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Gary Johnson on Daily Show 6/5/2012

Yes, he presumes Romney will get the GOP nomination (which Ron Paul himself has all but conceded). But he does an okay job. I didn't like how he dodged Stewart's question about libertarianism being only for outstanding individuals. Still my choice over Romney or Obama, of course. Since write-in votes for Ron Paul will be ignored, this will be our only choice.


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Well IF

Ron Paul doesn't get nomination, Gary Johnson is a choice for us, cause you would be stupid to vote for your enemies Romney and Obama.

stopped listening after

he said he is going to be one of 3 names on the ballot; the other 2 being romney and obama.

Guess he didn't realize the republican nominee has yet to be appointed?

I would like to see him get in the debates

Thanks for posting. I will be looking at him strongly. Good to have another voice out there either way. And I love Jon Stewart!

Be Libertarian With Me

New video ad from Gary Johnson: "Be Libertarian With Me"

Love it

He doesn't bullshit. We have all contributed to voting tyranny into our govt. Thank God millions of us are beginning to contribute to voting it out.

It's Hard to Get a Word in Edgewise

Especially for someone from the wide open spaces (where the syllables stretch out). Still, pretty good.

He seems like a nice guy. He won my support when he vetoed a bill because it was too thick and he didn't want to read it.

And, when I say "my support" I mean it, but if Ron Paul is on the ballot, he's my first choice. There's just no doubt Johnson is a better choice than Romney (or Obama, but then, you knew that).

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Gary Johnson on the Daily Show

Here is the link to Gary Johnson's recent appearance on the Daily Show:

I liked his respectful nod to Ron Paul and his statements about ending the wars in Afghanistan and on drugs and not starting a war with Iran. He seemed nervous which is understandable. I think he will get more confident as the campaign progresses.

I need cinnamon

on my milquetoast


Yawn! Big YAWN.... Now compare Gary to a real libertarian




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I'd like to see a little more

I'd like to see a little more enthusiasm from the Libertarian Party nominee.

Personally, I prefer Paul's message of liberty across the board being the consistent position, while the Dem's and Repub's have divided liberty into two. But his version of saying social tolerance and fiscal responsible is fine as well. He just needs to make his case with a little more passion, and show a little more depth as well. I've seen him make his case better than he did here.

"Where liberty is, there is my country." -Benjamin Franklin

It is sort of painful to see

GJ stuff on the DailyPaul but I have to believe that IF Dr. paul does not win the GOP nomination a LOT opf his supporters will be giving Johnson a long hard look. Since there is no way in hell that I will vote for either Obama or Romney, I will mark my ballot for Johnson.


This man isn't the less of any evils by any stretch

but he's not Ron Paul by a long shot. If it came to it and Ron Paul isn't an option where you are...

Simple message

Gary has distilled the libertarian position down to:
1) socially liberal
2) fiscally conservative

While this fails to establish the important underlying principles, and almost shrugs off the very idea of libertarian dogma, it DOES make the position accessible to many people. Lots of Repubs and Dems would describe themselves as socially liberal + fiscally responsible. But a very small slice of these same people would self-identify as libertarian, much less (big L) Libertarian.

I was happy to hear him immediately credit Ron (even though it was somewhat self-serving).

But a bit disappointed to see him so flat. He got across almost no information, and his "aw shucks" approach made him easy to ignore/dismiss.

So a mixed bag I think. Ironically, I think the non-intellectual approach will really hurt him among the Libertarian party, and even among others in the libertarian movement. At the same time, that same reluctance to make the intellectual arguments probably will be the most effective way to attract the people who "feel" some resonance with the movement, but haven't studied. That's likely a larger pool than the Scholars (who haven't already settled on libertarian philosophy).

I'm voting for Peace.

distilled platform

I mostly agree with your comments here. The only correction I would point out is

(reference: see Johnson vs Wrights LNC televised debate)
Gary is running on the classic libertarian platform slogan:
1) socially tolerant
2) fiscally responsible

reference "classic libertarian platform slogan": see Richard Boddie "What the Heck is a Libertarian" on The Libertarian Alternative back in the late 80's - early 90's

Richard Boddie, What the heck is a Libertarian?

thanks for giving me a reason to watch that Richard Boddie clip. I havn't watched it in a long time.

Thanks for posting

I would love to see Wolf Blitzer announce on CNN next November that Mitt Romney came in 3rd place.

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Report at 11:00

Diebold recalling all election machines for programming errors! LOL

I'm not a big GJ fan, but he

I'm not a big GJ fan, but he did OK. We need different people out there discussing the ideas of libertarianism., and he did a decent job. He's not as radical as I'd like him to be, but it doen't hurt to have him out there as a spokesman for libertariansm.

He was on Redeye too.

Funny, but I was not impressed with him. I used to like him, but something has changed.