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UPDATE: MA District 5 Delegate Challenge

I just heard news from an alternate delegate out of MA District 5 that they got the good news today that the results have been upheld by the Allocation Comittee. For those who hadn't heard/don't remember, a Republican state committeeman chosen by the Romney campaign to run for alternate delegate named Janet Leombruno challenged the caucus results, putting 3 delegates and 3 alternate delegates (coming from the Liberty Slate) at risk of being replaced.

"Ms. Leombruno argued that because caucus attendees did not 'sign statements including their names, addresses, and Republican affiliation' as stated in the rules, it is therefore "entirely possible that individuals not qualified to participate in the Caucus, in fact, cast votes in the Caucus elections." -See http://www.redmassgroup.com/showDiary.do?diaryId=14715 for explanation of her challenge.

On a side note, Janet Leombruno left the caucus early to coach a softball game before she even gave her speech. MA GOP By-Laws Chair Ed McGrath also ran for delegate at this caucus and lost. Neither of them objected to the registration process during the caucus.

Finally, I defer to a comment I made when this challenge was originally brought up:

When I was sitting at my table, waiting for more people to arrive, she was walking around introducing herself as running for Romney delegate. At this point, she didn't know I was there to vote for liberty delegates, until my section filled up with RP supporters. So I was going along, listening to her babble on, then she says, "You know, I hear the Ron Paul people think they're going to take this. They're shipping in people from all over the place. Four years ago, there were only about sixty people here." I just went along like "Oh, yeah? Really? Wow..." etc. So what I'm thinking is - she already had this "people are here who shouldn't be" concept ahead of time? How did she "know" this yet there was NO talk of it anywhere in the RP community? It was contrived. We RP supporters showed up and swept, they're upset.


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Great news!

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Has there been a challenge

lodged regarding the decision to not count the provisional ballots? Thanks.

Yee Haaaw!

give them rope they hang themselves. Ron Paul is wise to back away and let it all go down. He's not the process, we are. Notice no ads - Romney vs Obamba or Obama vs. Romney? What are they going to DO with all the money anyway? Interesting,,, one can't attack the other anymore... they're the same. hummm. Also interesting, Wisconsin... The media is not reporting that union members no longer have to pay up to $90/month for the privledge to purchase mafia run insurance premiums at an inflated rate. Although their percentage of contribution to their own pensions has gone up, it was more than offset by lower insurance permiums. The economy is naturally stimulated and every teacher kept their job. Public unions don't make sense because they have no competition. Don't forget Ann Richards the one term Texas governor ("poor George, he's got a silver foot in his mouth"). Ann Richards promised the teachers a raise and they had a lot to do with voting her into office. Once in, she didn't bother and was put out of office.. It's rare - one term governors. Moral of the story? We don't need backroom mafia crooks. The power of the vote and the market works much better w/o them. I saw a man on the new get this - actually crying like a baby. Why? Everybody gained except the inside branch of the democrat party. He was probably a paid provocketeer. We're so over it.


Great news! BTW I loved hearing your personal story from the caucus, so funny.

Liberty in Mass.

Never thought I would say it but...WINNING!

For The Power of The Republic!