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Vote Ron Paul First Round

I did not want to post this at this time. But in liu of what is transpiring lately and some delegates not showing up, it is time to regroup, stay focused and not give up by looking for alternative solutions.

All delegates going to Tampa: Vote Ron Paul first round. There is no other choice or Ron Paul will not be nominated.

Discuss this if you wish, but know that other options will be fruitless.

WE are the r3VOLution.

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The goal is to...

...convince Romney, Santorum, Gringrich, Bachmann and Cain bound delegate to abstain first round.

Should that happen and Romney does not get the magic number of delegate to vote AND vote for him...

...it's a wide open convention.

But it comes with a risk - it's wide open for ANYONE.

It doesn't mean Ron Paul wins, it just means he stays alive for round two.


Conservative AND Libertarian!!!

conventions are essentially the governing body of the party

'Brokering a GOP disaster'

http://www.salon.com/2012/02/21/brokering_a_gop_disaster/sin... [Feb '12] -

'... Remember, the conventions are essentially the governing body of the political party. They have rules, but if they choose to change those rules there’s really no one (not the Republican National Committee, not the courts) who is going to prevent them from doing so. The majority of the convention, ultimately, is responsible only to itself. And unlike the old days, when many delegations were simply creatures of a state party chair and the individual delegates would do whatever the chair said, the delegates now would be over 2,000 free agents. They might follow the orders of the candidate they were pledged to, or not; some of them might choose to follow some other party leader. Most of them, however, would be free to choose, with little or no professional or personal risk involved.'


The consequences, if any, for voting the candidate other than who you are bound to or abstaining are there! Please don't take anyone's word for it one way or the other. Investigate yourself. If there's a chance that they can replace you, PLEASE think your strategy though.

Tough call

Are there ANY rules about keeping 100% quiet on first round, I mean that's not abstaining or making a vote?? The MSM would be up in arms trying to fill the silent void, how would they explain that,lol.

You can't be quite...

...your state chairperson at the event will poll your section for a tally of:

Votes AND Vote For Bound Candidate
Votes AND Vote For Other Candidate

Chairperson reports it to the committee...

The only way you can be quiet is to simply not show up - in which case an alternate delegate takes your spot.


Conservative AND Libertarian!!!

Who are you to call for

Who are you to call for people to risk their money and their status as a member of their state's Republican Party? And without ANY evidence or anything, just your wild assertions!

We are NOT going to win first round. FORGET IT. The risk is too high for delegates to do that!!!! Abstaining is 100% as good as a vote for Paul!

I don't know where you get your information, but logic defies it:

A) Vote for Paul 1st round, get fined a gnarly sum of cash, and kicked out of the state GOP, Paul wins.
B) Abstain 1st round, vote for Paul 2nd round, Paul wins.

If we have enough to win 1st round we certainly have enough to win second!!!! You have it totally backwards. Please provide at least some logic or information on which you base these wild claims instead of just making unbacked assertions.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

I am in it to win it.

Read the rules. Pause as you interpret them.

It is up to each and every one of us to do what our own hearts guide us to do.

Once you stand confident, others will observe and do the same. This is also how we spread Liberty.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul


I may be wrong, but I remember hearing that if a delegate abstains, they will be replaced and not get to vote in other rounds.

Can anyone clarify this?

I've never heard that, in

I've never heard that, in somewhat extensive research of how this delegate process is supposed to go. You'd think the GOP would be parading that all over if it were true.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

What post?

I didn't see any post about first round voting? :)

Hold up there

Be reasonable, be careful, you don't want to be arrested, have your family or self persecuted or have your fingers broken because you tried to exercise a legitimate right to cast a vote with your own discretion.

I mean why take any risks with these psycho's, just count your blessings they haven't singled you out already. You can bet there will be police hauling delegates out of Tampa if things don't go smoothly for Mitt Romney.

Remember, if you cast a vote against their wishes...contrary to their "plan" but within their "rules" well frankly the media is going to agree that you deserve what you get.

So think twice before you carelessly go about pretending you have liberty, and don't forget there are people back home that you are going to Tampa to represent people that worked very hard because they trusted you to cast your vote honestly.

So put your hands in your pockets, lower your eyes and give your head a shake. What the heck were you thinking going to Tampa...what an awful and difficult position to be in. Especially if you support Ron Paul, because ethics won't let you not do what you believe is right...no matter the rules.

Vote your conscience, be brave, whether you vote for Romney or Paul. Good for you for taking the time, emotion and money it takes to be there. Just make sure for everything you put in...you leave proud of yourself.

The trolls

are usually smarter than this.
Are they getting desperate?
Do they think there is something game changing in Allen Stanford or the size of the loss to Obama or the Herzog fraud, or the European collapse and loss of US dollar reserve status, or something else?

It certainly gives me encouragement to see a post like this.
Lets find out why. There are a multitude of potential reasons why Romney feels vulnerable. We need to narrow it down.

"In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all -- security, comfort, and freedom. When ... the freedom they wished for was freedom from responsibility, then Athens ceased to be free."

But there's no REASON to risk

But there's no REASON to risk all of that! JUST ABSTAIN! Good lord why is this such a complicated issue for so many people?! You are risking so much more, you are risking everything we've worked for if you are kicked out of the GOP!!!! It is completely unwise and lacking strategy!

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Worth the risk

Being kicked out of the GOP? THAT is what you're worried about? Even someone who's been kicked out can spread the message and encourage others to vote. If a delegate is kicked out, then someone can take their place in the future.

My only concerns are the RNC not counting a 1st-ballot vote for Ron Paul and replacing the delegates right there.

If the result is "After the convention, you're no longer allowed in the GOP, but your vote for Ron Paul counts." I think that's more than worth the tradeoff.

You're ignoring the fact that

You're ignoring the fact that the EXACT SAME RESULTS can be achieved by abstaining.

Freedom in our lifetime! - fiol.us

Not a Chance

You think we're going to stop because we might get arrested or have a few broken bones? People have fought and died for this country! Are we so timid that we'll let the threat of arrest\injury\banning from the GOP\etc stop us? NO!


"I mean why take any risks with these psycho's, just count your blessings they haven't singled you out already. You can bet there will be police hauling delegates out of Tampa if things don't go smoothly for Mitt Romney."

Please, bring it on.

It is up to the grassroots now, we did this and now we need to

complete our mission. Ron Paul 2012 and eyond