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Classifying the Different Media Sources - Hopefully an Ongoing Thread

Hey so I wanted to classify the various media outlets in terms or credibility (actual), credibility (actual + perception), and depth. I think those are all of the adjectives I need, but if you have another please offer it.

I feel there is a spectrum going from MSM to underground media, with some sources in between. My sense is that the MSM and the Underground sites have about the same amount of credibility, but the overall public perception of them is less for the underground. If you're trying to convince someone of something, the mid range media would be best, no?

That is what I am after: convincing sources, hopefully with references which are as indisputable as possible. Speculation is nice, but documentation is best.

I'd like to come up with a list. Liberal/Conservative/Libertarian: doesn't matter what they are so long as they are credible.

I'd put CNN/MSNBC/Fox/NYT/WSJ etc as a type of MSM. I'd put Reason/Huffington Post/Maybe even drudge as a mid ranger. And I'd put info wars and, more so, sites like Rumor Mill as the under grounders.

RT is a bit ambiguous.

Wanna help me/us out? I'll try and edit this top post when there is a consensus built.