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Illinois party officials on "alert" after LAGOP convention

Unverified letter to RNC Committee members in Illinois

With the Illinois GOP convention taking place in Tinley Park Friday and Saturday, state party officials are on "alert" for shenanigans by presidential candidate Ron Paul's campaign.

From an e-mail sent to Republican National Committee members this week from National Committeewoman Ruth Ulrich:

"Dear RNC Member,

I know by now that you have probably heard about the state convention in Louisiana. I've never seen anything quite like it. I am attaching a link to an article that was good at explaining the highlights and another blog below that the really covers what was going on behind the RP antics. These antics were pre planned, practiced and intent on making a circus out of the convention. If your state is about to have a convention, please learn from our convention and be prepared! They will do anything, as we learned.

1. RP will try and "outlast" your other delegates by stalling, arguing, etc. anything to keep it going on until other delegates get angry or tired and leave. If they can keep you in session past the time on the contract with the facility, then they will cost you money as well.

2. They will try and replace your committee chairs and convention chair. If they can get the chair to "ignore" their shouted motions, then they believe they have the right to vote the chair out. If there are 20 shouting motions and point of inquiry, it will be easy for them to "justify" being "ignored" 3 times.

3. They will sneak people who aren't delegates onto the floor with the delegates and then those will start voting and making motions as if they were delegates.

4. They will try to take over your security. In our case, RP brought members of a militia to the convention (yes, I did say a militia). These people were outside trying to make the Louisiana State Police leave the premises.

5. If asked to leave the convention, due to their constant rabble rousing, they will resist arrest and do things to fake injuries. Regardless, they will take to the internet accusing you of everything including beating your dog. Doesn't even matter if you don't have a dog, in their eyes the end justifies the means.

6. They will try and disrupt by sneaking in microphones (better to shout you down with) will try and have their own convention in the same room to add to the confusion.

7. They know the first few people that get way, way out of line will probably be arrested and they have planned for this and have the next person in line ready to go on with their agenda. In our case, the second man who lay down and started screaming they broke his hip when police tried to walk him out, was NOT a delegate (nor was his hip injured or broken.) He was a Teller who removed his credentials. They then elected him "chairman." When the ambulance arrived for him, the next lady that took over was not a delegate either. She also used the "teller" trick.

8. They will tape everything, make sure people are there to do the same thing for you.

9. They are not above issuing threats, making sure you know that they know your private information, such as your cell # and home address. They will scream police brutality no matter how polite, calm and respectful your security is.

10. watch carefully your private accounts and the accounts of the party. Make sure you are not being hacked. One of Roger's accounts was hacked 5 times that day.

11. Plan to have several people who can stay on the internet trying to correct their lies. You just can't believe how many people they will have doing this online.

These people are working with the agenda of distracting, delaying and destroying. They want to steal the nomination for RP and if they can't they want to destroy the party. If you have any questions, please call me and I'll be glad to tell you anything I know to try and help."

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Sounds like

Ruth Ulrich just met her fate. She failed to mention when we figure out that you are a corrupt neocon parasite, we will do everything possible to take you out of any position you may hold that allows you to spew your vile hate and lies. Guess she missed that memo.

Oh she is corrupt, no doubt about that

She is also an air head, anybody that knows her when she was at Moon Griffon Show will attest to that. The station manager would not even vote for her when she ran for office,he said something along the words of "anybody but her", lol.

Just for kicks google " Ruth Ulrich is corrupt" , trust me you will have a belly laugh, she is famous already with a link straight back to this thread!


This is what is sent out

by Party leadership, in order to spook the locals into being worried about the RP supporters, and trying to make them jittery enough to get violent, just like in Louisiana.

There is no question that this stuff is issued by Priebus, and he is behind all of it.
His goal is to make people afraid of us, and thus get them to attack us violently, and use any other underhanded methods they can think of.

That's all this is. It's a fear-mongering memo, designed to push the fear buttons of the locals at the convention.

Are they describing their own

Are they describing their own tactics? Everything I've seen in the videos leads me to believe so. They are in denial.

Those evil people

Fake injuries? Oh, wow. This is an absolutely vile letter. It sounds like fiction.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

I think this is a new low.

I think this is a new low.

Blessings )o(