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I sent in my RNC Voter Survey today

I received a Voter Survey from the RNC recently and couldn't figure out how to answer their slanted questions in a way that let them know I was voting for Ron Paul. So, this morning I stuck it in my printer and printed a giant REVOLUTION bumper sticker right on the front page and mailed it back in. I think they will get the message.

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I completed mine...

... pointed out in the margin that Romney was the architect of ObamaCare, that there is no difference between Bush, Obama and Romney, that the Iran phobia is driven by the Christian-Zionist cult, that Obama and Romney are funded by the same special interests (how stupid do they think we are?), that I see no enthusiasm for Romney at grassroots level, that "no" I will not campaign for Romney or contribute to the GOP... to show I am not malicious, I slapped a stamp on it. (I did not mention RP's name, just addressed the issues.)

Plano TX

Way to go

Ron Paul or Ron Paul