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This is why we fight


I remember seeing this years ago and it needs to be reminded to us once again. Some of you might not have seen it. This is a very special man we are fighting for, and with. He embodies the very principles of what it means to be a good person, a deeply caring person with the strongest of convictions. Dr Paul is someone that will never give up on us as long as we do not give up on our fellow man. He has entrusted us to win the battle of good vs. evil now that we are empowered with the truth. To enlighten the others that are still lost in the dark. Do not hate your enemy for they do not know what they do. Dr Paul is teaching us to spread his message through emulating his goodness, his caring nature, and with that America can become the real beacon of light, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are closer to prevailing than any one here realises.

This is why we love you Dr. Paul, President Paul, Doctor President! You cured my apathy, and the millions of your supporters. It truly is time to take the country back.

No Paul, No Liberty, Know Paul, Know Liberty!