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(Video) Colorado Tells Unemployed To Pay Back 128 Million in Jobless Benefits

(Video) Colorado Tells Unemployed To Pay Back 128 Million in Jobless Benefits

The Huffington Post | By Bonnie Kavoussi
Posted: 06/06/2012 m

This file photo taken Aug. 31, 2011, shows crowds of job-seekers waiting to enter a job fair at Crenshaw Christian Center in South Los Angeles.
In one state, the jobless now have to pay the government.

Colorado accidentally overpaid $128 million in unemployment benefits last year, and now the state is billing the jobless to get that money back, the Denver Post and Associated Press reported.

States across the country accidentally overpaid $5.1 billion in unemployment benefits, largely because of clerical mistakes rather than fraud, according to government officials quoted in the Denver Post. It is unclear whether other states will also bill the jobless.


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Happens all the time with the

Happens all the time with the Govt. The SS admin overpaid my elderly Mom and two years later turned around and charged her wanting all their money back.

Blessings )o(

They threatened

to do that in NC a couple of years ago, but backed off because it was the states fault and not the umemployed. The state figured out another way to pay it off.