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May 9th 2012 will live in Infamy

This is the very day Ron Paul had his breakfast meeting with Ben Bernake. Henceforth everything changed. All the dominos began to fall.

It is your prerogative to vote this down but know that I speak reality as it happened. The campaign deliberately lowered the sail in the face of a sustained wind.


I became a delegate to get Ron Paul elected. After Tampa, I see no use to continue as a member of this party. I will concentrate my efforts else where. My motives were never to be a republican.

There was a reason Ron Paul never once came out to say he wanted the presidency . Don't you find that strange?

I suppose ultimately I'm writing this post to get the disappointment of the recent email from Ron Paul off my chest. Like many of you I put everything I possibly could into this thing and am feeling the pain of his admission.

Don't judge me, I am a Ron Paul Revolutionary just like you. I also know when to call a spade a spade. Let's keep it real.

I look forward to a civil conversation , your comments and thoughts.


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Why another post about this?

You've already posted a thread which got lots of responses, so why hash it out all over again?

We GET IT, you're upset and disappointed....alright already.

Maybe you should see a therapist, as we don't have time to act as your councelors. We've got a revolution to attend to.

yes it will

Dear liberty warriors,
This event created a tidal wave shift in the campaign. The lack of interest and inquiry into it is interesting.
It is imperative that we pledge our support for truth and the unyielding push for freedom for every human being. If at any time in our existence, we are threatened and approached of the sorts by tyrants, we must speak - inform the truth to all - be willing to sacrifice for the peace, love, and freedom we all possess and deserve.


I became a delegate to get Ron Paul elected. After Tampa, I see no use to continue as a member of this party. I will concentrate my efforts else where. My motives were never to be a republican.

Do, pray tell, where you intend to concentrate you efforts at if not in the Republican Party? Don't tell me the Libertarian Party. The Libertarian Party is an insignificant third party that has less members than the insignificant Constitutionalist Party. We live in a two-party Duocracy and will continue to live in a two-party Duocracy for the rest of our lives in this country. There were 125,000,000 people that voted in the last presidential election. When you manage to recruit about 10,000,000 to join you in your efforts "else where" then be sure to look me up. But, until then, the only chance we have of turning this nation around is within the Republican Party.

Instead of playing the game under the rules they give you

How about do what Jefferson said....

Every generation needs a revolution

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

I don't think Jefferson was talking about a violent revolution.

But, just in case you think he was...feel free to load up your double barrel and march right up to the gates of the Republican National Convention and announce to the security guards that you're starting your generation's revolution. We'll be sure to applaud your bravery and make sure you get a hero's funeral.

There are a Few Diferent Options

Some of us want to concentrate on taking over an existing party - usually the Republican Party. We've only had a few minor short term successes with that approach.

Others want to go to either a third party or no party. There have not been any real modern long term successes with that approach.

The approach that I am using is to work with a monopoly party for the primary. Then I go to a third party for the general election if the primary did not produce anything of value.

There should not be "liberal" style name calling of true free market enthusiasts who use any of these apporaches. We do not know what will work. So, like a science experiment, we need all types of people to pursue each of these approaches.

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

I can appreciate that


For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

"It ain’t over ‘til it’s over." - Yogi Berra


I'll vote for Ron Paul until HE tells me "No, thank you!"

“You wouldn't abandon ship in a storm just because you couldn't control the winds.” ― Thomas More, Utopia

"The Revolution was in the hearts and minds of the people... This radical change in the principles, opinions, sentiments and affections of the people was the real American Revolution." - John Adams

"If you want to know who is going to change this country, go home and look in the mirror." - Maude Barlow

(Thanks to other DRers for the quotes I've come to live by!)

He DID say he wanted to be

He DID say he wanted to be president many times. But he is intelligent, unlike 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of his supporters. He also is realistic, unlike 100% of his supporters. He also lives on THIS reality, also unlike 100% of his supporters. So when it was obvious to EVERYONE but his supporters that he had no chance of winning, he switched his focus.

It is just plain fucking stupid (which is why this site's members are for it) to have an All or Nothing attitude since you wind up with Nothing almost every time.

I see you've made it to an 1

I see you've made it to an 1 hour and 46 minute membership without getting banned as a troll. Congrats.

Blessings )o(

hang in there matey

the fight has just begun!
we must hang together or we will each hang separately
the R3volution is real and will not be stopped

Live Free or Die (trying)

His email wasn't

His email wasn't an admission of defeat, it was a status update;)

Common... I know you don't want to believe it

And I guess defeat would be a strong word but here is a quote from the email

"And while this total is not enough to win the nomination, it puts us in a tremendous position to grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP"

This is exactly what I'm talking about. Shape the GOP? Not me...I hate the GOP.

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.

Well the state conventions

Well the state conventions are still being played out, the number will likely increase. We'll have to wait until all the delegates are counted to know for sure what he's got.

But that aside - if you can make the GOP a little better, you've done a lot. Being a delegate for Ron Paul in Tampa will be doing a great deal! Or perhaps you can convince other liberty-minded folks in your neighborhood to run for your delegate spot in upcoming years, if your disgust of the GOP prevents you from changing it from the inside.

Or perhaps you can promote liberty-minded individuals in the Dem party, or even a third party. In my opinion, the more that liberty becomes the center of focus in all our political institutions, local, state and national, the better off we are.

Good luck in Tampa! And give Ron Paul a big Tally-HOOO on the floor!