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Delegate count obsession?

Can someone please enlighten me. What is with all of the new people having an obsession with counting up our delegates? In the past week, I've seen at minimum three different threads where people who have been around less than a month want to know our delegate count. Personally, I don't think we should be counting them up in public like this. Even the campaign itself won't give out numbers. So . . . why is it that the new people here on the DP want this info??? I hesitate to call out people as infiltrating trolls, but it is sure beginning to look like that exactly what we're dealing with here. All reasonable explanations welcome.

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People want info

And I use it to show people that its not over -- neither Real 2012 Delegate Count or Actual 2012 Delegate Count have Romney at 1144.

I didn't even pay close attention until Paul started winning big in Iowa and Maine, then found out that all delegates are free agents so I knew that Paul could win this thing despite what the media said.

I used to be obsessed with the delegate count as well

Then I realized that obsessing over this count which cannot be definitely known is not super-productive.

And anyways, we need to keep our stealth delegates STEALTH. So as far as I'm concerned, obsession over the delegate count can actually be COUNTER-productive.

New people, all you need to know is this: RP supporters are completely flooding the process and the system. We are getting delegates, likely far more than anyone could possibly imagine at this point... and the convention at Tampa will speak for itself.

RP 2012

I would have to agree with

I would have to agree with you that a lot of new people are pushing for information some of those are probably the enemy. I have been looking for this information myself but because I am honestly interested and would like to know before hand so I can rub it in the enemies faces and maybe make a youtube video of the neocons I know and the reactions to seeing Ron Paul and his army of delegates open a can of whoop *@$ on the establishment.

Where we stand

People just want to know how well we are doing in the fight against evil. As for the new memberships I've only been a member for two weeks, but I visited the DP everyday for months before this. Just remember a lot of new members may be trolls, but not all of us are. Have a nice day

There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with being new and wanting to know where we stand, but I'm sure they can as easily add the numbers in private as in public, something even the campaign won't do. The campaign won't even discuss a total delegate number, so why should we be handing that info out to whomever wants to see it? In fact, too much discussion about our delegate situation has worked against those people who are standing up for Ron Paul and becoming delegates. It only makes it harder for them to do their job of winning at the conventions. By counting our delegates in public before Aug. we are handing out valuable information to anyone who'd like to contest our position. Counting all of the delegates in public like this does not serve the cause.

Blessings )o(