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Thank you South Dakota Patriots!

I am really bothered to see many referring to the effort in South Dakota as a "failure" or "disappointment." I do not see it as either, to me it was an over-whelming success.

Seeing that we had the ability to come together (uncoordinated by the official campaign) and take the movement into our own hands, using our own funds, and many using their own time and energy was a huge success for Liberty. There is no reason anyone should feel as if they failed, it was a courageous effort. I want thank everyone behind "South Dakota For Liberty" and everyone who helped contribute by donating funds, time, or made phone calls. They deserve a round of applause.

Thank you patriots, these are the efforts that define this movement! What a victory for Liberty!

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Thank you

RegularJohn! We did our best but not enough time. We will keep working to get this state woke up.

When freedom is at stake, silence is not golden – it is yellow- Tom Anderson writer patriot. 1910-2001

"Any people that would give up liberty for a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

Thanks for all you did!

Progress in itself may not be the victory you wanted, but it is a victory anyway.

In Missouri, we lost the delegate race big time. But huge indications of our success in making progress were evident.

Even during the convention we learned that some of the opposing folks in our area had come over. Not enough for a win, but new people to work with for the future.

8 resolutions were offered. One was "End the Fed" - this was unknown to most 4 years ago. About 1300 delegates were still there at that point, about 35-40% of them being Ron Paul supporters. Everyone present except about 4, voted to "END THE FED"!

Pat yourselves on the back for having gotten involved and having done what you could do - this is the right cause.

Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Our biggest problem was Santorum.

4 years ago, Tax Hike Mike only got 6% of the vote. He had been dropped out for a very long time, so people actually knew it was dropped out.

Santorum dropped out much more recently, so the protest vote got split. He got 11% of the vote.

There were actors in the state that could have helped to consolidate the conservative vote behind the one candidate who was actually in the race who hadn't endorsed the person his supporters hate, but they were scared to stick their neck out -- for whatever reason. To top it off, the chair of Santorum's campaign -- the delegate Santorum people were actually voting for was openly endorsing pro-choice, and anti-gun Republican candidates in local primaries. We actually got a lot of people to switch their vote to Ron Paul just by making them realize they were actually voting for Jim Gant. Again. We just weren't able to talk to enough of them in time.

It think if that had happened more we would have come much closer to our 20% threshold.

Also the campaigns announcement of not contesting primaries really hurt us. For 2 reasons:

A) When we started the PAC we had over $3,000 lined up, and they all backed out. So we raised everything from the grassroots, Instead of starting with $3,000 or so like we were expecting. We started with nothing, and so we couldn't get started as quickly as we wanted.

With 1 more week of work, we would have found that many more Ron Paul supporters and made sure they knew there was a primary. Which brings me to the 2nd reason

B) I personally remember calling numerous people that we'd tagged as Ron Paul supporters from the Robocall, who thought he wasn't going to be on the ballot because they'd thought he had dropped out. We didn't have this problem 4 years ago. The campaign didn't make any stupid announcement like that for the media to spin. We only managed to ID a fraction of the Registered Republicans so you know there's many more we didn't reach.

Regardless, of these hurdles. I still believe it would have worked, if we'd had more time. As the Argus quoted libertyhendrex we were trying to do 12 weeks worth of work in 3.

Lesson learned though. Don't wait for the campaign. One of my friends, Daniel who was the 4th delegate spot on Ron Paul's slate had been in contact with the campaign, and they had kept promising to come down and help out here. Right up untill the day before that announcement came out. I had wanted to start doing our own thing immediately, and we were canvasing pretty heavily on our own. But we'd been told "don't start a PAC" because then you won't be able to work with the campaign. And "they were coming."

South Dakota would have been better off if we'd been told "You're on your own" way back in March. Then we would have formed our own official organization much sooner.

Lesson learned. Always assume your on your own.

There is some good news though. The PAC will stay around. We've collected a lot of Voter ID, and And we have an official organization now. We're going to need it. We've got a governor to Primary in 2014.

We also won several of our local races. Ernie Otton, who's wife was on Ron Paul's alternate slate be out the most anti-gun, pro-tax and spend member of the state Senate Gene Abdallah. This guy is sort of the God Father around here, so it's great to have taken him out.

We also took out the Speaker of the House.

Stace Nelson won his primary as well -- he didn't give us an official endorsement, but he was telling all his supporters to vote for Ron Paul.

So, assuming our guys can get through the general the State legislature will be much more Ron Paulian next seasion.

So, we're making progress. It's just more local rather then state wide.

Again. Thanks for everybody's help.

I feel really bad for libertyhendrix, the main guy that helped show us how to organize this. He's down a lot of money. He's a great guy.


SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

PS Yes, we were watching the

PS Yes, we were watching the polls all over the Entire Minnehaha County. as they counted the ballots to make sure there were no malfunctions or errors. Everything was above board. (With the Exception of 1 ballot -- which might make a difference in one of our local races who lost by only 30 votes -- We believe is was only by 29. There will be a recount, and if a tie happens we'll be contesting that 1 ballot. Can't release details now.) It would be really difficult to tamper or even make significant errors in the counting process with the system they have in this state. The County auditor was happy to have us there and even told some of his employees that we had a legal right to be there and record stuff. We had poll watchers in other parts of the state too. No irregularities that we noticed.

SD Ron Paul liberty Operation up an running.

Donate here https://rally.org/southdakotaforliberty/donate
Volunteer for Phone from Home here http://www.southdakotaforliberty.com/node/4

Below comments that May 14 was the end of the campaign

is right. But we are a force and we are going to meet each other in Tampa and plan for the next elections. Ron Paul for President is over, but not Justin Amash or Judge Nap or whomever else we support in the future.We need to take control of the party so they can't kick us out. We've only just started. Dr. Paul brought us together, now we'll change the country.

Also the media will have to cover Tampa they won't be able to black us out, so let's show them.

Way to go guys!

We all are grateful! Long live Ron Paul!

Hopefully some of the Romney Delegates

are actually Paul supporters. The RNC will tell the story. I thank the supporters in South Dakota. I know how hard they work I have been there for two of the last 4 weeks stumping Ron Paul. Don't be tricked into being tied to Romney even if you are a Romney supporter we welcome you to abstain from the first vote or vote for Ron Paul at the convention.

Thank you. For writing this I

Thank you.
For writing this I visited about 1,000 houses in the past week and it did payoff SD lost 4 points from 2008 to 2012 but my county gained 1%. Thank you everyone who donated. And by the way the legislative races were very succsesful. Speaker of the house defeated. Plus many more victories!

Thank you for your sacrifice and effort

We can't depend on one man or a small group of men to win us back our liberty. The movement is growing. Keep up the great work, keep learning, keep educating, stay involved. We are our only chance.

thank you!

South Dakota team. I am incredibly impressed by all you did. From the bottom of my heart thank you - thank you for making calls and knocking on doors, organizing and beating the streets for liberty. I realize sometimes all your work seems to be pointless and especially thankless but please know your efforts are appreciated.

The May 14th E-Mail Destroyed the Campaign!!!

No, it was not the hard fighting RP Grassroot Supporters that failed in any State yesterday. They are to be congratulated!!!

Since the infamous Campaign E-Mail of May 14th the Ron Paul "Official" Campaign has simply disintegrated and disappeared. There has been only One Event in which Ron has appeared and even he completely abandoned the College/Young Voters just as the rallies were resulting in a Building Momentum. Insanity!!! May 14th will go down as the darkest day of the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign.

Or as the Editor of this very website said that very Monday 23 days ago, "the Campaign quit"

If you do not have a Candidate out among the people trying to win their votes, guess what? You do not have a Campaign.

The Montana State Convention is our last hope later this month to secure the five States needed to have a plurality of delegates to nominate Ron for President in Tampa.

Will the "Official" Campaign go all out for this victory?? I wonder!!

School Rallies

Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason RP stopped doing school rallies is because school it out? Those kids that heard him will go home and bombard their families with RP info!


yep pretty much

who needs enemies .when the campaign did the work to help the media marginalize us more on may 14th. You can clearly see it had a huge effect. huge blunder. perfer the blackout over what the campaign did releasing these lowsy releases. can only hope it was some type of false flag created by the campaign but i highly doubt it, just a huge f up.

Ron Paul 2016

Something happened prior to May 14

That 'memo' is a mystery. The gist of Ron Paul's initial message, as I understood it, was that no money will be wasted on ads. That was even to be expected at that stage.

But then, Benton's ultra-defeatist tone that followed certainly made no strategic sense. Just think about it? How could it have helped?

At first I thought it was Benton's lack of professionalism. But there's more to it. There's more to Ron Paul being 'annoyed by certain behaviour at recent events.' I gather Ron Paul could have said that himself - but he hasn't. Were Ron Paul's feelings unintentionally misrepresented? Was he misread?

As I said earlier, there is more to it. And this takes me to a different level. The backroom level, where if no deal is struck threats are implied.

It will remain a mystery for some time. But something did happen. It was not about campaign spending and it was not about Ron Paul being annoyed. It was something else.

Listen to Benton, May 15: http://youtu.be/DJdKINAzN4M

thanks for trying

but it is not a success unless you're successful. if your goal was to wake a few more people up, not to win the primary then maybe you were successful.

you (and we in California) were fighting an uphill battle due to the recent blunders or sabotaging of your efforts by Ron Paul himself and the official campaign

i'm holding out a thread of hope that the campaign knows what it is doing but my optimism level is at a 1

Is it not also part of our

Is it not also part of our Goal to wake people up and then have them join the Liberty Movement? 13% seems like a great number when compared to those who fought in the Revolution that brought this country to be. Now SD folks need to take what they have gotten and move forward to acquire more positions within the RNC leadership. Unless I misunderstand that is where the real battles are being fought anyways.

you got 13 percent of republican voters in SD

not 13 percent of the population

the number of votes you got (6,704) in SD in this weak of a competition was not too impressive, sorry. according to wikipedia 25k (with a population of 2.5 million) DIED in the revolutionary war fighting for this country. south dakota has a population in the area of 850 k

Interesting take.

Interesting take.
Not everyone votes in the primaries that vote in the general, this we know. We also know that not all the Democrats that support Ron Paul will have participated because it is a closed Primary here. Certainly not all would re-register just to do so. So 13% is still a sizable sample. Yes a sample. We already know more of the population will vote in the General election and we know Ron Paul gathers support from across party lines as well. Which means we can then extrapolate that our actual base is a tad bit bigger as a percentage of the total of votes to be cast, than the Primary suggests by itself.
The comparison to the revolutionary war was a comparison to the percentage of those that fought, which was about 3% I believe. Using percentages we are doing just fine even better than fine should we make it to the General.

It would be easier

almost anywhere to get X percentage of all voters to support Ron Paul
than to get the equivalent percentage of Republicans to do so,
he was always a stronger general election candidate than Repub
primary candidate...

Watching from the UK - Long live liberty

Your combined effort and result in South Dakota on behalf of liberty is inspiring to watch from afar, especially knowing the decks are stacked to favour an establishement outcome. Ron Paul surely is proud of all the people he has inspired to go out and be self-reliant and make it happen. He and Mark Twain are right when they say: It is difficult to stop an idea whose time has come. Well done you!!!


also thank you

Also I wanted to say thank you to all of the people that donated there hard earned money, time and energy. It says a lot that people care that much to do what we do. So anyone who did anything for little old SD we thank you and know that we are not done fighting and your efforts were not for nothing.

truth through knowledge


I live in SD, Also am a state delegate and my attitude is, this only sparked the fire, on to the state convention and we do like everyone has done so far... take it over! This fight is far from over and I will not stop until my last breath! FOR LIBERTY!

truth through knowledge

thank you so much

thank you so much

You Inspire Us

As a delegate for Ron Paul to the state convention in SD, you inspire ME. At the very least, we should fight for you since you're willing to fight for us. It was our DUTY to help regardless of the outcome.

Thanks South Dakota!

Your fight isn't over yet though. You have a huge responsibility to help all of us get a FULL audit of the Fed.

Ron Paul's bill to audit the Fed will pass the House as it has 233 co-sponsors when it comes up for a vote in July.

However, Rand Paul's bill only has 20 co-sponsors and is stuck in the Senate Banking Committee.

Your Senator, Tim Johnson, is the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee and he alone has the authority to bring up Rand's bill to the committee for a vote.

Please get ALL the supporters in South Dakota to contact Senator Johnson and urge him to co-sponsor S 202, the Federal Reserve Transparency Act of 2011, and to bring the bill up in the Senate Banking Committee.

Here is his contact info:

If he will be holding any events, get him on the record as to where he stands on S 202 and if he will bring the bill up for a vote.


The problem is not with turnout. Look for a blog article on here that I posted from an election judge in Texas. She did entrance polling for her heavily neocon precinct and calculated a Ron Paul win at 69% and yet Romney was declared the winner. This is why we have a delegate system. The Bilderbergers of this world would love to continue to select rather elect a president. A delegate selection system was put in place by our founding fathers to combat this fraud. Paul most likely won by a landslide and the vote was flipped.

can you point me to this blog?

I'd like to read it.

LIBERTY2ME's picture

TSV - I found the

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Hi Jeff - So your saying in

Hi Jeff - So your saying in this 1 particular precinct an election judge showed 69% for RP on entrance, yet in her 1 precinct Romney won??
If this is true and she has documentation, just curious is she planning on doing something about this legally? It sounds like she actually can.

Unforunately, even though the delegate system was put in place to combat the fruad, they are finding their way though this as well...

Good Show!

13% outshines the other states where the primary was held on the same day. Congratulations! You used megar resources to move the numbers in our favor. This is just the beginning!