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Has Ron Paul ever talked about the Bilderberg? Here is a video with unsetted content...

Alex and associate got some papers sent to them about the Bilderberg back in 1966. Wait 'til you see this...most of their (Bilderberg) horror has come to the front.


Too bad most Americans are like sheep being led to a slaughter.

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SteveMT's picture

45 years ago is impressive. Ron Paul has been awake for..

for a longtime. He was never asleep, IMO.

Short video there:

Ron Paul talks about the Bilderberg Group

"We get together and talk about how to get our freedoms back."


Free includes debt-free!


or 1996..



"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32

so they will understand state rights, secession, federalism

only if they would understand 'bilderberg"? what childish thinking

and how do you know their conclusion won't be 'well, we just need to have an entity more benevolent than the 'bilderbergs' to rule us and run universal health-care.. having the right ruler in charge means no corruption"? seen the recent webster tarpley episode? plenty of people already way down the conspiracy rabbit hole as you would perhaps like to put it don't really understand the message of liberty

but no, bilderberg, bilderberg, bilderberg.. the solution to all human stupidity.