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Dismal California Primary Results

It is very sad indeed that only 147,900 voters in California, a state with a population of over 37 MILLION, voted for Ron Paul. Romney won with only 1.1 Million votes. This truly demonstrates the voter apathy for liberty in this State.

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What's up with


Do we have results?

Nothing posted on the website.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, I'm just well-informed


And about a full 1/4 of that number turned out at the Ron Paul rallies around the state.


Also...let's ask the campaign how they feel about letting Californians down.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Downvoting this

because its based on rigged election numbers. I have family out in Cali, nobody voted Romney. Stop trying to lower OUR morale with these dumb posts about how we lost to software rigged ballot machines. Conventions are the way nominees are chosen, they dont tally up how many ppl vote for you, they tally up the delegates who are sent to the national convention. We have most of those. Read up on that instead

Good News From California - John Dennis Makes the Cut


"Thanks to the support of the liberty community, last night I soundly beat three democrats and one green party candidate in yesterday’s congressional primary. This sets up a 1 on 1 contest between Pelosi and me this year!

As you know, Dr. Ron Paul previously endorsed my candidacy against Pelosi, making me one of the few liberty candidates to win a primary this election cycle.

Because of California’s new “open primary” system, I will now be the ONLY candidate on the ballot against Pelosi. That’s right, there will only be TWO choices this November: PELOSI OR ME... tyranny OR liberty.

Will you help me represent the liberty community and take on Pelosi in her own backyard?"


I highly recommend you sign up for his e-mails, as this is a race that can still make waves. We've already seen how members of the Senate can be elected president, and members of the House can lead a revolution, so this would be a good race to win. http://www.johndennis2012.com/

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

wrong - you are wrong

we will never know how many people actually voted for anyone. What we DO know, is how many votes the TV said they each got. TV could have run the same story last week, but no one would have believed it then. Now the masses - and you apparently - will believe the illusion.

There has been no voting for just as long as there have been electronic 'polling' machines.

time to wake up.

Actually, there was

Actually, there was legitimate voting for most of our history up through almost all of 08's election except at the very start to drive the nail in the coffin for Huckabee. This is based on the evidence of vote flipping that has come out, which shows visual data of the flip occurring as more and more precincts report. These did not occur until the very beginning of 08.

They are accustomed to winning their battles before it gets to this point. They clearly do not know how to cover their tracks when it comes to actual, direct vote manipulation. This rampant fraud is going to do them in.

Voter Information

This is information from the California Secretary of State, not from the MSM.


Feinstein was re-elected as well. Although she whined, she voted for the NDAA.

Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of liberty at home is to be charged against provisions against danger, real or pretended from abroad. -James Madison

Well, I don't know

Like 60% of registered voters in my county, I am forced to vote absentee.

I did some poll watching yesterday in my county district.

Four polling stations saw 279 votes, 48 Republican, 29 Provisional (won't be counted for 45 days).

My couny does show a higher percentage of votes for Ron Paul than most CA counties... 14%

There were 32 No Party Preferance votes (which only Democratic and Americans Independent /Constitution Party accepted those votes)

There are over 1700 registered Republicans in my county district. Only 48 showed up to vote and they represent 40%, (I registered 12 people to vote Republican for Ron Paul).

IMO, This election was rigged. Least we forget Ron paul won the Straw Poll by a huge margin.

I look forward to my next Republican Central Committee meeting next week. This election leveled the playing feild as NO ONE actually wanted Romney, but they probably voted for him in fear of Ron Paul and under the influence of MSM.

they are one in the same

You must just be starting to learn about this stuff. The SOS/MSM/AP/REUTERS - all one beast.

electronic vote counting = no voting

I wonder how many votes were actually counted in my lifetime.

There were mechanical voting (cheating) machines in the 1950s maybe before.

I think voting machines are a cover for the people who invent the vote tallies. They escape culpability by pointing at the machine.

But it's probably a problem for Democracy since ancient history.

How many rotten men and women keep getting re-elected?

They vote without reading the bills and they follow the Party line, because that is how you get re-elected.

The people don't elect them, the Party does. They serve the Party. What other conclusion can one reach?

Who does the Party serve? Both Parties together only serve a minority. Who finances the Parties? The Creditors that hold US debt.

So Congress is an agent for our creditors. securing new loans and collecting the 'rent' from the People and other purposes.

Taxation without representation is tyranny.

Free includes debt-free!


That means there is hope for nearly 150,000 people in CA. 12 disciples and a message of Truth once changed the World. Over 2 million this cycle people voted for Ron Paul and his message of peace, truth, honor, justice, and liberty. We just can't stop with the 2012 POTUS election.

On the Plus Side

We could win a district pretty easily by focusing all efforts on the one district, instead of spreading it out.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

There are too many embedded

There are too many embedded interests that demand maintaining the status quo. Self-interest = Special interests.