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Dr. Paul - US on fasttrack to war in Syrina

I think I'll invest time and money in building a bunker shelter. I have a feeling the entire Middle East will be on our door step in the near future. I'm SICK TO DEATH of reading about more war, and thinking about all of our brave vets who have to keep reliving these nightmares without reprieve, and those taking their own lives. It could all be avoided by getting the hell out of the war business.


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I wish I was more computer literate

I wish I was computer literate enough to highlight the original link of Ron Paul's comments

But we need to back up a moment, Sunnis and Shiites have been fighting with each other for hundreds of years except when nasty dictators like Saddam and al-Assad force them to stop fighting.

The US thinks it's the US's job to overthrow dictators, then ends up adding US debt and lives to the carnage that follows.

However until now there was good news concerning the US in some other parts of the world where people managed to kill each other without US soldiers dieing in the process. India and Pakistan fought three wars over Kashmir and now Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, who thinks he is the real life Ramo, thinks the way out of Afghanistan is to form a strong alliance with India and try to get Russia to join an anti-Islam alliance around the world. Somehow thinking Russia can again fight in Afghanistan but with India fighting along side. And I guess the US just providing funds not troops.

When McCain sang “Bomb, Bomb bomb Iran” the peace and libertarian movements cringed with worry.

However today, many yawn when Rohrabacher calls Pakistan the enemy, urges help to a rebellious province that wants independence from Pakistan, wants the US to encourage Indian nukes, condemns Afghan President Karzai, while demanding the right to visit that country. Rohrabacher's hate is widely reported in both India and Pakistan and over there they see a connecting between Rohrabacher's speech demanding an alliance against Pakistan followed quickly by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta going to India to work for more military cooperation.

Ron Paul your comments on Syria inspire me, criticizing Rohrabacher might not only inspire but make Romney chose whether or not he will criticize a top supporter, the way Obama had to decide whether he would distance himself from Rev. Wright,

In Philly PA RichardKanePA

Those brave vets

should be brave enough not to go. We've got to start realizing that there would be no wars if people would stop cooperating with the moneychangers and evil politicians. We've got to stop exonerating the ones who actually drop the bombs. It is no honorable thing to be on the side of a nation that ruthlessly and carelessly takes the lives of civilians: housewives, students, children, workers.

Everyone has a choice. I choose not to go kill anyone.

John F

Its time to draft our

Its time to draft our Constitution for the United States of Liberty and declare our independence.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

Right on!

But we still need a location that will hold everyone. I think Texas would work just fine - they've toyed with the idea of secession in the past so it wouldn't be a new idea!