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Fantastic RP Speech @ Texas Convention, June 7-9

Ron Paul's speech:


Texas Convention Live Streams:
http://www.ustream.tv/cha... (DUCKOFLIBERTY)(Streaming from 3G phone)
http://www.ustream.tv/cha... is up and running as well.

Liberty Live Stream Team - (SURIYAHFISH Ustream channel) - presents the archived video and audio of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul's speech at the Texas State GOP convention in Fort Worth, Texas.

--- IF YOU MISSED IT LIVE, you can view the archived speech here ---

+++ http://www.ustream.tv/rec... +++

The Liberty Live Stream Team continues it's Live Streaming Coverage of the Texas State GOP convention through the close of Saturday's events at: http://www.ustream.tv/cha...

chipin donations needed please.

The Liberty Live Stream Team, the SURIYAHFISH channel, has launched a chipin page, a $400.00 limit page, running until this coming monday to assist in defraying the expense for WiFi at the convention at $99.00 per day, and gasoline expenses incurred driving from Oklahoma to Forth Worth and back to Oklahoma.

7 members of the Team crammed into one vehicle and are footing the bill for this entirely out of pocket.

ANY donation, no matter what size, will not only assist in covering cost, it will give the Team in the field a great deal of confidence.


Dr. Ron Paul's speech specifically addressed the economy and the current status of the republican party going forward. It is estimated that as many as 9,000 people were in attendance in the Main Hall of the Forth Worth convention center for this Speech.

The Liberty Live Stream Team, (SURIYAHFISH channel on Ustream.com), will continue to host and provide you with "General Assembly" events at the Texas State republican convention in Forth Worth Texas at the Fort Worth Convention center through Saturday, June 9, 2012.

The Liberty Live Stream Team's news anchor, Brian Young, will continue to seek out interviews with Texas delegates and alternates and attendees at the convention.

Included in the archives to date are TWO speeches from Ron Paul, one at the convention Thursday, June 7, 2012, and another that evening at the Jordan Paige concert. An archived interview with Jordan Paige, (it's his birthday as well), appears in the archives for your enjoyment at your leisure. Over 1,000 Live Viewers were on the channel today.

This Live Stream will be produced with "mobile Wifi" bandwidth settings and will strive to produce the smoothest stream and the best audio that can be achieved while minimizing the impact of high-bandwidth video streaming demands. The $99.00 per day, premium convention bandwidth package will provide the team with a 1.3 megaBIT upstream link. Please consider chipping in to defray cost for the 3 days the Team will Stream. http://suriyahfish.chipin...

The LLST, by traveling to Fort Worth, Texas to provide this Live Streaming coverage of the Texas convention is going to considerable financial expense and expense of time. Please, consider supporting this Live Stream event by promoting the event on facebook and through twitter and any other resources you may have available and chipping in.

Please be sure to include the channel URL in your promotions: http://www.ustream.tv/cha... and/or the chipin URL, http://suriyahfish.chipin...

This Live Stream, on Ustream, will have both the "Social Stream" and the "Chat" features enabled. Many people in the Ustream Live audience will not be posting to the chat or the social stream, they will be there to watch and listen to the Live Stream and convention events and play by play commentary that will be provided at times.

Children and minors are watching and attending the Live Stream, the channel will be moderated for language and content, (warn, warn, kick, warn, kick, ban). Posts with profanity or inflamatory language will be deleted. Spammers will be kicked, Off Topic chatter will be warned. The topic of all social stream posts and chat is encouraged to be about the convention and the matters at hand, do your homework please. Cheering and shouts out should be limited but are encouraged to some degree, :-)

Going forward from the Texas State convention Liberty Live Stream Team will be attending and Live Streaming the Republican National Convention, (and the Paul Fest), in Tampa, Florida the week of August 25, 26, 27--->.

LLST is training and preparing strategies to obtain the best coverage of the RNC as guests to the convention while accompanying and providing support for the Oklahoma State delegation to the RNC, (Parking Lot Patriots).

For more on the Oklahoma State delegation(s) that will be attending the RNC in Tampa, Florida you can refer to: http://www.ronpaulok.com/

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He did "unite the party"

Just didn't unite "theirs", ROFL !

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I listen to Alex Jones, but

I listen to Alex Jones, but my question is this; if he knew all along, as he says in his show after the Rand incident, that the campaign was being derailed by people within it and the delegate strategy was doomed to fail why did he not warn us all about it months in advance so we couldve done something? Food for thought.


If you haven't noticed Alex

If you haven't noticed Alex Jones likes to make a lot of assumptions and he jumps to hypothetical conclusions that instills fear. He's certainly not always right either

Delegate strategy is not "doomed to fail".

Do you define failure as not securing the Republican nomination for President?

I don't think Dr. Paul ever defined failure that way. Securing the nomination would be part of success, but success is a set {x1, x2, ...xn} that includes much more than winning the general election or the nomination.

Lets hear it for some FACTUAL successes:

  • Exceeding the raw and percentage vote in almost every primary vs. '08
  • Winning state convention majorities in many states - like Minnesota & Maine
  • Bringing transparency to the process (thank you to the Missouri folks who had to endure police oppression), and exposing fraud (Iowa, Nevada, etc.)
  • Taking over state party organizations (again, the above states are examples, and I believe inroads were made into Alaska).
  • Showing ourselves to be a block the Republicans can count on to delivery victory...OR DEFEAT!

The last bullet refers to something that really began in '06. In 2006, there was no shift to the left, there was just a lot of disappointment with Republican sell-outs to K-Street culture and Theocratic extremists (i.e. I can't find Terri Shiavo's feeding tube in the Constitution), so Republicans learned a lesson: for the first time since '94, they lost the house!

In '10, with some - and I emphasize some - Republican lesson-learning, and some fresh faces like Scott Walker who weren't beholden to the ancien regime of the GOP - a new mandate was delivered. (Unfortunately, that gave Titlist & Kleenex endorser John Boehner the gavel, but we plod on.) Will they keep it? That's up to them - but we not give them a blank check.

The closest German political approximation has done the same thing. The Free Democratic Party, which is relatively free market for a Western European state, currently is in coalition with Merkel; however, in the '80s, it did side with the left. Now, it's back on the right. That shows the threat to not go-along with the CDU (Christian Democratic Union) no matter what is a credible threat.

If Romney wants us - he'll have to work for it (and even then he won't get some of us). That's healthy. That's competition and accountability.

Great post...

but we need to make sure we reach plurality in 5 states. If we do not make the 5 officially in plurality then we cannot be even listed on the slate at the national convention. Plurality is not just a majority of delegates as we have been winning. Plurality is the majority of delegates bound to a candidate in the first round of voting. Unfortunately, rule 38 or abstaining does nothing for us when it comes to plurality. Plurality comes BEFORE the convention and if we failed to hit 5 states in plurality then we failed to get listed on the ballot and all the delegate work will turn into simply reforming the party and getting our message out, which is GREAT, but it would be a failure to get our candidate listed on the ballot.

So based on what plurality is we have plurality officially in Maine and Minnesota (and correct me if I am wrong), that's it. Colorado is a no because Santorum will not release his delegates, Nevada and Massachusetts still bound to Romney in the first round, Louisiana it is actually still in question which ballot they will recognize as official. Iowa we cannot count yet and could change away from us as their state convention is not until the end of the month of June. We may do well in Virginia but I will not count on it because I counted on WA and MO and we did not win there. Hoping we get to the 5 but right now I do have some concerns..

I think we'll lose AZ, OK, but keep LA.

Louisiana will be harder for the RNC to ignore. I'm not saying LA won't be stolen from us, just that it'll be much harder, and here's why:

  • The whole "Santorum won the primary" cover ignores that the original plan - rules of play - were for some delegates to be selected in caucus and some via primary. The Texas Democratic Party uses this plan, too, and it's nicknamed the "Texas Two-Step". In OK & AZ, the case can be made that the original plan was for Mitt to have those delegates, but they can't make that case in Louisiana.
  • The "Rump Convention" in Louisiana was a MAJORITY Rump, with those claiming otherwise the minority. Again, based on their own anti-Madisonian, pro-majoritarian logic, we have the high ground.
  • Not to sound insensitive, but in Louisiana we have a martyr. If any good comes out of Mr. Herford's suffering, it'll be that the RNC would have to endorse outright mobocracy & thuggery over people civilly turning their chairs, exercising Robert's Rules of Order to elect their own permanent chair, and proceed peaceably with proceedings!

I think Iowa will go our way. That's 4. We just need one more. Plus, I'm not sure, if a delegation is bound to Mitt, but its members affirm in majority they want Paul nominated from the floor, does that still count for the rule? I know that is an affront to common sense, but so are a lot of party rules. Think about it, "binding" is for the first round VOTE, not for nomination!

Lastly, again, notice some of my success-points aren't affected by your true concerns. If Massachusetts is bound to Romney, and we have a minority of supporters, those minority delegates can vote their conscience on the platform! We can saddle Romney with one solidly right-wing, pro-market platform, put that battle sack on his back and make him march, with the media asking, "you support minimum wage hikes, but your platform calls for its outright repeal?" "You passed RomneyCare, but your platform calls for the preemption of state laws that restrict out-of-state purchase, which would undermine the state cartel?" "You support NDAA, but your platform says enforcing indefinite detention is a treasonous betrayal of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th amendments!?" Have fun Mitt!

LIBERTY2ME's picture

Does anyone have an idea of

Does anyone have an idea of when we should be getting the delegate results from TX?


we don't have the official count of RP delegates from TX. It has been advised that the results are kept secret, which I think is good. But, Dr. Paul's supporters did quite well yesterday :).

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

Probably no time soon. The

Probably no time soon. The state leader has wisely advised keeping those numbers secret so they do not get overthrown by the GOP. Too much info given out about delegate counts, their info, and strategy is partly why our delegates are having such a hard time in their conventions.

Blessings )o(

We don't know

The exact count for RP from TX right now and I don't know that it will be made public. Things look VERY good for Ron Paul in TX and the delegates won there though, from what I am seeing/hearing :). -Qadoshyah Fish, Liberty Live Stream Team

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

Do you realize how much Goldman Sachs would have to donate...

...to Romney's campaign for Romney to spare the walk-around money to get a crowd to pretend to be this enthusiastic about Romney's "ideas"????

Buying crowds

Let's just make a rough estimate how much it takes to "buy a crowd" of people who then appear dressed well enough and looking good enough to be a "upstanding Romney Crowd".

I'm a crowd counting RainMan, so let me geek this out.

Let's take a figure of 9,000 people to sorely beat the largest crowd of Ron Paul's by a big enough margin to put Romney out front in the "largest crowd" record.

The BARE MINIMUM it would take to purchase a crowd would be an average of $100 per person, it's going to take that solid, (paper), "C Note", to get a person of poor ethical persuasion in the first place to attend an event for Romney for pay, and probably more.

So, 9,000 people times $100. Well, that's a million bucks when you include the resources to gather those people and coordinate them.

Would Romney spend $1,000,000 dollars to buy a crowd to attend one of his speeches, or just LIE about the numbers, what's his style? I think we know the answer.

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Was Alex Jones there?

Was he a DELEGATE/county leader/committeeman?

Just wondering - because all his angry followers on here reveling in the "hate Rand" division ought to take notice that your celebrity loudmouth leader likewise DOES NOT get involved in the things that matter; just like the MSM puppet establishment mouth-pieces you all hate.

Bread and Circuses; he is part of the same theater...F**K INFOWARS - that is NOT how we take our nation back!!!

Good Point

Alex lives in my County. I am involved with the local GOP and I can assure you that he did not even attend his precinct convention. We would have loved to have had the extra vote, we are swarming with Neo Cons.

Alex Jones

To me, sounds EXACTLY like a neocon, planted years and years ago.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

It seems the interwebz missed part of your transmission...

I couldn't find the constructive part.

Why tear each other down? That's why we have Obama.

(or hell, Romney'94 ...not much diff.)


Jones will go down if the Paul kids find out what Jones is soon enough.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

This from Alex Jones web site front page.

"Today on this LIVE Sunday, June 10 edition, Alex will open up the phones to your calls and give a special report on the Ron Paul / Rand Paul firestorm that has swelled into controversy. Alex will analyze the coordinated timing between Senator Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney for president and Congressman Ron Paul's announcement that he is conceding his delegates at the Tampa, Florida RNC "

*Rand Paul NEVER said he "endorsed" Romney, he said he "supports" Romney, if he is the only choice. Rand said his father was his "first choice". There is a BIG difference between "endorse" and "support". Alex chose a word not used by Senator Paul, just like the MSM did.

* Ron Paul NEVER conceded delegates and this is purely false disinformation (sack of lies!) Jones is putting out.

Ron Paul email:
"When it is all said and done, we will likely have as many as 500 supporters as delegates on the Convention floor. That is just over 20 percent!"

Alex Jones, please tell me where you heard Ron Paul concede just one delegate.
bomb alexs in box.
Jones boasts he brought supporters of HIS to the Paul movement and created Pauls movement!

Jones is for certain a double agent and should never be trusted.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

All these conspiracy theories

All these conspiracy theories against conspiracy theorists makes my head spin. How do I know you're not a triple agent? :P

Stand Tall and let the light shine upon truth.

We can fill ourselves with anger, and be the "beast" that they require, and they will whip us even harder, or we can shun this type of inflammatory and sensational behavior and it will BACKFIRE on them.

Never before has MORE attention been upon this Liberty movement and the platform and planks we have put forth and supported.

NOW, more than at any time, in the history of this movement we can be "beasts", or "angels".

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Homebase in Oklahoma - LLST home, Safe and Sound.

The seven members of the Liberty Live Stream Team are safely home, and resting today.

At least one member of the team is recovering from Pizza overdose, thanks you Pizza Bombers!

Throughout the day, members of the Team will be studying this thread and it's comments and replys, and will be available to answer your questions and discuss their eye witness reports from the Texas State GOP convention.

We examine the Texas State GOP convention from the after the fact perspective throughout the day in this thread. As people study the archives the Team has made of the Live Stream clips, you will see things happening that you can advise the Team upon.

As a Team, we can learn a lot from the members of Daily Paul and the participants in this thread as we prepare to Live Stream the "Paul Fest" and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida in late August.

We welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions as to how we can provide you with more efficient and more focused and memorable coverage while the Team Live Streams in Tampa at the RNC.

ONWARD ! to the RNC in Tampa.

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Thank you from one of the LLST members!

Thank you everyone for the support and for watching the Liberty Live Stream Team filming the TX Convention from the 7th to the 9th. It was an experience I will never forget. We met MANY Ron Paul supporters at the Texas Convention, and very few Romney supporters (although they were there!).

The Convention chair was absolutely fantastic. He put other convention chairs who didn't follow rules and who didn't let delegates speak to shame!

I will go through this thread and answer questions to the best of my ability.

-Qadoshyah Fish

-Qadoshyah Fish
Oklahoma Parking Lot Patriot

Where is Waldo?....

Where is Ron Paul?

Birds of a feather, flock......?

Ron Paul

I dont think Dr. Paul will be speaking to us directly anytime soon.
I believe he will stay silent and see if what he has taught us has sunk in. If not then its over.
He gave us our update and marching orders straight from our Constitution, last week.
If anything changes Dr. Paul will be sure to let us know.

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016

The teacher awaits the student.

Yes, this is the observation I wanted to see made clear.

He has given us the rearing up we need. He is just like Confucius now, waiting for the students, we students, to begin to take on the responsibilities he has shouldered. This is exactly where we are now.

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Crying like a baby after that

Crying like a baby after that introduction! lol

Love this: Winning the individual battles are irrelevant. We are winning the war.

Did anyone see Sanitorium on the Sunday morning show with Snuffalufogus? He said he is "staying in the fight because of the Ron Paul delegates!" Hell yeah! They know we aren't backing down and winning the war.

judging by his new PAC

he's under a serious delusion that he can win over Liberty delegates.


Santorum COVETS the energy and the power we represent. He WANTS the Ron Paul movement because it is pure and good and represents a force this "Dark Lord", this Santorum covets.

He is making a play, his message is: "Watch what a great leader I am, I will do battle with you and I will rule you."

Santorum DESIRES power OVER the Ron Paul Liberty movement. All the politicians see us as pawns to overcome and dominate to fulfill their truly EVIL plans.

And yes, it's trite, it's hokey, it's full of baloney, it's a grade B movie, but Santorum is just not as smart as he thinks, and we know more about him, than he knows about himself.

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Think of everything you know up until now! I'm not a muslim, christian, jew, hindu, or have an religious background. Think of everything you know about Ron Paul, religion, and history. You may not want to hear this but Ron Paul's life is truly in danger. Think about everything he is doing with the grass roots movement. This involves everyone from Ghandi to MLK. Every religion from christianity to hinduism. Just think about it. We are now a generation that believes in everything Ron Paul says because its true. We see the existence of extra terrestrials showing up, yet some do not believe. What do you think is going on? We are reliving history! Just think about it. We now have a leader that we follow that tells us nothing but the truth, he wants to end wars,give us wealth, and wants to free people in prison who have not committed a violent offense. Ron Paul is doing exactly what every true leader has done in history. Tell the truth, minister to people,... and die. He hasn't gone against anyone or endorsed anyone. Ron Paul hasn't done anything wrong at all. The grass roots movement is purely set up to get the youth into the Republican party simply because they will not go against his message of liberty. There's a reason that this Occupy Movement is over. This Rand Paul thing is nothing but a ploy. Its not going to be easy but we need to get something like RONY2012 OR #RONPAUL trending on twitter. This election is too important for people not to be concerned,and people are back on the internet. there is no way that anyone would disagree with what he says. We can promote him!!! Ron Paul himself said this same thing, this is the reason why the internet was created it is a freeway for communication of an idea! Twitter may be the only way possible to get Ron Paul in office. Ron Paul may not make it but the message of liberty will live on. This year is it! This is a coming of a new age! We can either stand up or perish.

Another copy?

Does anyone have a copy of the speech with better audio, or audio alone? I'd love to feel the athmosphere without sound distortions.