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Its over , the liberty movement has been defeated by tryanny. (potentially my last thread here)

I know im not really the favorite poster around here , and you guys could care less what i have to say or think , i still think it needs to be said.

Its over. Its that simple. The liberty movement is done. This is pauls last stand and he wont campaign again as he is too old. Rand is a neocon in training wheels so there is pretty much nobody left.

And i woulndt want to elect a high ranking ron paul supporter because chances are they are the type to believe stuff like 911 was an inside job , which is one of the major problems with the liberty movement , its full of tinfoil hat crazies so convinced that everyone else is a sheep because they listen to the MSM that they rely on assholes like alex jones for information while he takes it to the bank laughing himself to tears.

anyway back on point

Its over , unless you want to walk into that convention and forcefully take it and or make one last stand and embarrass the shit out of the GOP on national television (i highly suggest this). The liberty movement has no future even if we "co-operate". What happens if romney is president? the neocon movement grows and they will forcefully replace our delegates to take back the party and nobody will even know about it.

What happens if obama wins? they blame us and grow the neocon base by blaming libertarianism for obama being president again.

There is no future for this movement , the next presidential cycle will get rid of even more stopgaps allowing people to take back their country. If obama is president again i fully believe he will attack the second amendment. So ya you know how important that is.

Anyway , you can downvote this , comment , whatever. I just hate to see people so optimistic when we just got a email from ron himself that we lost and people here are pretending its a secret message that we are still winning.

If i could have one wish , it would be that the remaining delegates go to that convention and embarrass the GOP so badly the dailyshow will be showing clips of it for the next 4 years. Take no prisoners , do not go out without a fight.

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Thank God it's your last thread!

I wish you would have left weeks ago, and saved us from having to listen to your worthless bullsh!t postings.

Good riddance!
You made my day!


well said



Hey they found a hi-jacker's passport in the WTC rubble.

And 47-story, steel-framed high-risers collapse from fire ALL THE TIME ya know. I know *I* have no further questions. hehe

Before you remind us "tinfoil hat crazies" how *weak* our evidence is, remind us again what your irrefutable smoking gun is. RP knows the truth. But he's on Israel TV. What do you expect him to say?




Don't puss out. Whats up with that? Never have faith in some messianic leader figure have faith in yourself, and get it done...quitter.

Seriously not usually the conspiracy type, but a Ron Paul supported would never say this type of garbage. "Unless you forcibly take over the convention" That is some b/s. The liberty movement has not future so do the one thing that would guarantee that be so, excuse my french, but get the F*uck outta here pal.

"The radical of one century is the conservative of the next. The radical invents the views. When he has worn them out, the conservative adopts them." - Mark Twain

lol "the coach's kid egged my bike...

so i'm quitting the team."

Keep your 'mitt', don't think you'll need your cup though ; )


"When freedom dies in your heart, no speech no emotion not even a reaction to a tyrant can bring it back.
When freedom lives in your heart no speech and no tyrant can take it away." - Judge Andrew Napolitano

Liberty will never DIE!!!

The Universe embodies love and peace
That is why we will win in the end,



haha, you sure put up a fight.

Does the movement have to go with you, or can we play with it for a bit?

I can't help feeling that threats have been used behind the


What an odd note to end on. What could have happened to DESTROY
our momentum? We were really starting to catch on then all the sudden that STUPID confusing announcement from the campaign a couple of weeks ago. Followed by more 'gentle' caving in. Is Dr. Paul trying to protect us? Is Dr. Paul trying to protect his family? Is it because we BOOOed Romney's Son? Speaking for myself I really feel short changed.

Yeah, I know the R3volution will go on, but this is just plain weird.

Something is not right.

In Liberty

Nobody Left?? No Future for This Movement??

Ahhh...it's gets hard so you quit? I have PROUDLY worked my ass off campaigning for Ron Paul twice now...did I ever actually believe that TPTB would allow him to be President?? NO, not for one second, but I did it anyway...I did it to spread the word, to grow our movement - I did it for me, I did it for my kids and I did it for YOU too. And I will continue to fight for Liberty! The end of a campaign will not stop me! Nor should it you.

If you were my son I would set you down, look you square in the eye and say,"Suck it up, and get back to work helping us save this country. There is no room for quitters in this family."

Then I would get up, give you the stink eye challenge, turn on my heel and stalk out of the room.

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

We Are All Ron Paul!

I disagree with your comment: "Its over. Its that simple. The liberty movement is done. This is pauls last stand and he wont campaign again as he is too old. Rand is a neocon in training wheels so there is pretty much nobody left."

I am a native born in Wisconsin and over 35 years of age. According to the Constitution for the United States of America, I am eligible to be President and would serve if called upon!

I would rather die than sell out my principals and support a fake/plastic guy like Romney! I've had the honor to meet and shake Dr. Paul's hand on three separate occasions! After following and learning from Dr. Ron Paul these last five years...I really wish I was his son!

After Romney(Obama v2.0) destroys whats left of our country, there are going to need to be leaders to pick up the pieces and start all over. We will need Liberty minded leaders to step into those roles. Given the opportunity, I will be there right beside all my Liberty brothers and sisters!

My Dad's name is also "Ron"

I forgot to mention, my real Dad's name is also "Ron"!

If Dr. Ron Paul is Considering Adopting A New Son...

If Dr. Ron Paul is considering adopting a new son..I'll nominate myself :)

I'm a delegate,

I'm even on the national platform committee. But, somebody's gonna have to pay my way for me to go to Tampa now, plus all the time I will have to take off work (two weeks). This isn't some hobby for me, it's my life, my country & I'm sure not going to find my Constitution in that hall full of neo-cons in Tampa.

If Ron & Rand can throw in the towel, so can I. I've been fooled twice. The solution isn't in the republican party, it's with libertarians, or others. It's with people who deserve our trust, not these Reagan/Nixon lovers. God, I'm so sick of hearing all that Reagan love, now I won't have to listen to another second of it from people who weren't even alive when that ass was in ofc, but want to deify him now.

Excuse me, I must throw up now....

Feeling better now CK?

Go ahead and up chuck it all out of your system. You are a patriot who had a bad bug. It will pass and you will continue the fight. Got it?

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I'm surprised at you!

Somebody's gonna have to pay your way to Tampa now? Just who was paying your way 12 hours ago? Yes, I too will have to take off at least a week with no pay to go but I assumed that responsibility when I applied to be a delegate to national. You will think of a creative way to raise the funds. This is, after all, your country.

Take a deep breath. Dr. Paul is the wisest, shrewdest politician out there. A lot has gone down in the past week with Louisiana, etc. The other camp owes Dr. Paul big time due to the violence enacted upon our supporters-officers in the "real" GOP- they should have exacted a big price to allow the coverup and burying of that in the media. Plus, we know they can not win without us, and they know it now too, and what if they made a deal that Romney would only do one term so that the VP could run, a VP named Rand Paul?

We continue to fight on for every delegate, have a raucus caucus, get the good doctor nominated! Rand's statement will go a long way with the Romnoids but when Dr. Ron Paul wins the nomination we can set everything aside and work to get him elected. I think it is a brilliant move. Everyone stop being so emotional, and continue to stand and fight for Ron.


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Go ahead. Be a quitter. That's exactly what they want you

to do.

But please don't.

You are needed now, more than ever. Please.

Nobody is asking you to give homage to Reagan. (throw-up bag provided courtesy of the airline)

But you have a job to do.



Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.


Good, because you've been a troll the whole time any way. I looked back at your old posts and they're all against Ron Paul except when your promoting convention chaos. Nice try.

you may be right about one thing

this may be your last post (your call) but you are far off base thinking the liberty movement is over or defeated. Far from the truth.


The movement is not over. Please. It existed before Ron Paul and it will exist after him. The fact is, the liberty movement has never been as strong as it is today. It has never had as many supporters as it has today. The OP is acting like a spoiled child.

But it is also most likely true that we have not converted enough hearts and minds to win the Republican primary. At least not yet.

I don't think it does the movement any good to alienate the party we have been working so long to control, or to take a "go down in flames" attitude just because this election cycle isn't shaping up exactly as we hoped.

If you believe then you understand that one election - even a presidential election - is not going to change the country overnight. Anyone believing that a Ron Paul presidency would solve all of our ills is in serious self-delusion mode. Changing minds about fundamental issues like the role of government takes time. It takes a long time. We've changed some minds in the past 8 years. We have a lot more minds to change.

A realist knows that the future never unfolds exactly as one hopes and so we must adjust, take stock, refocus, and keep going. Everyone said this wasn't going to be easy, so here we are and it's not easy. So what? We have made great strides, and we still occupy the moral and intellectual high ground. We have the answers to what ails this country. We just need more time to convince enough people. A sudden change in the world economy could change our fortunes overnight. Or it could take longer. We can't know. So we keep going.

We keep educating ourselves. We keep converting our friends, families, and colleagues. We keep filling our local Republican Party organizations. We keep electing local, state, and federal representatives. We stay positive, confident, and engaged. We win people over with reason, passion, optimism, and kindness.

Just like Ron Paul.


“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

Talk about a Debbie Downer

Ron Paul was never the movement. He played the role of inspiring many to become part of the movement, but it has never been his movement. Liberty minded people all around the country, and indeed the world, are now discussing what they can do to advance liberty and getting into action. People in much greater numbers now because of Ron Paul. Point is the liberty movement isn't over until there is no one left to fight for it.

" I just hate to see people so optimistic" ???
I'm sorry if your view is so negative. I suggest that, if you truly want a freer future, than you first need to believe it will come.

If you want to know what others are doing for liberty, it's as easy as google. I for one would suggest looking at the Free State Project.

edit: also see this page right here on the DP for another example of people looking to carry the movement beyond the campaign.

You are only here...

You are only here for one reason to cause division. People don't feed the trolls. No amount of patience, reason, facts,logic or intellectual discussion has any effect. His job here will not allow any conversion, don't waste your time. He is not a lost soul but most likely a paid troll.


Hey Guilty.............

This is possibly your last thread? Good. Cowards like you wont be missed

You sound like the type of guy who.......

who always gave up on everything. And never had the courage to stay in the fight when times got rough. But please...put the gun down man. lol If you believe that this government is going to be able to prop up this economy via more near 0 interest rates, "QE3", Operation Twist 2" "Currency-swaps with EU," or whatever else they can concoct forever than you are a true Keynesian, and I suggest checking out Obama2012! Because we know that the only way this movement truely dies is if all of us have your loser attitude.

Ron Paul backed off and changed

his campaign strategy right after the breakfast with bernanke.
Since then, we haven't heard one word from him.
I would appreciate knowing what is really going on.
Now this letter.

People power Is Yet Another.....

Negative Newbie....a.k.a....TROLL

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No he did not.

Norfolk, VA

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.