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Are you tired and feeling dejected and deflated?

Are you tired and feeling dejected and deflated??

I’ve seen several posts from people who ‘s zeal for the movement seems to be deflating. Admittedly, the campaign and Dr. Paul himself could be more nurturing (I for one would like to see more from them). With this in mind, I ask you all for a moment of reflection.

Reflect on the knowledge and passion you've have gained through RP and this movement. Now put yourself in RP's shoes, no no , not today or this year, but for the last 30 years.

Every day for 30 years your life revolves around a den of heathenous blatant corruption .

Every day your life’s work and gained knowledge are labeled as fringe and ignored and scoffed at by both those who are smart enough to understand you and our forked tongued elected idiots alike.

Every day you watch the principles that live at the core of your being and our country trampled, disregarded, and abused by your peers.

Every day you see your warnings fall on deaf ears as the fattened sheep are told by their trusted Shepard that “everything will be ok”, as they are walked into the slaughter house.

Every day you watch as evermore silk lined pockets are stuffed with cash intended to betray an honest vote for the good of the people.

Every day you work circles around your coworkers but no respect is earned.

Every day you are assured by the beast in every measure that your efforts are in vein.


Every day you “show up”, unbroken, and ready to fight another round against the unbeatable beast.

Every day you rise to the occasion for the Love of country and your fellow Patriots.

By comparison the suffering of Jesus Christ was only the blink of an eye compared to Dr. Paul.


Are you tired?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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lol its nearly impossible to mix religion and politics

without stepping in poo...even with a simple analogy fumble: ) I get your intent and don't believe you meant any disrespect. In light of all the defeatist threads of the last 24 hrs, personally I'm prepared to give you a pass.

Thank you

Thank you Jinc.



No, our suffering does not compare to the risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in any way. We look to him and his finished work, not the other way around.

This post is mean and small minded.

And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.

So, you didn't read the post below

where I addressed that part- Jesus was supposedly in his early 30s when he died - RP's career was at least 30 years. your right no comparison there.

Post being mean???? ok, now I know that you didn't read anything above this.

shouldn't you be attending Romney's webinar on perfect hair right now?

Feel better. Listen to the

Feel better. Listen to the podcast on this link.... http://www.dailypaul.com/238215/lew-rockwell-changed-my-life

good post

rethink that analogy

LOve the R3volution


The Analogy is only meant to reflect actual time not actual suffering. I try very hard not to blaspheme.