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[GOP/DNC 2016 phone conversation]

Don't worry about the cockroaches - we will of course win again without them. Once we infiltrate them and start a couple of side-shows, the cockroaches will simply lose hope and interest and disperse. Some will vote 3rd party, some will not vote, and then there will be others that will support whoever WE choose to be on the ticket.

The cockroaches never were a threat. They think they are historic and they dug up and thought or a slogan they could use to get their own way, but because they really have no backbone they will disperse with their tail between their legs just like before. Well, maybe 5% will stand by their word, but the rest of the 95% will be easily distracted.

Convention? Nah, only a small handful of them were strong Independants and voted Ron Paul on the first round. The rest of them were unsure about what to do and turned into sheep. So don't worry, we've got this one bagged too.

[end phone conversation]




"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul