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I DON'T believe Ron is throwing in the towel! He's playing poker w/the media & the RNC!

I had the same initial reaction as most of you, but then I thought, this will throw them off MORE! If this gets picked up by the media, then more state conventions will not be on guard to fight dirty with us. Maybe what happened in LA really disturbed him? Maybe he's trying to draw attention away from us & on to him?

We need to keep on, keepin' on & gather ALL the delegates we can. How can Ron know right now what the final delegate tally will be?

I think this is a campaign ruse & he's counting on us to know what he's really thinking.

GO RON PAUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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this statement is to our advantage

continue to take the delegate slots... This might draw the heat away from RP supporters at the convention and make Romney supporters apathetic in their approach... We will have the numbers to contest Romney at Tampa.. What happens if the bound Romney delegates are allowed to vote their conscience on the first ballot????

Poker with Sun Tzu

I read while laughing. I think we should never mention or guess the true amount.

    [ 40 Poker Tips From Sun Tzu’s Art of War :) ~ mod ]

This isn't Dr. Paul's first rodeo...

...He has had to play chess with the best of players, even ones who cheat.

In one of his Congressional races, Newt Gingrich convinced a Democrat to switch parties to run against Paul in his district. The RNC threw a lot of money against Paul, (indirectly, of course).

Paul still won.

I think the Campaign has been brilliant, because it is flooded with and influenced by brilliant and savvy minds...Wead, Fein, Rand, Ron, Woods and yes, Benton. (To any Benton detractors...remember, his role and charge is to say exactly what the Campaign wants him to say and to take the hits for the Team).

Do you think Cain's manager ran that campaign ad where he is smoking w/o Cain's nod? No. Cain is just a pompous idiot.

Paul is not. He is brilliant and savvy. As he has repeatedly stated....it is much like running a track race.....you got to go the distance and the race isn't over until you cross the finish line. We ain't there yet....not even close (Tampa is just a mile marker).

In reality, WE'VE ALREADY WON!

no one knows for sure because

we haven't heard from Dr. Paul in a long time.
It is always best when you can see and hear him.
This is what has been most frustrating with the 2012 campaign.
Up until May it was a working machine - now?

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give the good doctor a break...

let him rest up for the BIG push into the convention

in the meantime...get on your horse and RIDE!

Ron Paul
I am Ron Paul!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

ron pauls not throwing in the towl

he is making an army. He is the modern day oliver cromwell.

Doubt it

Seems like that is a highly unlikely strategy.

On a positive note, however, Ron Paul has truly commenced what has the potential to be a total reformation of the Republican party. Hopefully, his influence has sunk deep into the hearts of many Republican delegates who will pave the way for a new wave of GOP politicians.

From what I understand, Ron Paul is still very much in this race

If he wasn't why would he be attending the Texas State Convention today? Here is the link for the event:


I agree--

you've said it better than most.

I also believe he knows things that *we* don't know--

Thank you.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Ah, but we do know.

Dr. Paul said it in Iowa four years ago and he was so right!

Freedom is popular!

Free includes debt-free!

No RP didn't throw in the towel.....

Jesse Benton did. And if we don't stop that traitor, all will be lost. Wake up you fools! Can't you see that everything we have worked for is being pissed away by that slick, slithering snake!?


take the emotionalism out of the equation and what has really changed since his 'update'? Nothing. Absolutely nothing is different aside from the Romney camp breathing a sigh of relief and letting down their guard. Nothing aside from the GOP satisfied that Ron Paul has called off the dogs. Nothing has changed in our number of delegates, no laws have been changed pertaining to bound delegates in a national context and nothing has changed with the resolve of our current delegates. Nothing has changed in the minds of those chomping at the bit to become delegates. As long as there is a convention for our delegates to attend, the delegate strategy has not flinched. The only thing that has changed is the Romney delegates feeling like going to Tampa to vote for Romney is a gesture, a waste of time and money to vote for someone whose 'already won'. And there is nothing anyone can do to stop the revolution. : )


... ain't over by a long shot...

Plano TX

Did you guys really expect Ron Paul to...

Come out and say "Please break your state's law and your state party's rules and vote for me at the convention."


If you were expecting that... I just don't understand why you ever thought we would win. We KNEW there would not be even remotely NEAR enough bound delegates... This is the only way it could have ever happened, and it is going WELL.

Remember the last rope a dope

The way I see it is. We have the 5 states RP needed to be on the ballot in Tampa. Keep the Revolution going....

The rule in politics is never shoot down.

But there is the media echo chamber, working so hard to "beat a dead horse"?

Look how much the MSM is campaigning for Rmoney (bottom graph)just to keep his support alive. (top graph).

Ron Paul gets no love from the MSM and he still rides high everywhere it counts.

People watch the news then see more and more RP yard signs, Highway sign, Bumper Stickers, Super Brochures, T-Shirts and what not every week that goes by.

California, South Dakota, Texas, Montana, New Mexico... got the word out seven ways to Sunday. Ron Paul Campaign hardly looks like it is quitting.

Cruise Ventura Highway, and there they are, Ron Paul campaigners!

They attend Convention and see Ron Paul supporters working respectfully and diligently to create a principled unity for the message of liberty and its champion, Dr. Paul.

-Dr. Paul is going to Tampa, and to bigger tasks if asked.

-The "Campaign" is decentralized and highly successful wherever it shows.

-Ron Paul people are having fun and prospering in their freedoms. I see them everywhere.

Time to send out the invitations: Join the Fun in Tampa!

Help us Restore the Constitution and a consent for the government promised under Oath.

Free includes debt-free!

Were they all still in the

Were they all still in the race ? Did they get on the ballot after quitting?
I want to know we still have a chance to win ! What if they don't have a
vote at all?

The Reason We're in This Mess Is Too Many Think Like That

"Why vote at all?" -- this is a marathon, not a sprint. Your logic is like somebody decided to form a sports team, hire some players, practice, practice, practice, qualify for a league, and then, when the media says they can't win their first game, they quit, because there's "no chance" they'll win the pennant.

Are you kidding? We are winning. We're winning battles every day, losing others, and pushing forward. The prize is freedom, not some temporary head of state.

Don't be a statist, thinking that just electing one person for four years is going to solve the problem forever. We need to fill the ballots with better candidates (and, as we've seen, even voters have less clout than delegates). We also need to make sure that freedom lovers do their homework and vote in bigger numbers than everyone else.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


I believe that everything that has been going on lately with the campaign is strategy oriented.

Yes, it is still all about still racking up delegates and marching into Tampa with a big surprise.

I think it is a "run silent, run deep" strategy. Lay low and play the chess game all the way to Tampa.

The media is totally ignoring Ron, at the same time you better believe they are watching this delegate movement! So in that sense, the move to cut back on the primary campaigning, save the money, focus on the ground troops still amassing delegates, and WHAM! Show up at Tampa and raise hell. The media won't be able to ignore Ron Paul then!

Dr Paul is to Texas Hold'Em

..What Lech Walesa was to Solidarity!

Both men; Grand Masters of the Political Realm.
America has it's version of Solidarity.....
The Ron Paul Revolution!

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

RP is a wily Veteran

He'll be Back lol

btw, it is planting season ie. RP has a garden to attend to imo.



Always Remember:

Actually winning & officially winning are two different things. We already won, we all know that. Don't ever forget Iowa & Tennessee, where we flat out had it from day one but the other campaigns made the call, denying us our civic right to the vote. We won Texas, I am sure of it. Don't ever stop this fight. There is no other choice. There is no going back. We are awake, we are the remnant. We are the movement. No matter what the "official" outcome may be.

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Ron Paul is the true presumptive nominee

Flip Robme is the presumptuous non-nominee.

We are on track to win.

The only way we can lose is by unilaterally giving up. I think others will agree, we are simply too stubborn to do something so amazingly stupid as to retreat from victory.

Its out of his hands now

We the people especially the delegates for Ron Paul are the movement. This is the beginning not the end.

Let history repeat itself, educate yourself with the 1920 Republican national convention.




"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx

And If This Is True...The Best Thing To Do Is Announce It To The

World. The Opposition Would Never Think To Look Here-LOL. I Think Ron Is Telling It Like It Is. We Keep Getting Delegates!

james williams

We Can Win - Why Would We Give Up Now? Reagan Didn't Have

enough Delegates and he won the nomination! And Taft in 1920, didn't have any chance of winning the nomination and WON! We are NOT done winning more delegates either. The world is behind us and Dr. Ron Paul, lets show them, lets shock them by winning the nomination for the one and only Ron Paul who will save America and the World! As Dr Paul said himself, someone could stumble and he sure wasn't talking about himself.


Personally, I will never abandon the cause of liberty

It's just too damn important!

Something is Up

But I can't figure out what it is. He asked for $650,000 and we probably got him about 1.2 million with the donations leading up to the last money bomb. Then everything is all quiet.

Something is being strategically placed here. I got the email also and noticed the line:

" Our Revolution is just getting started "

Is there a rule somewhere that we all don't know about? is there something buried somewhere that will allow the irate minority to take over that convention even if it is not the required 1144?

Is he just putting the number of 500 out there to let all of the delegates know that there really is an alternative to the mittster?

or is this going to set up the ultimate GOP Crime being covered on national TV with over 500 witnesses video recording everything?

Ron Paul has been fighting for 30 years against this criminal organization. This is his last battle and he knows they will throw rand under the bus no matter what.

There is also the massive class action law fight on the way also.

I have a great feeling something HUGE is in the works.

Ha-ha...if we here at the DP are...

...a bit confused, can you imagine the establishments confusion?! I love it!