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Who cares …

Who cares that they count the votes for you and tell you the 10% results;
Who cares that they keep telling you who should be on that position;
Who cares that they scare you by telling you that there is a small group of people who control you;
I have my own mind, I have my own soul, and I have my own action! I am not a slave to anyone; I make my history by my own.
I believe in personal responsibility and I cheer for the Liberty!
All these thoughts are rooted in my mind by a wisdom gentleman: Dr. Ron Paul.
So just follow your heart, do the best that you can do, and believe in the victory of "We the people".
It is always "We the people" who write down the significant and glorious history!

PS: I am a foreigner who lives in Jersey. This is my first time to write down something that I cannot hold anymore… This is my second time to experience the president election. Here in NJ I don’t feel anything about election at all. There is no sign of any candidate around me. But every time we pass a single Ron Paul sign on I-78, I feel so happy. Maybe every big guy over there thinks NJ is useless to dump money in. But I witnessed people close to me voted Mr. republican big lawyer and it was NJ voters who put him in the governor position in a super-liberal state. It means people here, including me, a foreign taxpayer, are tired of high rising house prices heavy taxes expensive healthcare and so called liberal and we want change. The big Mr. did some tough things but this year the highway tolls still increased 50% and he on the ballot is a Romney delegate and last month he made a trip to Israel. Though there are almost the same numbers of Paul delegates on NJ ballot, which would make enough attention to the real voters who still don’t know RP and would be curious about whom RP is, then today the google result still tell me, as usual: 10%. They may invent lots of high-tech voting creatures to deal with it, lol… They are so arrogant to fool you by so many consistent around 10%s in so many states, states that have totally different culture and style and relatively independent (the United States), that they even stupidly think everyone would be like a 3 year old kid and believe those 10%s. The first words pump out in my head are “who cares”, that’s just a meaningless number, the reality that they are so scared of and make so much effort to cover up shows how powerful the truth is, which can still be found on web like dailypaul ;-).
I just think sometimes many common Americans don’t appreciate that they have a constitution that has never changed by a single word since 1789, that they have the first amendment “freedom of speech…” and the second amendment “bear arms”… and they can vote! All these combine into a true freedom which is not exist in any other country on this planet. If such freedom is gradually sneakily taken away then naturally the American people should think of taking it back in their own hands. And I think still many honest common Americans live in their own fantasy land and are clueless about that the whole world common people are so sickened and disgusted by the American wars, the wars created by hijacking the name of freedom America.
Even I feel so many common Americans around me think they are so entitled to get every handout from government, while every foreigner around me and I have to work hard to earn a better life in this prosperous country and a freedom ID of USA. But hard working doesn’t bother me and I am proud of it, because that is for a true freedom and liberty which I cannot so easily obtain in my own country “spiritually”.
Today I cannot donate my small amount to RP campaign and cannot vote, but I am inside the liberty r3volution. One day I will earn that freedom ID of USA and vote for the Liberty!