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For those of you who can't quit moanin' and groanin'- Please Read

For those of you who can't seem to quit moanin' and groanin' about Dr. Paul's latest email, I've read some reports that Valley Forge wasn't a picnic in the park.

I'm going to take several wild guesses that I assume will probably be right.

Right now you are:
-Fed and watered
-Are in a house, totally protected from the outside elements
-Are surrounding by loving friends and family
-Relatively safe from harm
-Are financially secure enough to own a computer and internet (much more than A LOT of people in the world can afford)
-Have not spent the last year or so getting shot at

Those who spent an entire winter in Valley Forge had NONE of the above. Many of them froze to death. A lot of them died of disease and starvation. They ate firecakes (ash and water mixed together) and their own dang boots to survive. Some of them left yes, but MANY of them stuck through it, despite the risk to their life and that of their families if they were captured by the British. However, they still went on to surprise the Hessian soldiers in Trenton and win a major victory of the Revolutionary War.

If they can go through ALL OF THAT and still fight for liberty, CERTAINLY we can manage to get through one e-mail, one that doesn't even concede defeat, but is more likely a subtle status update from Ron Paul. So those of you hinting that you've "wasted your time" and want to quit and go home, perhaps you could put your position into perspective by considering what real liberty fighters have gone through.

I don't mean to sound like such a downer or like I'm condemning anyone, I just find the lack of resolve and emotional toughness of some people on this site a bit frustrating. One day, we win Louisiana amid our delegates getting assaulted and everyone is like "TAKE ALL THE DELEGATES! WE'RE GONNA ROCK TAMPA! WOO!" and the next day this email comes out and everyone is like "We're gonna looooossseeee! =( Everyone go home and hide in your houses!"

I understand that emotions can run high in these sort of situations, especially for those of you who have invested a lot of time and money into the campaign. But please think through what you're posting, and whether or not it is constructive. Best case scenario is everyone holds onto their complaints and whining/moaning for after Tampa. Even if we lose in Tampa, we still have made great strides as a movement. If we win in Tampa all of these low-points and doomsday prohphecies are going to look silly.

Keep your chin up mates, it's a long road to Tampa.

Ron Paul 2012!

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Oh for cryin' out loud!

Washington & his generals were in it to win it. They didn't go home & leave their troops to fight the war. Your analogy SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know who you are

but I luv ya!

Thanks for this, it's great!

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

Thanks for the information

Maybe every Paul post should start with a history lesson... Thanks for the info. There are 2 scenarios:
Ron Paul doesn't get elected - We have a lot of work to do
Ron Paul Wins!! - We have a lot of work to do

The president is just one person. The government is a reflection of the people. When the people change, the government will change. Someone smart told me that.

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

that is absolutely a fact

winning this election doesn't change people by and large so more work will be needed regardless. Congress is the big thing and they reflect us- sadly. Even so, it would still help immensely to get RP in there now. So we continue. You never know what the future will bring, so it is best to be prepared and as strong as possible in Tampa.


"winning this election doesn't change people by and large"

I disagree. In fact, I think that the most effective way of all to change people is Ron Paul becoming the president. Think about it this way: both Democrats and Republicans are wrong about a lot of things. Many people think that ending the wars will cause us to get blown up by terrorists, many think that we need the government to solve every problem, etc. They don't know better because they're used to presidents like George Bush and Barack Obama. Trying to argue with these people often fails to convince them, because they have their minds made up already. But seeing is believing. But Ron Paul could show them how it's really done. He could prove to them that the policies they once thought dangerous are in fact very beneficial. I believe that having Ron Paul for president would cause the greatest awakening of the American people, perhaps ever.

This campain is to spread an idea

who's time has come, and the best way to spread the idea is to win!

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

yes, true

but it still takes time and effort. And there will be the other side who will work extremely hard to tear it down. My point is it generally doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes it might seem to but some of it is just people being "politically correct". They always want to be on the winning side. Eventually over time this translates into actual changes in their thinking and behavior.

Winning is good though!! It will help, and I am all for it.

Dr. Paul ....We Stand Unmoved

Where stands the DP? Unmoved. Nothing has changed...we are even more earnest and committed.

Surprising things may happen at the convention and surprising things will definitely happen after the convention as this country is in major distress, economically, morally and spiritually. It is going to get much worse, as most of us know, before it gets better.

People are waking up to what this country has become...what is being done in our names...how we have been deceived. . When Ron Paul speaks at the Texas and California conventions it will be with the sword of truth and many more will awaken. Regardless of how Tampa comes out, people are going to realize that we've been led down a path of lies...robbed and lied to by the media, our politicians and in some cases our teachers and ministers.

Tampa is our national podium ... our opportunity for truth to be heard. Absolutely essential that we continue just as we have been doing *earnestly* with conviction, courage and a message of hope for all those who hear the liberty message in Tampa. Yes, we want Dr. Paul to speak and be heard. We are going for a magic number and it may be far more important than the delegate number. It takes far fewer on the side of truth and liberty than those on the side of evil lies and slavery to tip the scales and throw out the evil doers. All the groundwork has been laid...we are the solid foundation. This is not and never has been just a presidential election. It is an intellectual battle and for some of us a spiritual battle between good and evil.

This is the time when we can lift Ron Paul up for the days ahead. I would imagine that it is his strong desire that our spirits are not dampened and he will have campaign folks checking the DP. We need to let him know that we remain unmoved.. He and only he could have started this crucial shift in minds and hearts. He will always be the leader of the true liberty movement that will eventually win our country back. He IS our President!


KeepOn Truckin'


See you in Tampa

My son is 2.

His name is Leonidas. His first words were "Ron Paul". Know this movie my friends.


Will they have a vote in Tampa?

My fear is there won't even be a vote taken in Tampa, just
pawning over Mitt and empty speeches for the sheep. Please
someone tell me they will have one vote at least.


Thank you, my friend,

I too, sometimes get beaten by my own emotions. The constant whipsaw of our victory's and our losses. It's good that someone can keep their head and put us all back to an even keel.

Setting expectation too high

-Setting expectation too high.

-A liberty-free agenda.

Other options.

Free includes debt-free!

Thanks, that was good,

and I remember reading how when the Declaration of Independence was written and voted on, John Hancock, who had signed his name to the document, was saying to the others, please hurry and sign this too, as I don't want to hang alone. Those probably aren't his exact words, but it is the gist of it.


Stick together. Don't leave Ron Paul hanging, he deserves more than that for all he's done for us.

Ron Paul of Ron Paul - there is no other choice

Dear Ron Paul,

Thanks for the update, I am very happy to hear from you.
You will always have my support and I am committed to the Liberty and Constitutional Platform.

My concern right now is that rombama is nothing more than more of the corrupt and lawlessness that embodies our government now. He must not be allowed to win the nomination.

It is still a ways from Tampa and alot can happen between now and then. I will not vote for rombama. It is Ron Paul or Ron Paul, nothing else will do. There is too much at stake to have the same old same old corrupt business as usual here.
Alot of us feel the same way.

There are alot of things going on right now that may very well change the course of this election process.

You just take care of yourself and your lovely wife and family and we will see you in November.