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Texas Convention - We are here!

Well, we are here in Ft. Worth getting for the next 3 days of battle! Let's give 'em a show that they won't soon forget.

If any other delegates want to get together at the convention, just message me here at the DP and shoot me your cell number. Lots of people are already coordinated but the campaign didn't return my emails. No worries, we'll wing it.

Let's get together and we'll rock this thing!!!! God Speed Delegates! For Liberty! For Texas!!

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God Bless All our Freedom Delegates

from the lone start state of Texas!

Show them what we mean today Texas. Isn't Texas and open carry state? lol Take care ......this is much bigger than anyone man or woman!

Know that you are loved and supported!

link to texas


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We need updates!!!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

our cd

We got 1/3.

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It's one thing if Rand Paul changes his mind and wants to support Romney. That's his choice, I'll bet if it's true even Ron Paul supported Rand in his choice. Free will, right?
But here's the key for all of us...Rand says the nominating part is over...now Rand knows the delegate count better than anyone on this sight. he knows the nominating part is not over. he knows Romney does not have 1144 delegates. That was FOR US I THINK. That was key, think about it. I would have beleved Rand more if he said, " I support Romney and this fight isn't over and I'm going to help him fight" But Romney does not have 1144 delegates, he is NOT the nominee.....right now.
So Texas if your out there reading this. GET UP AND GO GET THOSE DELEGATES!!!
Let me know your out there and will still be going to TX, send me some encouragement that this did not derail you....because it's a fake, I woke up with this revalation.
We have to keep going until Ron himself suspends his campaign and endorses Romney. Until then, this is allllllll a fake out!!!!

we're not done

Seriously. We need prayers all day Saturday.

Come and Take It!

We are fighting in Texas. Come and take it Rand!

Rand Paul on Hannity just announced --

Just announced his endorsement for Romney. Didn't know where to put this post.


Voting times are set in stone.

Not going to "trick" us on this.

There are 9,000 people here.

We vote in our CD for Tampa delegates. If they trick us, they are going to trick everyone.

Not gonna happen.

I was a delegate at the Arizona state con

and just want to warn all Texas delegates:

- Don't leave your seats unless you have to (don't drink a lot so you won't have to go to the restroom a lot!) or they might hold a vote while you're away.
-Don't leave for lunch, even if they call for lunch break (eat at your seat) or they might hold a vote.
-Watch every move they make and get it on camera. Especially watch for them to almost imperceptibly crinkle Paul delegate ballots so that when they feed them into the counting machine they get rejected as faulty.
-Stand your ground if they try to abruptly adjourn (don't let them call the police and don't let the police try to force you out of the building)
-Most of all keep your cool (I know it's difficult) and no booing!!!

Good luck. May God speed. May He keep His hand on you and give you wisdom, patience, vigilance and VICTORY!!!

I'm glued to this sight

I can't wait to hear the speech by RP today.
And I can't wait for liberty to win the delegates.
Wish I could be there with you guys (fellow Texan at home with twin babies).
Give 'em hell if they try to cheat. (I mean when they try to cheat!)

David Dewhurst

Dewhurst roundly booed during Gov. Perry's speech by virtually the entire convention... it was epic!

Also, Rick thinks he invented the tea party... not sure what that's all about. Otherwise the man gives a pretty good speech considering he can't actually string a sentence together otherwise. He was signing something in the booth hall and there was a pretty long line. I asked the guard if this was the line to sign the term limit petition.

that's a very good sign

on how things may unfold there at the convention! Go Texas!

RP R3VOLution

I almost choked on my food!

LOL Is this the line to sign the term limit petition? LOL

Who says Paulites don't have a sense of humor!!!

Dewhurst boos were awesome!

Dewhurst boos by everyone

Rick Perry is on stage

The propaganda is nauseating. Go Red Team!!111!

Oh yeah, and keep a good camera on these crooks at all times!!!!

I think one guy aught to find the best vantage spot to film from and keep that camera rolling just in case we need a good video of what really happened. JCM

Man, I really wish I could be there, but Iam in spirit and my pr

ayers are with the "true" freedom fighters who are there. I hope no harms or accidents befall you guys and that you get as many delegates from Texas as you humanly and fairly can!! God speed!! JCM

Protect the Elderly

My elderly parents are there. Don't let anyone break their fingers or knock them to the floor, please. I'll forever be in your debt. Thanks. :)

LOL- are you kidding

the elderly have more balls than the youth these days - someone needs to protect the youth from the elderly!!!! I bet most elderly men could kick the crap out of half the fat middle aged punks as well.

At convention and

Ready to vote for chair!


Thanks for the update! Please let us know how it goes:-)

The vote for convention chair

Didn't happen today. Right now we're getting our delegate slate some exposure amongst ourselves and practice speaking for our CD.

'Wear Your Spurs' ...

... was the comment that caught my eye in the title of one of these threads. I might add -- 'watch your step'. Don't get tripped up by any Texas 2 stepping. Texas GOP ... these are the fools and tools that brought us Bush and Perry.

Here's a video with plenty of open range truth with piles of bullshit to step over.


There's a reason they call them 'steers'.

Your turn to cowboy up.

Official RP Campaign Contact

We could not get the official Ron Paul campaign organizers here in Pennsylvania to get back in contact with us before out state primary. So we just winged it to and did pretty excellent for a bunch of nobodies with virtually no experience or guidance. Keep rocking on!

Check out my YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/BereanStudent

Seriously?! What did we give

Seriously?! What did we give them over $36,000,000 for?!!

On my way

Leaving Austin in a few minutes! Woohoo!!!

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To all TX delegates/alternates...

Please stand with your right hand up and swear to all Ron Paul supporters that you will make the first rule of business voting on the chair. Please don't let them stretch it out and go to lunch before you vote on the chair. Ok? Bad things happen when you wait till after lunch. I'm convinced it's part of their ploy. They just want to see how many of you there are, and then they add people or they will all of a sudden let the "geusts" roam the room, leaving Paul delegates wondering if the geusts just voted, or they get on the phone talk to who they need to and come up with plans like fake slates...get it over with in the morning, bad things happen when we wait.
Also, maybe someone should call the police so if they are there they are on your side since you are the ones who called. Maybe have a police officer (or 5) show up for you and go over the Roberts Rules a little so they know when arrests really should be made. How about a lawyer or 2?
I'm hoping and praying for you guys.