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New York State Supreme Court Justice Says Police Officer Struck Him In Queens

New York State Supreme Court Justice Says Police Officer Struck Him In Queens

Justice Thomas D. Raffaele said a police officer in Queens, enraged at a jeering crowd, hit him in the throat on Friday.

Published: June 06, 2012
Correction Appended

Thomas D. Raffaele, a 69-year-old justice of the New York State Supreme Court, encountered a chaotic scene while walking down a Queens street with a friend: Two uniformed police officers stood over a shirtless man lying facedown on the pavement. The man's hands were cuffed behind his back and he was screaming. A crowd jeered at the officers.

The judge, concerned the crowd was becoming unruly, called 911 and reported that the officers needed help.

But within minutes, he said, one of the two officers became enraged - and the judge became his target. The officer screamed and cursed at the onlookers, some of whom were complaining about what they said was his violent treatment of the suspect, and then he focused on Justice Raffaele, who was wearing a T-shirt and jeans. The judge said the officer rushed forward and, using the upper edge of his hand, delivered a sharp blow to the judge's throat that was like what he learned when he was trained in hand-to-hand combat in the Army.


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My head nearly imploded at

My head nearly imploded at the sheer scope and magnitude of irony contained in this story.

The judge still apparently seems to have the impression this is an isolated incident concerning one officer, on the basis that this is the first time it happened to him.

Moreover, witness the unabashed worship of government costumes:

"In this instance," he said, Internal Affairs "is reviewing the complaint because it was brought to its attention by the judge, not because of the level of injury."

Put another way, if this happened to a regular boobus Americanus (as they say on LRC), as it does on a regular basis, this complaint would have found its way to the shitcan as quickly as all other complaints against police do; and the action deemed justified. But since this particular complaint was one lodged by another who dawns a sacred government costume, now it must be given more serious consideration.

God Bless Amerika.

JAY 26783 I totally agree....

This country is so "F" up!