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Pots and Kettles

Pots and Kettles

I had this idea forming along these lines:

A weekly event whereby discussion was the rule instead of the exception.

I proposed the idea to others, and there may be some nibbling going on, but I can't tell.

I call the idea Fight Night.

The idea is to have ideas fighting, and the people, or the personalities of people, are willfully ignored as being superfluous externalities.

Adaptation is the root idea, or that which is presented with a need (necessity thing being the mother of invention) will adapt to that presentation of need by inventing several competitive answers to that need, and that can be known as an accurately measurable force called adaptation, or the word used can be competition, or the word used can be Liberty, several other words come to mind, such as work, and freedom.

An accurately perceived need.

Competition adapting to work at solving the problems posed by that accurately perceived need.

Enter state left:

Well, we need to do this, to address that problem, assuming of course that we have a handle on the problem.

Enter state right:

I see no problem, maybe that is your problem, and by the way, ignorance is no excuse for the law, and in fact questioning the law is against the law, so move along, you have no legal interest at all, rather, get back to work, and work harder, and when your first born is called, help that one obey without question too.

Left never meets right by design.

Is it time to make discussion fashionable, or is it it too late?

What do you mean Joe?

Thanks Joe, I though you would never ask.

I mean to say that discussion itself is a competitive expression of the force of adaptation since one individual is chained down by their own power of reason, and their own power of will, and their own power of accurate perception, and their own capacity to be both ignorant and stupid, so there is something to be gained by entertaining at least one competitive viewpoint, just in case the one looking back in the mirror is missing the point.

I don't mean to suggest that any viewpoint will be a competitive one, since there are so many counterfeit versions of information about, as if there were a high demand being filled with this very ready supply: ubiquitous falsehood.

A competitive viewpoint is only competitive if the viewer of the competitive viewpoint has the temerity to recognize their own lesser quality viewpoint or their own higher cost viewpoint withering under close scrutiny in the face of competition.

Oh, but Joe, you are wrong, again.

Not this time Joe, unless you can be less vague, less ambiguous, and much more specific as to the exact point at which my viewpoint goes wrong.

Well, Joe, we have reached the limit have we not?

My thinking on Fight Night was to employ one of these mediums of exchange invented and produced and maintained in the form of meeting places ON-LINE for the purpose of, well, meeting. After meeting there are other things happening in time and space.

How about an example?

Meeting Place

It can be a challenge to get a word in edgewise, but not impossible.

The Challenge I see involves this concept of competition, or Liberty, applied toward solving a particularly vexing problem, which can be called legalized monopoly, or the outlawing of competition, the punishment of competitors, or simply: Legal Crime.

Others agree, not just the two Joe's I invent, produce, and maintain in my own viewpoint, so an example may help as follows:

Common Sense Version

"Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer." (Neither Joe)

Tabling such an astute definition of The Problem, as defined above: a competition could ensue concerning first the validity of that definition of The Problem, perhaps some refining of the wording, and then competitive problem solving in real time.

A method of reaching at a minimum a mutual, universal, unanimous agreement to agree, or disagree but move on to problem solving directed toward that problem so defined, even if the definition is not fully agreeable with those exact words, is needed: a method.

Someone may table a competitive expression of The Problem as such:

Official Licensed and Fully Funded National Debt Clock Real Time

At a point in time someone might offer a competitive solution.

I have.

On July 4rh 2012 enough people agree to start using a competitive legal money so as to have ready that competitive legal money on that day when those who agree do what they said they would do do what they say on that day.

If the date is too soon, it is at least on our calender and not something we are told to do on their calender, we can postpone the event until we make it real, before they postpone any more competition at all.