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Very IMPORTANT issue regarding Louisiana

I am from Louisiana and just heard some very interesting news about what the government is trying to do here. I heard that the justice department is suing Louisiana over how its officials have diregarded the NVRA, the National Voting Registration Act by not routinely offering voting registration forms, assistance and services to the states eligible citizens who apply, decertify or provide a change of address for public assistance or disability services, or benegits... Does anyone know if this has any connection to Ron Paul and what happend at the conventions??

Also I heard that the Federal government is suing Louisiana State Secretary over not "letting" the government have the voting info, such as name, birth, Dem or Rep, when and why you changed parties, basically everything thing that has to do with everyone's life. I heard that they were going to put him in jail if he did not comply.. Does anyone know about this. My source said that he is very close with Gov Jindal and that the media is not showing this to the public because if would KILL Obama if the public found out.

Also, does anyone have any info on if Ron Paul supporters did anything illegal with voting at the Louisiana convention. I have a close friend that is hearing some crayy news from people and I am starting to think that they are hearing something that the Gov and Romeny would like them to hear, if I guessed that right. Also if I hear another person tell me that Ron Paul does not have a chance in hell to win I might, just might, pull out my shotgun and fire TWO off in their front tires.


Thanks, AmericanDREAM

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After reading the initial motion below, perhaps this is about

trying to catch welfare cheaters from registering for benefits they are not entitled to due to either multiple addresses or incorrect addresses, while maintaining voter registration.

I'm not sure, but that's the best I can come up with for now.

I can't find any news articles on it.

Likely the SoS's office doesn't have the info, or there is some issue with producing it in a timely manner. (I've seen a registrar's office, if they have to produce everything being asked for, that could take months or years just to make a copy of it for the court)

I just read the PDF. How absurd. I'd bet the data they want

doesn't even exist.

Perhaps they retain paper copies of every form ever filed - I doubt it. Maybe it's on microfilm.

And I doubt the database has every change ever made in it for every voter still alive and in the system.

I fail to see how SSNs are relevant, as well, what is the purpose of seeing every address, phone number, etc. ever registered with? (of course, if that info was never used to register, it will never be in the SoS records now will it?)

This is just nonsense.

BTW, Cazayoux is a former Louisiana Congressman. He may have an axe to grind with the SoS's office.

It looks like it may lead here


Sorry that's all I can find

-- CV-00470-JJB-DLD

This is the first I hear of this. But I'm not sure it's what

you think it is.

For starters, the Louisiana Secretary of State(SoS), who is in charge of elections, puts out a Registration Statistics file every month on his website in both PDF and XLS format. There is a statewide version, and a version broken down by parish.

Each file shows how many Total, Democrat, Republican & 'OTHER' registrants. It also shows race and gender. It does this not only in aggregate, but for each possible election district —from Congressional down to city council and dog catcher if they have it.

Now, you can purchase a voter list which also shows residence address, mailing address, date added/changed, age (not Date of Birth for security reasons), and the last 15 dates a person voted, and if the voter is considered active or inactive. (which has to do with responding to a canvass request, not voting participation) In addition, each voter's respective election district numbers/letters/etc. are shown, along with party, race and even a phone number if they provided it when registering.

The only other info beside DoB not shown is the Driver's License or SSN which was provided to document identity, again, for security reasons.

This list costs 1¢ per name when received by email in XLS format, more if you want a paper copy mailed to you. The minimum charge is $20 no matter how few names you want. (that would get you up to 2000) and the max charge is $5000 which will get you the whole state. (or any number over 500,000 names) They are even nice enough to round down to the nearest dollar for you so it's likely you'll always get some for "free."

So what exactly is the beef about? All the info the SoS collects is right there for everyone to see.

I'm sure if the issue is other officials or departments can't see the full list without paying for it, that makes sense. Government officials shouldn't have automatic access to such data because it could be used for intimidation purposes. Hell, I'd say they shouldn't even be allowed to buy it, but that's so easy to get around, it doesn't matter. Honestly, nothing should be provided except aggregate statistics. Anything more is begging for Mafioso style thuggery at some point.

save your shotgun shells for

save your shotgun shells for the drones. Ohio Here also

Shot guns are short range

Too bad someone can't call one of those birds down like the Iranians did a short while back with the technical know how!
Then we could have someone put a nice big "Ron Paul for President"
sign on the bottom and sides of it, and send it back airborne....
without all the fancy shmancy equipment of course!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Thats what I got my rifle

Thats what I got my rifle for! haha thanks


Greetings from Cincy!


Cleveland here

Cleveland here

Glad I'm in Ohio!


I'm not sure what all this means

I would like to see more info......

How do you forward a PDF file

How do you forward a PDF file or post it on here. I have the confidential file but I cannot copy or past it for some reason. It is crazy info and it is VERY important that everyone reads this, seriously. Please help. I'll send it to someone's email to post it on here if you want.


Google docs

You can store the PDF in google docs (http://docs/google.com) and post a link to it.

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no one has any thoughts on

no one has any thoughts on this?