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A Warning for the Tampa Convention!

This Is a warning for what may be expected from those who want to paint a bad picture of Ron Paul Supporters: Problem - Reaction - Solution


How can we separate ourselves from those who plan to cause chaos? A bit of planning and a little investment could go a long ways and could shine light on this problem... Your ideas are appreciated!

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remember, steel toed

flip flops. just in case any of the newtsters folk act out!!

People that

are aware should have their cameras and video recording devices ready to help assist police with weeding out any bad apples.

Trust me, I am not a fan of the police due to always being chased by them for skateboarding, but the movement can't get a bad name due to some anarchists or misguided individuals.

Peace starts with us.

Bring MULTIPLE recording devices each.

First they came for my video cam, but that was ok because I had a cell phone with vid recording capability.
Then they came for my cell phone, but that was ok because I had an iPad.
Then they came for my iPad but that was ok because I had a $20 voice recorder from Fry's electronics in my pocket.

Rev Reinhardt Nieeeeeemooolller, Delegate to RNC Convention Tampa


Remember when you are recording: Not being a f'n jerk about it will go a long way.

Will NRC have "security guards" to "arrest" Paul chairpersons?

Apparently the NCR chairperson owns the building and security guards at GOP meetings and conventions. Florida GOP Paul delegates and members should make sure that kindly security guards are on the floor, not thug security guards that kick out innocent delegates for merely being elected.

International Press.

International Press - The More The Better.

...And The Truth Shall Set Us Free And Keep Us Safe.

They can also do interviews with TRUE Ron Paul Supporters, The Better Known Shining Lights of The Ron Paul Movement and Ron Paul Himself.

We need True Professional Journalists from All Over The World to convene in Tampa, Florida. WORLDWIDE COVERAGE. That's Protection.

International Press Is A Must.

Wisdom Strategies


You are so right here Wisdom Strategies

I did suggest similar a couple of weeks back
What we need is a letter inviting the International Press Agencies to Tampa and send ccs to every outlet large or small

We need to make it clear that America needs election monitors from non biased nations to witness for TRUTH.

Perhaps some of the lawyers can write up such a missive and researchers can look up press in many nations and we can
even do a chip in for snail mails to them.

Create a header for the stationery saying something like
" Committee to Create a Climate of TRUTH for the 2012 RNC Convention"

its an idea and more such are needed to get it cooking.

Suggestions and volunteers?


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Pitiful stalker

seems to be obsessed with voting down every post I make

so flattering that anyone would take that much time and
diligence to keep up with where I post just to keep pitching
HATE at me

sad it doesnt get it that PAGANS done give a scheiss what
petty little grudge carrying tyrants think of us :D


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Special Indentification

Maybe Ron Paul supporters and delegates could have some kind of clear indentification that can be seen by the public that sets them apart from agent provocateurs. Maybe a special Ron Paul T-shirt. Most agent provocateurs wear black. Also, a special card could be handed out as well.

The Ron Paul revolution is coming through your town. Either jump on board or get the hell out of the way!!!

Most Agent Provocateurs also hide their faces.

Most Agent Provocateurs also hide their faces.

That is one give away. Also look at their shoes. Are they "Service Boots?"

Are they in their own group together or a part of the whole?


That's all anyone needs to know to spot Agent Provocateurs at The RNC.

We know what we are like. We know who we are.

We are family :) ♥


Wisdom Strategies


Clump together with other Ron Paul supporters and make it clear that it is not you doing anything wrong.

AD protests, not physical protests

Goal is to be inside the convention. Not outside.

This idea of physical protests is medieval or for societies without news meda and advertisements available.

We're conservatives, not stone age people without media, or hippies from the 60s. We dress nice for the most part, and don't protest - but we might sign wave with our children.

I suggest we start deflating the establishment media's planned presentation of being able to beat us up and haul us away. A week before the convention, we should start an ad campaign protest aimed at the convention everywhere.

You can't stop this as we still have a free media and can buy ads. You can't haul away an ad. You can't frame the debate with an ad. You can't stop ads.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Amass a few dedicated followers for that purpose

I think a small army, both for the protection of Ron Paul and for quickly taking down anyone or more who are bent on destruction. Since these perpetraters are usually in very good physical shape the members of the small army should not work alone.

Remember, we are dealing with criminal activity on a scale never seen in the history of man and it is likely going to get worse. We have seen evidence of it in every state caucus. With about 200 underground cities being prepared a mile or more underground, 600 to 800 FEMA camps around the country, most of them on military bases and a planned population reduction from 7 billion to 2 billion they can afford to even be reckless in their attempt at having it their way. Like Kennedy said back in 1961, the Military Industrial Complex has become a fine tuned machine.

Amass a few dedicated followers for that purpose

It isn't my intention to frighten you folks. I am trying to inform you. What I have enterred in the above post can easilly be googled. Every chosen individual needs to be trained in peaceful but strong ways to deal that kind of illegal activity. (should not work alone)

needs to be trained

you are entirely correct here Camery

when I was doing street protests/rallys/marches we had STAFF,
TEAMS of trained volunteers who knew how to do crowd control and keep peace

volunteers who attended a couple of classes in the week prior to an action
we were taught how to peacefully defuse hot spots and how to dress and patrol our groups

every action had a group of STAFF
unpaid trained people and some had megaphones
( this was before cell phones and hidden cameras)
so we could shout ahead to another STAFF group if we
needed assistance

all STAFF persons wore TEES of the color of the day
and LARGE letters on front and back saying 'STAFF'

usually they had a small logo of their group or the days action on the left front

with some planning and training this could be done in Tampa

the STAFF should not be carrying recorders or cameras as they will be targeted by the thugs trying to make us look evil

the cameras and recorders should be carried by little old ladies and people in wheel chairs and grumpy old men with a mass of buttons on their hats

think of hiding all recording devices and having a easily noticed trained STAFF

this could be the difference between a nasty gathering and a peaceful one


Pagans are tolerant by NATURE.

Wanna put the brakes on the false flag they are planning?

Very simple. Put together a "tracker group" with recording equipment and a focus on the profile of the usual "anarchist" - especially when you see one all with the same build (military are required to stay in shape) and if they are foolish enough to all have boots that adhere to one standard.

This is no BS. They use soldier and cops for this.

All that has to happen, like in Canada and Greece, is for some of these troublemakers to get followed right back to the base or police station from whence they came, or any address that can be traced to the handlers of the perpetraitors. One person with one camera can kick the stool out from under this entire false flag engine.

Dam Anarchists!

yah know i used to be one....back when i was like 15 Years OLD! I say to prevent such an act we must all meditate, Relax. Understand many things can happen after the Convention if thing dont turn our way.

Even if they DID go the way we wanted them to we would still have to do what we are doing now, Take over The Republic! The President of United States is NOT a Dictator, America is running on a System of Checks and Balances!

Who knows there is always room for Impeachment if things didn't turn our way. But that isnt going to happen if we do not take our state and local Level BACK!

Non of this Dr. Paul, The Message of Liberty, The Money Bombs, The Revolution is going ANYWHERE! The fight must continue peacefully or it will be US who destroyed our own country.

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Hire Veterans for Ron Paul as

Hire Veterans for Ron Paul as security

Make a sign that reads

agent provocateur with an arrow on it.When you are standing by
one of them,hold the sign up with the arrow pointing at them.

We should do the 'Visualize

We should do the 'Visualize Ron Paul in the White House Campaign', to boost the spirit of the Ron Paul supporter.
There has to be some positiveness about the cause.
Any ideas?

They may try to create

a lax Florida gun law issue. Isn't everyone in Florida entitled to open carry? It would be nice to be able to pull their hoods off.. but would Ron Paul do that?


Florida is not an open carry state.

Umm, open carry is the

Umm, open carry is the meaning of being able to have a firearm. You must be thinking about concealed carry.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

Thank you--

even those of us who can't be there can read this and should read this--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Can we do a citizens arrest

Can we do a citizens arrest on any violent protesters?

Do some research,

Do some research,


this took me 30 seconds on Google. Just imagine what you would know if you spent 30 minuets.


Maybe next time you should

Maybe next time you should spend more than 30 seconds, since your link doesn't answer my question. It just says it varies from state to state.

And I apologize but I don't have 30 "minuets" to research every thought that crosses my mind.

Sometimes its easier and more effective to post a question directly to an online community, for the sake of not just an answer - but discussion.

Thanks for the completely unhelpful and condescending reply.

Does this answer ...

Does this answer your question since you are sooooo busy? This refers to the common law in Florida since it is one of the few states that do not have a citizens arrest statutory provision as mentioned in my first link. Why is it that so many people are so lazy and feel entitled to everything being handed to them on a silver plate? I just cut,loaded and unloaded 2 tons of fire wood today mostly by myself but I still have time to do your errands and I am not even your mother.

A private citizen does have the common law right to arrest a person who commits a felony in his presence, or to arrest a person where a felony has been committed, and where the arresting citizen has probable cause to believe, and does believe, the person arrested to be guilty. Even though there was time to obtain a warrant, a private citizen may make such an arrest and justify his failure to obtain a warrant by proving the person arrested was actually guilty of a felony.


That also took me 30 seconds to find, it has taken me far longer to write this comment.



The mainstream news could take clips of the Ron Paul crowds and edit it to look like they are Romney crowds! I wouldn't put that beneath the lamestream media either.

ecorob's picture

Agent Provacateurs...

agents from WITHIN the "government" are hired to do this

its all part of the media propaganda machine to discredit legitimate protesors

i say we, the people...with the numbers UNMASK these hooligans and expose them with cameras and video recorders

i believe we will then see just who these propaganda "agents" are

Ron Paul
We, the people don't have to hide our faces.

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

County Sheriff

Become friends with your county sheriff. [hint: work on their campaign]

Invite him/her to your event. If needed he can deputize citizen security and they can arrest violent protesters...