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Los Angeles county Central Commitee victories!

Here's a little encouragement coming out of LA county. Though the votes could have been better, we won quite a few activist on the LA county Republican party central committee!!! Names in purple are those who were voted in :)


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Having lived up there for two years

I can tell you that these people are solid liberty lovers too and should also be in purple:

Roger Eshelman
Judith Durning
Pat Dixon (a "little old lady from Pasadena" firebrand for liberty!)

And dabooda is right, if you were one of seven or fewer candidates, you're in. That's how many of us got our start last time around, even though Jane Barnett and others tried to block us.

IMPORTANT: This results page is messed up.

In several Assembly Districts, including mine, seven or fewer candidates qualified for the ballot. In such cases, ALL candidates were deemed to be elected. Our names did not even appear on the ballot. So the results are actually much better than they appear to be!

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So Mary Willison didn't win? Isn't she the

RP supporter who speaks so well in the RT interviews?

great job guys ! hope we can

great job guys ! hope we can pull of the same to the north in OR

Only got two in my district,

Only got two in my district, but at least 50 members of the LA County GOP Central Committee are now liberty supporters!


Looks like Northern LA County 36th & 38th AD is Neo-Con Country

No Liberty Candidates won... :(

48th district

Yeah, I'm in the 48th district, and even though we didn't win all, it's encouraging to see how Judy Marie Nelson took the most votes yesterday! 3 out of 5 liberty candidates isn't bad ;)

Actually we took ALL the seats in the 48th

I'm from the 48th too and it was a complete clean sweep... Not sure why they aren't purple, but Sheena Ewing (married to Robert Ewing who also won) is an RPer as is Jorge Huaman. .

The 41st district was a clean sweep too... Noah Johnson, Cao, and Joham are also liberty republicans.

I'm not as familiar with the other districts but we did far better than what this website is showing. This was a very well organized effort to fill all the committee seats and we succeeded.


Looking at the CCRP site vote totals only shows 3 out of the 5 winning.

Amazing! Clean Sweep of Liberty Candidates at 52nd AD where 70%

registered voters are Democrats, an obvious Democratic stronghold, where minority is demographically the majority...basically, this area is what we call...the "Hood". This is where I apparently work for the LA County Gov't as a health care provider helping the "underserved" members of the community.

Ditto for 53rd Liberty Sweep...Democratic stronghold, "South Bay" of Los Angeles!!

Am so PROUD of our Liberty Candidates for Ron Paul...CONGRATS!!!!

Not amazing: no competition in that district.

There were 7 openings, and only four candidates who qualified for the ballot. Their names did not even appear on the actual ballot on election day; they were elected automatically.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition, http://www.amazon.com/Most-Dangerous-Superstition-Larken-Ros...


Congrats to LA liberty lovers! Glad to see those results=)

This is what I've been looking for since this early AM..great to

see Angela K Chan & incumbent Connie Ruffley won from the 49th (voted straight Liberty). I think John Won was incumbent alternate if I'm not mistaken...too bad he lost along with Brain Kelso.

Surprisingly, a Chinese American Republican won for State Assembly among two rival fellow Chinese American Democrats in my area...a long, long time bailiwick stronghold for lefty Democrats.

Thx for the linky, RCS4RP!!

Really wish it was Angela,

She is a tough girl, I've got much respect for her. Unfortunately she didn't get the spot. It was actually Eric Chan that got it. Angela came in 9th, John 10th, and I came in 11th.


I really hit my area with emails, and phone calls, and walked my local streets, but unfortunately the establishment candidates came away with a victory.

But this shouldn't be considered a loss completely, Connie Ruffley has experience, I learned alot and networked with many, and I'm sure the next time around we can hit 'em harder.

All in all, big congrats to the other AD's. Very proud of you all!

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That is wonderful news!

Great job people!


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