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Dodge County Convention Nebraska

The Dodge County convention was held tonight.
13 people filed to be delegates to the county convention. We had
8 Ron Paul delegates so we had the majority.

The first business by the chairman was to ask the delegates if
they wanted to seat everyone in attendance as county delegates..The GOP had the room packed, I would guess there was around 90 people there.
The delegates voted 9-4 NOT to seat everyone as delegates. Then the chairman proceeded to inform the 90 some people in attendance they could vote for delegates to the state convention !!!!

We objected, which she promptly denied. We proceeded to make objections so they conferred with the so call rules committee that I did not even
know existed in the Dodge County GOP as we are a pretty small group.

They came back and stated the objection was denied which we again objected as it was not in accordance with the NE GOP rules. They proceeded through our objections. I made a motion to replace the chairman, it was seconded and the chairman informed us she denied
the motion. One of our delegates stood up to mike and informed the group of the rules violations and we voted for a 10 min. recess. Which we all then went out to the parking lot and held our own convention.

We had someone from the NE Ron Paul campaign on the line the whole time and the whole proceedings was recorded.
The convention will be contested in court.

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Update with good news !!

We still walked away with at least 6 of the 8 delegate positions to the state. :o) I thought we would get 3 at best with the crowd they brought in. But enough in attendance must have been fed up with the old guard and jumped ship and voted for us !!


Awesome news! Thank you for the update, and all your hard work and effort for liberty!


Not this county but still Nebraska-
Had our County convention here in Nebraska. 18 people, 8 delegates voted for and 8 alternates. Since there is no organized RP meet up group in western Nebraska, no one knew who was for whom. No one asked. Everyone acted as if it was a big secret. Couldn't tell how many RP supporters were there. I knew 2 others but they could not go to state, much less Tampa. If not for their 2 votes, I would not have made it being a delegate for state. Had the feeling, just a feeling, that half were Santy supporters. That same 'feeling' made me think there were at least two others who were for RP. Now I go to state. With no meet up groups here and the inability to contact those in eastern NE.....what the heck do I do? Will RP groups have a list of whom to vote for at state? I hope so. Would like to be in contact with one of the groups because I don't know exactly where in Grand Island the convention is being held. Went to RP 2012 and wrote to the campaign. Don't want to count on them because the information to get the paper work done to be a delegate arrived by email 3 hours before the post mark dead line! I live out in the country so this was a rush, rush thing. The actual meeting time and date of the local convention arrived AFTER the meeting. An email address of someone in a meet-up who knows what's going on would be of enormous help. I've never been involved in being a delegate before. Need information to be effective.....Thank you.


Contact the RLC

The Republican Liberty Caucus has been organizing as much as they can. If you go to their Nebraska site it will give you the contact information for Laura Ebke, she is their Chair in NE. She is who you want to talk to.

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check your messages

let me know if it didn't go through.

I was there too

The chair was a RP supporter, I say 'was' because after her following coumty & state & parlientary rules it was as if a small group of delegates didn't care except to make a 'show' so after their disregard to procedures, i don't where she stands now. There were about 40+ RP supporters at the convention as well. As a long time supporter for Ron Paul, both at the polls & financially, I too was disturbed by the actions of a few. There were, again I have to use past terms, many in the room that are working for change. Also what I heard the vote put to the delegates was if you wanted to open the floor to more delegates, so that there would be a full set - 8 delegates & 8 alternates, but the majority closed the floor to nominating more delegates from the floor. If it was to be open for more,I had several people ready to jump in. I also learned, after the convention, while talking to some RP supporters from out of county even with the delegates we had that we will only have two alternates, cause the chair & committee people automatically go --no vote needed. But that hasnt been confirmed. There are soooo many people workIng for RP in the background, then to see this kind of actions doesn't help our cause. I understand that one of my RP friends were so disturbed that he actually pulled one of the delegates tag off. Really? Is that what our goal is? To discourage others, no matter their age? Really? The person that pulled the delegate's tag was about Ron Paul's age. Come on guys we can do much better than this, i know we can. IMHO While the RP delegates can certainly make what legal issue they want, but do we really want to fight among ourselves? Just asking....


Welcome to Dailypaul

I have to call into question your motives for registering and posting here on Daily Paul a few hours ago to only spew untruths about what took place at our county convention.

The Chair was NOT a Ron Paul supporter..had she been she would not have ran the convention the way she did totally ignoring all the elected delegates even after the elected delegates voted NOT to seat the entire room as delegates and then proceed to have the visitors vote AS elected delegates to the convention, take nominations from the visitors etc etc. Rule every motion and objection we made as denied. THAT IS NOT HOW A RON PAUL SUPPORTER ACTS !
They follow the rules !!!!

And if there was 40 some Ron Paul people out of those 90 visitors to the convention...WHY then when the chair allowed the visitors to vote on the votes being counted in the open..did they not stand up and vote with us Ron Paul supporters but instead voted with the other 85 or so people that voted that the counting of the votes be done in secret ?

Additionally the guy that ripped off the tag of one of the elected delegates was NOT a Ron Paul supporter as he told that delegate while he ripped off his tag that the said delegate was going to elect Obama because he did not support Romney. That delegate never even let on to anyone in the room he supported Ron Paul, but he was under the age of 40 and not familiar to the local party establishment.

IF you where at the convention and supported our cause why did you not help us when they totally disregarded all the rules of the GOP???
One reason...you are not friendly to the cause of liberty and are here only to spew disinformation and cause discord.

I too was there

The more time I have had to think about it the more I think it was just complete lack of planning or knowledge on their part and less of a malicious nature, at least on the part of the Chair. The Chair did stand up for our people once or twice letting the people know they did not have a right to demand who they supported, etc. It seemed like she was just overwhelmed and was really relying on other people who also did not know.

There is no doubt there was some maliciousness going on, an example is State Senator Charlie Janssen (http://news.legislature.ne.gov/dist15/) kept walking around inciting all the older people to yell. I even heard him telling the Chair at one point to just shut the convention down & she told him no she wasn't going to do that.

I think, the Chair at least, wanted to run a fair and open convention they just didn't know how things were supposed to be done and buckled to the pressure of the room. I am more apt to put the blame on that Senator's feet than the Chair but I suppose if you are going to be the Chair you need to accept responsibility.

It seemed the main disagreement between people, and understanding, arose from the fact that unless there is some bylaw that states different (I am told that Dodge County bylaw does state differently but I have not been able to find it on their website [www.dodgegop.net]) was whether or not the Delegates would be able to vote amongst themselves or whether the crowd got to vote on them or not. My understanding was that only people who were the convention and actually could vote were the Delegates themselves unless they voted on a rule change to allow the guests to vote. Another problem that occurred was there was no vote on rules, there was no credentialing report given or voted on.

I read up on Roberts Rules of Order last night and the Chair does have the ability to reject a motion but in order to get around that the person needs to say something like: "I appeal the Chair's ruling." which then creates a separate motion that the Chair can not block that goes to the Delegates to decide on whether or not to move the motion forward.

It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they would have challenged the Chair's ruling. The Chair claims they tried to call the NE GOP Chairman Mark Fahleson to get an official ruling but he didn't answer.

"Talent is a Gift; But Character is a Choice." -Matt Grotewold-

Roberts rules & dodge county rules

If there were questions about Dodge county gop rules, then why did none of the delegates raise a point of rule? It's like they had one or two motions in mind & only knew how to repeat them over and over. All the rules were there, heck she even had a rules committee pour over the adgenda and all. She had seen all the issues that had been occuring over the country & she was not going to let them happen here. If any of the delegates want to know why the meeting was being conducted in that manner all they had to do was raise a point of rule. For the last three months she had fought with the old guard over the agenda. Every step every thing was done by the by-laws and she knew that. Dodge gop is elderly but most have been active at on time or another and knew the rules. These people dont like conflict but they do welcome change. And you are completely wrong, that altercation occurred with two RP supporters. The fact that they arent people that throw themselves on the sword is irrelevant. As for questioning my reasons for posting now is sad. I thought we were about truth, liberty & freedom and working within ths system to change things. You guys have no clue how much she did for this convention. If we are to work with in the system I find it best to know Roberts Rules of Order and to be civil. You werent fighting the old guard, but the new. If we can take away any thing from this I ask the RP pple who are trying in other conventiond to effect change to please know key elements of Roberts Rules and be civil. I know you dont like the thought of alienating other RP supporters but you are when these things occur. We cant know everyone or where they stand, but I find with the elderly, respect goes a long way. The older ppl that were there were there to silently support you not fight for you, there is a different my friends. I dont know if Im making this difference clear, but there is a difference. I dont know if any of the delegates had been to prior Dodge Convertions but if you had, please tell me how many ppl attended it in 2010? Or 2008? Or 2006? Do we want ppl involved in this process or not? So how many ppl did you bring? Or is the goal just to shovel everyone out & replace one autocratic group with another? I dont believe that is our goal. We had been working quietly, slowly, and respectfully to effect change in Dodge over the last few years, one GOP supporter at a time. This was an unneed meltdown.


Cat101200 you are obviously someone in Dodge County

And you know who I'm, why have you not reached out to me ? One call to John would give you my contact information.
If the old guard as you call them knew the rules why then did they not follow them ?

The delegates that where disenfranchised simply wanted a fair convention ran by the rules and had the GOP followed the rules there would not have been a melt down.

You all should be a ashamed of yourselves for what you did at the convention. One young man just voted for the first time in his life, he was VERY excited to do so as a Republican !!
That young man's parents are democrats ..but Ron Paul got him excited about the principles of liberty and everything the republican party USE to stand for ! Rather than run him off you all should have reached out to him to keep him involved. Shame on you !!

Honestly after the 2008 convention I didn't even want to stay involved and I didn't..I saw a bunch of old guard as you call them that played by THEIR rules and I knew it would be a fight IF I was able to get more people involved in the party as the old guard would see them as a threat..BOY I wasn't wrong there.

And to be honest I did not get these people involved..they did so because of their concern of the direction of the party and the country. I wasn't even aware of them until they filed as delegates.

Something smells a little fishy.

If 40 of these intruders were supposedly Ron Paul supporters as you state, perhaps you'd like to respond to this previously asked, carefully avoided, question:

"WHY then when the chair allowed the visitors to vote on the votes being counted in the open..did they not stand up and vote with us Ron Paul supporters but instead voted with the other 85 or so people that voted that the counting of the votes be done in secret ?"

keep fighting the good fight

Sorry to hear that your county gop is trying to pull shenanigans :( Good on you and the others for standing your ground. Best of luck in the battle!

Please consider posting at

Please consider posting at www.electionfraudremedy.com

Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. - Matthew 10:16

It's on here in Nebraska. The

It's on here in Nebraska. The fun starts..... wait for it..... now!

That was their game plan at our county too

"I don't reccognize that motion" - seemed to be the only thing our chairman new what to say. We ended up having the #'s.

I would have felt sorry for the old guy, if this wasn't so serious.

We had the numbers also

but they flat out refused to recognize us as elected delegates and ignored our votes and instead acted as if all the people they brought in where delegates. It was really a mess...I wish I had known about the motion to challenge the ruling of the chair. Not that they would have recognized it.

Yeah, that's the thing

They weren't following the rules anyway. We just got lucky we had a larger, more organized attendence.

It's odd how our old chairman (of 20 years!) acted so similiarly to others around the country threatening to adjourn the meeting and strickly following the "traditions" they have always followed. I haven't decided if thats just how people who's power is threatened act, or if it's more organized. Probably a little of both but mainly #1. Who knows.

One of the other things I heard

So one of the other things I heard is in the Dodge County by-laws the Rules for the Convention are supposed to be determined 15 days in advance with all of the duly elected delegates and they said they could not get a hold of everyone to have that meeting so it never happened. So because they couldn't do that then they used the rules they used 2 years ago and that was where they opened it up for everyone.

This is sort of irrelevant though since there was no motion to accept the rules or even the credentialing. I am not sure any of that convention actually occurred since those 2 things didn't happen.

"Talent is a Gift; But Character is a Choice." -Matt Grotewold-

They actually ignored their own

rules they established. They gave us all a copy of the rules at the convention.

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Thanks for standing up for your rights

That takes guts. Are you proceeding on your own?