one should object because Obama is also ticked.

Buried for lunacy

this is silliness.

i am not a computer baboon. i develop websites and work with data regularly. that mistake is nothing out of the ordinary.

for someone to make such a stink over this is bad press and bad karma.

it isnt fraud. it is bad web developer.

and before you try....not CIA plant....not troll....love ron paul...still think he can and will win....blah blah blah....


0 TO 31


It's President Paul now.... you're a little behind.