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Fantastic RP Speech @ Texas Convention, June 7-9

Ron Paul's speech:


Texas Convention Live Streams:
http://www.ustream.tv/cha... (DUCKOFLIBERTY)(Streaming from 3G phone)
http://www.ustream.tv/cha... is up and running as well.

Liberty Live Stream Team - (SURIYAHFISH Ustream channel) - presents the archived video and audio of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul's speech at the Texas State GOP convention in Fort Worth, Texas.

--- IF YOU MISSED IT LIVE, you can view the archived speech here ---

+++ http://www.ustream.tv/rec... +++

The Liberty Live Stream Team continues it's Live Streaming Coverage of the Texas State GOP convention through the close of Saturday's events at: http://www.ustream.tv/cha...

chipin donations needed please.

The Liberty Live Stream Team, the SURIYAHFISH channel, has launched a chipin page, a $400.00 limit page, running until this coming monday to assist in defraying the expense for WiFi at the convention at $99.00 per day, and gasoline expenses incurred driving from Oklahoma to Forth Worth and back to Oklahoma.

7 members of the Team crammed into one vehicle and are footing the bill for this entirely out of pocket.

ANY donation, no matter what size, will not only assist in covering cost, it will give the Team in the field a great deal of confidence.


Dr. Ron Paul's speech specifically addressed the economy and the current status of the republican party going forward. It is estimated that as many as 9,000 people were in attendance in the Main Hall of the Forth Worth convention center for this Speech.

The Liberty Live Stream Team, (SURIYAHFISH channel on Ustream.com), will continue to host and provide you with "General Assembly" events at the Texas State republican convention in Forth Worth Texas at the Fort Worth Convention center through Saturday, June 9, 2012.

The Liberty Live Stream Team's news anchor, Brian Young, will continue to seek out interviews with Texas delegates and alternates and attendees at the convention.

Included in the archives to date are TWO speeches from Ron Paul, one at the convention Thursday, June 7, 2012, and another that evening at the Jordan Paige concert. An archived interview with Jordan Paige, (it's his birthday as well), appears in the archives for your enjoyment at your leisure. Over 1,000 Live Viewers were on the channel today.

This Live Stream will be produced with "mobile Wifi" bandwidth settings and will strive to produce the smoothest stream and the best audio that can be achieved while minimizing the impact of high-bandwidth video streaming demands. The $99.00 per day, premium convention bandwidth package will provide the team with a 1.3 megaBIT upstream link. Please consider chipping in to defray cost for the 3 days the Team will Stream. http://suriyahfish.chipin...

The LLST, by traveling to Fort Worth, Texas to provide this Live Streaming coverage of the Texas convention is going to considerable financial expense and expense of time. Please, consider supporting this Live Stream event by promoting the event on facebook and through twitter and any other resources you may have available and chipping in.

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This Live Stream, on Ustream, will have both the "Social Stream" and the "Chat" features enabled. Many people in the Ustream Live audience will not be posting to the chat or the social stream, they will be there to watch and listen to the Live Stream and convention events and play by play commentary that will be provided at times.

Children and minors are watching and attending the Live Stream, the channel will be moderated for language and content, (warn, warn, kick, warn, kick, ban). Posts with profanity or inflamatory language will be deleted. Spammers will be kicked, Off Topic chatter will be warned. The topic of all social stream posts and chat is encouraged to be about the convention and the matters at hand, do your homework please. Cheering and shouts out should be limited but are encouraged to some degree, :-)

Going forward from the Texas State convention Liberty Live Stream Team will be attending and Live Streaming the Republican National Convention, (and the Paul Fest), in Tampa, Florida the week of August 25, 26, 27--->.

LLST is training and preparing strategies to obtain the best coverage of the RNC as guests to the convention while accompanying and providing support for the Oklahoma State delegation to the RNC, (Parking Lot Patriots).

For more on the Oklahoma State delegation(s) that will be attending the RNC in Tampa, Florida you can refer to: http://www.ronpaulok.com/

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Reviving an older thread, but

Reviving an older thread, but the TXGOP has posted their higher quality video of Ron's speech on vimeo:

Downloadable too.

Southern Agrarian

Texas delegate count

Does anybody know what the real numbers look like?
It's been a while I'm keep hearing different stories and no official or any confirmation.

The exact

delegate numbers for Ron Paul out of Texas are not being released due to the concern for the delegates safety. I think this is a good plan, because we know the Establishment hates us!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

Liberty Live Blog Team - Launch, 1st entry - More about Texas

Thursday morning at 6am, myself and 6 other Ron Paul supporters from Oklahoma headed down to Texas for the Texas Republican State Convention. Because my sister, Suriyah, had livestreamed the Oklahoma convention and done such a great job, there was a lot of encouragement for us to go down there as the Liberty Live Stream Team to livestream the Texas Convention. Suriyah was not able to go, so my other sister, Ezriyah and I went. We also had Debra Dickinson, Jesse Dickinson, Casey Bryant, Brian Young & Shannon Grimes with us.

Continued Here

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From one of the Liberty Live Stream members

who attended the TX Convention. I just put a blog post up with my reflections from the weekend at: http://libertyliveblogteam.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/texas-re...

The blog has a few pictures from the Convention in it as well. Enjoy!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

This is not the speech of a man who has conceded

and he is NOT endorsing "you know who". In fact he mentions the GOP has no principles to unite around? Beautiful rally and speech. Great statesman and beautiful supporters! You never see this kind of support for any of the mediocre politicians who lack the RP spirit!


More walked out as delegates for Ron Paul than walked in as delegates for Ron Paul

Thank you to the People of Alabama and Dr. Paul.

Alabama Senate Bill SB 477:

"The State of Alabama and all political subdivisions may not adopt or implement policy recommendations that deliberately or inadvertently infringe or restrict private property rights without due process, as may be required by policy recommendations originating in, or traceable to "Agenda 21" adopted by the United States in 1992 at the Conference on Environmental and Development or any other international law or ancillary plan of action that contravenes the Constitution of the United States or the Constitution of the State of Alabama."

You won't hear this on the news.

Debbie's picture

This is seriously one of Dr. Paul's most kick-asz speeches ever!

He has gotten the IDEA of liberty out there and it's gone viral. He knows he has won because that cannot be stopped. We love you forever Dr. Ron Paul!!! I agree, please keep this speech at the top of the front page at least until the convention where it will probably be replaced by one just as "bad" or better!!


finally got around to watching the entire speech in full without

any interruptions.

It was F'ng EPIC!!!!

He was on FIRE, there's no conceding!

He practically ridiculed that all past conventions have been $200MIL+ taxpayer subsidized boondoggle for a PRIVATE party function/coronation, and how that should stop, and how WE WILL make this year's one of the few that truly matters!!!

How the frak in the world, ANYONE can watch this speech and even REMOTELY in a parallel universe/multiverse even jokingly postulate that Dr. Paul could EVER endorse Mutt WRONGney, REGARDLESS of whatever Rand may say or do, is beyond me!!!

Like an ijiota I just sped through it to see if the file I downloaded was a good copy and decided to watch it later; instead I made the mistake of watching Rand's endorsement on Sean'R3VOL snowball phobia'Insanity's circus, first!


Facepalm signage!

Had I watched this speech, I could've utterly cared less about Rand's announcement or what it even means within the context of this year's election cycle or the fate of post-RP, R3OVLution.

Doc was on FIRE!!!

I couldn't help but jump up and down screaming YEAH! like every 2 minutes!

The Doc had this grown dolt break out in man-tears throughout the speech!!! I'm not embarrassed to say, my eyes were bathing in natural saline about 70% of the speech!

So frackin' inspiring! Felt like could take on ANYTHING after watching that speech!

Still can't believe how a genteel septuagenarian statesman (whom ironically abhors the state/the leviathan and all it stands for) country doc with such fiery ideas could have such insanely natural ability to make a grown ass man teary, JUST BY SPEAKING about principles of liberty, philosophy, history, and an econ, is beyond me.

To 'get' that is to be Ron Paul-ed.

The man practically gives a college primer on the Constitution, econ, philosophy, and history... ALL IN LESS THAN 50minutes!!!

Every speech I hear now from whomever, on whatever topic, can only be classified as PRE-Ron Paul, or POST-Ron Paul.

I just realized what I truly was missing in the rather absent past 3weeks: my daily Ron Paul TRUTH fix!!!

I was going through a withdrawal; and whenever I would hear anyone else talk, it all sounded fake.

This is why I can NEVER truly support someone like Gary Johnson, despite the well meaning LP trolls here: aside from his utter failure to identify or even give a definitive definition, or his own definition for what libertarianism meant without resorting to CATO's scribbled notes/talking points during Bob Wenzel's interview, not to mention not even realizing what the non-aggression axiom is, he lacks one thing, the ONLY thing that matters, compared to Ron: the TRUTH, and CONVICTION in its delivery.

Ron may be the most effective non-slick speaker of ALL time. The Doc knows how to STIR your SOUL, like old school Motown R&B singers. They know how to 'HIT' that truth frequency in your spine, and once hit, it reverberates in you, like FOREVER, like some perpetual motion alarm clock.

No offense Gary Jonhnsonites, but you think I'm gonna ditch my Rolls Royce for your Chinese Rolls grilled knock off?

No Thank You.

Ron is NEVER giving up. He will NEVER concede. I could FEEL the energy in the convention floor.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul and his high school sweetheart Ms. Carol Wells Paul WILL BE the President and the First Lady come January 2013.

I can FEEL it!

EVERY RINO in the ROOM couldn't even help but to FEEL it.

Sounds like revival, you say?

Yeah. A TRUTH revival!

Go get'em Ron!

And SCORCHED EARTH R3VOL in Tampa! We WILL make him the POTUS!

PS. after watching this, I just had sudden urge to want to go Hulk on that FDR worshiping socialist commie fascist Webster Griffin Tarpley, who is not even 1/1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th the man that Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, could be given a platform by longtime InfoWarriors to spew the most disgusting vile, bile, putrid hate and utter smear against a man, a humble man, single handedly responsible for waking up more MILLIONS worldwide to simply ask themselves, individually:

1. What ARE human freedoms?
2. What should the role of govt be, if at all??

than perhaps ANYONE else in modern human, recorded history!!!

How DARE that Princeton midget!!!

Those two questions are IMO two of the most important questions one can ask of him/herself, to FREE themselves!

If AJ thinks Rand betrayed him, well what does it say about him that he carries and actively sells books by an avowed socialist fascist worshiper of the most destructive hybrid econ monster ever known to man: the Hamiltonian/'American School of Econ'/FDR New Deal 'progressive' corporatist tyranny command control centralized econ model, which no matter what Webster TURDley says will MURDER more people than under ANY econ model!

And that biatch whines about the Austrian school, which for a brainiac academic such as Webster Tarpley, couldn't even be bothered to research, or read??

Does that not make AJ an equal traitor to the Republic when the guest's ideas that he peddles at his store propagandizes the most dangerous idea that will financially destroy the Republic??

Guess AJ too is against human liberty as him merely repetitively featuring Tarpley as an 'expert economist' guest, who's never engaged in the economy or voluntary commerce other than booksales and signing contract with his book agent, and are by proxy merely inadvertently serving the NWO, as Tarpley's ideology, in the aggregate, ONLY serves the Ruling Class.

Will be so glad when this nonsense hysteria over Rand being pushed by AJ, blows over.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Having watched Ron Paul

give this speech at the TX Convention (I was one of the Liberty Live Stream Team members), it was all I needed to hear to "prepare" me for the news of Rand Paul's endorsement that night. I had heard this speech and I could CARE LESS about Rand's endorsement. Ron Paul did not endorse Romney. Ron Paul is still the same principled man that he is! Everyone who is questioning Ron because of what Rand did, needs to watch this video.

It's RON PAUL 2012 or bust!

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

THANK YOU SO much for participating, and making the

stream possible!


I so wish I watched this speech in full before watching Rand's announcement.

Yup, there is NO F'NG way in HELL Ron will endorse Mutt WRONGney!

100% ZERO chance!!!

Tom Woods knows what's up.

And all this hysteria riled up, particularly by Alex Jones, who's already propagating the meme that 'Rand is a 100% neoCon, is a complete sell-out' just because he met once with the neocon inner sanctum, which I thought it'd be obvious to AJ that it was a preemptive 'disarming' and 'keep your enemies closer'-type of deal.

while obviously, I 100% disagree with Rand's endorsement, worse his pledge to actively campaign on the road for Mutt WRONGney, which to me is unforgivable, but to lump Ron and Rand together, as if Rand is Ron's puppet or a drone is utterly simplistic. Not to mention equating "talked it over with my father" to mean 'scheming' or 'colluding,' as IF a son would drop such bombshell to a father who is also involved in the same 2012 Pres. election without letting him know.

Also, those who assume like AJ apparently don't 'get' that a 76year old septuagenarian, genteel country doc has a different sense of decorum and demeanor than his enraged 30-something self; that's the ONLY reason why he characterizes that we assert ourselves in Tampa, "respectfully."

That, DOES NOT MEAN to 'sit down and SHUT UP and take it!' as Alex likes to continuously harp. As Doc himself knows, we wouldn't even listen to him, even IF he himself told us to 'sit down, shut up & take it.' Also, the Doc knows us and respects us too much to ever DARE dictate how we 'should behave,' anyway.

And, don't know if y'all noticed the slight mischievous grin and glint in Ron's eyes every time Sean 'r3VOL snowball-phobia-ed' Insanity bitches and whines at him that we the R3VOL don't like Sean and how Ron should tell us to never ever chase his sorry arse down with snowballs ever again? Oh yeah, part of Ron is youthfully bemused that we'd do that.)

From that? My sense is that while he doesn't condone, he knows and accepts the reality that a little ruckus now and then is necessary and healthy, as long as it don't get over the line and blatantly violent.

So, to assume that Ron automatically agrees with Rand's decision, is naive, and ludicrous. Apparently AJ deludes there's no way in hell that Rand could possibly be completely different person than his dad.

Um, DUH??

Ron is a USAF veteran during Vietnam who saw and treated busted up bodies coming back limbless or in bodybag.

Rand isn't a veteran, nor has he seen first hand bodybags coming home, during war time with his own eyes.

Ron was born during the Great Depression, lived through years of FDR fascist govt enforced rations, and forged a lasting value of frugality and meagerness.

Rand as a Boomer, couldn't possibly know what that's like. By definition, ALL babies born after the Great Depression are de facto ALL 'spoiled' at least compared to their parents' and grand parents' living standards.

Ron has lived through EVERY important epoch in the 20th and 21st century, from being born DURING the Great Depression, living through it, the WWII, Korean War, Cold War, Vietnam, JFK, MLK, RFK, MalcolmX, Nixon's Gold decoupling, Watergate, Iran Contra, Black Monday, BCCI scandal, Berlin Wall coming down, and every subsequent event to now thereafter. Not to mention, having personally met all Austrian greats, like Mises and Hayek, and personally being friends with Rothbard, along with, being in and out of Congress throughout a 40+ years watching ALL of evil govt machinations and military ind. complex NWO bankster corporatists' schemes to control it all.

Rand, has NONE of that in his resume.

To assume two individuals who are over 3 decades and irreplaceable life time of unique living history apart, would be the same, IS what is truly naive.

And while I 'get' that Alex as someone who has loyally defended, and financially supported Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul for over 17years, during his years of relative 'obscurity,' and feeling like he provided much needed publicity for him when RP couldn't get it from the MSM, that he feels entitled to an explanation. So, why doesn't he simply get Ron on, as he has over 200 times in the last 14 years, even if AJ's sole purpose were to directly confront him on Rand??

But instead, like a child, Alex is even going around telling his listeners that whenever Ron or Rand is on his show, his real time viewership numbers actually down a bit?

Now, THAT? Alex KNOWS is a LIE! There ain't a single show that Ron comes on, in which ratings DON'T get a spike.

So now, AJ's being purely childish and an emotive dolt, just to make a point.

I just hope Doc does address this issue soon and not have all of these internal factions within the Liberty Movement at each others' throats, and against the Pauls, lumped in together, unfairly.

He is the de facto titular head of the current phase of the American Liberty Movement. I 'get' that Doc may not view it that way, and by nature, is NOT a micromanager or a didactic individual. But, obviously, many see him as a leader, in the traditional sense, and require assurance, especially since he still expects us to follow through on the delegate strategy, which, for most Tampa bound RP delegates, NOTHING Rand or the likes of AJ said would've changed what they were gonna do anyway one iota. That said, for the sake of liberty cohesion, Ron HAS to address us directly on this issue, and soon. As unfortunately, while the post-Rand endorsement rage has settled down somewhat, it's rocked us to the core, and will not be repaired to a 'healthy' level with him seen in the same endearment, unless he does so soon.

Though, for me, personally, my support for Dr. Paul himself has NEVER been impacted by the RP2012 official campaign, Benton, Tate, Olson, Wead, or Fein or whatever AJ, Tarpley, or Adam Kokesh, or Penny Longford Freeman (whom Tom Woods personally vouches for her and 'gets' exactly the context under in which she said what she said and how she said what she said in Adam Kokesh interview) has said or asserted.

Ron is in a class of his own, and in context of my own personal worldview, short of something as infinitely IMPOSSIBLE like Monica Lewinsky occurring? Ron's place is secure, in my personal book.

I've ALWAYS seen Rand as a completely different person, as a republican with r3VOL tendencies, rather than a 'genuine' r3VOL with a Republican tendency, as those of us who are politically involved, often are.

But regardless, I cannot wait to have all this AJ riled up Rand hysteria blow over, and frankly, Rand will be seen as he'll be seen by the R3VOL as each of us will put it into our own context. Those who will continue to support liberty legislative efforts will, as most of us will, but may choose not to financially support him, which I personally will not unless something drastic changes like booting Olson, Tate, or a ginormous realization that all of this was part of some masterful 4D chess.

And, if anything, if you're like me, the only thing that Rand's recent episode did was to simply reminded me, was that this movement has ALWAYS been about the idea, the principles and philosophy of Freedom.

It was NEVER about any single man or groups of people. It's always been about the individual sovereignty, and message and philosophy that respects that reality, be the messenger be Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul, Rand, or ANYONE else be it our Austin BullDog whom despite all his flaws I still do not fault him for being who he is: info aggregator and disseminator, Adam Kokesh, Tom Woods, Molyneux, Lyman, or our Mayor Nystrom, or anyone in our R3VOLution for that matter.

It's always been about "an Idea whose time has come that cannot be stopped by ANY army or ANY govt!"

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

ditto? ditto? to my...


good find.

oh dear stout fellow, I'll take the 6, you take the women, hopefully not in the manner described.

then we can do what we do every night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHn0pBePN7I

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Definitely not the speech

of a man who has conceded anything.

Thanks too, John P. Slevin

I want to thank John P. Slevin, the owner of winliberty.com for his ground breaking work coordinating and marshaling resources for the Live Streaming of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul's speeches early in the "college series" and his continued documentation of the Live Stream paradigm as it relates to the Ron Paul and the Liberty movement.

Without John's early communications with me and his assistance with many issues and his dedication to this Live Streaming project overall, I would not have undertaken my role in the Liberty Live Stream Team, because I wouldn't have had a clue about most of what I'm doing now.

Thanks John.

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Soooo glad you are a part of the team!

We are soooo glad you are doing the Team with us. Without you, there would be no Liberty Live Stream Team!!

Love ya!

You folks

have done an excellent job

Ron Paul speech - Jordan Paige concert - quality

Here are some nice, quality audio and good video examples of the Ron Paul Speech at the Jordan Paige concert, Thursday, June 7, 2012 at the concert after the first day of the Texas Republican State convention in Fort Worth, Texas. Dr. Paul gave his breakout session speech in the Main Hall of the Fort Worth convention center on this same day, earlier in the day.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beHoyjpUGcI

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VOpMVN-wP6s

Ron Paul Billboards provides billboard and digital billboard designs for grassroots, PAC's and national and state level campaign organizations at no charge. Contact us at social@RonPaulBillboards.com to edit the design you choose with your "Paid for by:".

Michael, please leave this on top until the Convention

Unless something comes out proving voter fraud, or if Romney goes to jail. But this video is what we need to focus on. This is what can happen at the national convention if our delegates make it to their seats and Paul gets a speaking spot.

Remember people, IGNORE the MSM! Even when it is Rand or whoever, the mainstream narrative will always be used against the people.

Think of it like the Matrix, when "our guys" go on to the MSM it is to speak to the people still in the Matrix, not those outside of it.

If you find your emotions and rational shifted by something you see on TV...then you are still in the Matrix.

Jack Wagner


Every Ron Paul supporter and every delegate who is not a Paul supporter needs to hear this speech. It could make the nomination for Ron Paul. I heard Romney supporters walked out of this speech with tears saying "I've been duped" and voted with the Ron Paul supporters the rest of the Convention.

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot


Couldn't agree more!


Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul quit? WHEN??


That is the Doc's way of saying FU GOP RINOS!

Just once, I'd actually like to hear our Gray Champ say it! LOL

Rand's endorsement or not, Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is his own person.

Always has. Always will.

Ronald Ernest Paul is an American Original, never to be duplicated, not even if you're his own son.

It's not over, till it's over.

Scorched Earth, Tampa bound!


Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Can time go any slower?

I think I've checked this sight every ten minutes for days waiting on the delegate update. I can't handle the suspense. It is officially killing me now.
With so many states having conventions and elections we have not had an update on delegate numbers in quite a while. I'm wondering where the number sits now. I just want to hear it's over 500... And the reason I desperately need it to be over 500 is bc of RP's release of that number. I'd really love it if it was over a thousand! :)

There will be

no exact delegate numbers released from TX as far as who are RP and who are not. For the safety of our delegates, this is being done. Ron Paul got a good number in TX is all I'll say :).

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

All you need to know

is the MSM isn't reporting the results of the convention. :)

Great Job Texas... and Oklahoma... and Arkansas.

Thanks for posting the video. It was great to see the Doc on the floor of the Ft. Worth Convention Center... for at least part of the speech (we made sure to conduct business first)! Texas' motto is the Friendly State, so our GOP convention was no different! Loved seeing and meeting so many people, especially so many of the Liberty-minded! We won the first stand in the Temporary Rules for no restrictions on audio and video recording. This set the tone of transparency for the whole convention! It's hard to get 'back to reality' after so much connection and kinship. Cheers to us all!

and hey: pls share and consider chipping in to this gentleman:


and then pls also consider my sob story about convention ;-) [ which were really sobs of happiness! ...but now it's mad scramble time... ]


Most of us delegates at the RPT Convention...

...were in our Senatorial District Caucuses electing SREC members when this speech was given due to scheduling. I'm glad I get to watch it here since we were busy sending liberty lovers to the state committee! Got 2 great ones out of my SD! And when we met in Congressional Districts, my CD sent solid supporters of the Liberty Movement to Tampa as delegates and alternates.

The delegate numbers are muddy at this point, but great successes and solid accomplishments were achieved in Texas last weekend. Not only in progressing the Ron Paul message but infusing it into the Texas party structure. Bridges have been built and eyes have been opened. The RPT is quickly becoming a party run from the grassroots up with a new awareness of the issues that we, as Paul supporters, find most bothersome.

There was minimal "fighting". There was no floor fight. People were fair and understanding, and in the interest of fairness, all sides were allowed their places and everyone was heard in an open forum. State party chair, Steve Munisteri, ran an all-inclusive convention and if we are to progress this movement through the vehicle of the Republican Party, many inroads have been made in Texas!

Congratulations Texas Delegates! We did great things!

Tarrant County (Fort Worth) TX Precinct 4261