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Rand Paul on Cavuto coming up!

Saw the ad on Foxnews, someone get it!

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What struck me was his choice of words

when referring to Ron's campaign. He repeatedly said "they" not "we" as if he was separating himself from his Dad's campaign.
ie. " Well I think they have about a hundred delegates" "they will help grow the party." etc.

This seems odd to me. I don't believe Romney's sons would speak of their Dad's campaign as something that was external to themselves.

Well I remember he used to

Well I remember he used to say "we" all the time, earlier in the campaign...and I always thought that might not be a good idea. Reporters always press him for insider information, and expect that he has some kind of control over Ron behind the scenes. Some distance isn't a bad thing.

But, he also referred to the Republican party as "they" instead of "us" or "we", so I wouldn't read too much meaning into it... he's probably just speaking objectively...

P.S. here's the video for those who didn't see it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbrQ53LIuKA

Good point.


Romney's sons are not senators

that's all.

Ron Paul ... forever.

You mean to say

Romney's sons are not POS politicians.

Rand is great

Come on guys. Rand is not half-bad.

Ron has succeeded in transforming the GOP and indirectly spurring the Tea Party that won big last night.

Because of Ron's success, Rand will be President in the foreseeable future.

Liberty is winning. Liberty is popular. Liberty will reclaim America's soul.


Its this election cycle or NOTHING. There will be no election in 2016, hell, there might not even be one in 2012 and in fact even if there were to be elections its a waste of time for you to assume RAND the POS POLITICIAN is going to come out of his cage and restore liberty, when the little POS could barely come out of his cage for his father.

Why do I keep having the

Why do I keep having the feeling that Ron Pauls slogan is "In it to win it (For Rand!)?"

Again and again..

I can't say it enough, Rand is a Piece of S! I cringe everytime I see the last name "Paul" next to rand. GFY Rand!

Good grief, people.

Can we please allow the end game to develop?

Told you!! This whole fucking

Told you!! This whole fucking campaign was about Rand Paul taking Ron Paul's role! It's all been a waste of time. The Rand Paul crew have horded all those millions.

Someone on here told me 2.4 million does not go very far ya it does not go far when it's not being spent!!

The rand Psul crew hijacked the Ron Paul campaign and are a bunch of neocon establishment fake conservatives! Ron Paul is our leader it is just a shame he chose to align himself with these people!! "family"

Rand throws shit in the face

Rand throws shit in the face of his father's movement once again. No Rand, this was never about changing the blood-soaked GOP cabal of child murderers. It's about making Washington and all its putrid monuments and temples to the State sink into the ocean and FREEING US.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. Rand is the WORST THING that could've ever happened to the legacy of liberty his father spent his whole life working for.

Just wait till he officially endorses Romney. I'm predicting it. And all you kool-aid drinking Rand lovers will say it's great for the movement in a stealth and strateeeeegic sorta way too...

Here's the Interview:

Just watched it

Let me say I am not impressed by Rand at all...He basically said Dr Paul's goal for Tampa is to change the Republican party, not winning....most of us dont give a Schlit about the GOP, this was all about getting Paul elected but somehow the campaign has twisted it so that we are all fighting to reform the GOP, thanks Jesse and Rand, I hope you get a nice position is Romney's cabinet for selling us out.

At this point I am seriously not sure Ron even wants to win.

Long term, the goal has to be

Long term, the goal has to be to reform the GOP. Too many people on here view a Ron Paul presidency as the end goal of the movement. It's not. It's the ideal first step. Even as president, Ron Paul could only do so much. The real goal is to fill government with as many people like Ron Paul as possible. And in this two party system, the only way to do that is to take over one of the two main parties. As bad as the GOP is, someone like Ron Paul can at least get elected to Congress on a GOP ticket. That could not happen in the Democratic party, at least right now.

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You are the only one that has responded to this post

that understands it will take more than this election cycle to make everything happen as Ron wanted. Thank you for at least being honest and intellegent.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.