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How can vote-flipping be proven from a programming standpoint?

Come on you IT gurus, if a program can be written to flip votes, can't another be written to detect this such as how an antivirus program works? If someon can write the original program, they could also make a program that would detect changes or deviations.

Just putting this out there.


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IT can't..since it has been

IT can't..since it has been PROVEN by anyone with even a small amount of ACTUAL statistical knowledge that the silly data does not show ANY evidence whatsoever. At least not evidence of vote flipping. It only shows evidence of ignorant children who think they are experts in statistics when they possess less than a 7th grade level of intelligence.

Here's the thing

the kind if program you would want would have to be run by the bad guys who have access to the votes (and who you think are rigging them in the first place).

What we would really need is a statistician.