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Help a Stranger at the RNC, need housing!

Hey guys and gals!

I have been a long time Lurker here at the DP, but I can't even express my gratitude for the efforts of the admin, and user base to keep things as current as they are! So, Thank you!

I was contacted today, and asked to run as an alternate delegate for RP by the campaign here in Iowa.

I GLADLY accepted, and plan to do whatever it takes. Now, they are saying to plan on spending 3000 bucks to travel, and pay for hotels/food. The hotel they have reserved is $250.00 a NIGHT!

Getting to the RNC is no problem, but I wanted to tap the amazing Liberty movement, and see if there are any fellow Ron Pauler's, that might offer a room for my wife and I to stay in, and possibly another friend that is going to the "Ron Paul is the Choice of the Troops March on the RNC". So 3 total that I know of.

We Don't need much, can provide our own food, but are looking for a cheaper (or hopefully almost free) room to stay in, couch to borrow floor to sleep on during the RNC proceedings.

If all else fails I will sleep in my truck in the bed haha!

So what do you say? Is anyone interested in helping us out in the Tampa Area thats close to the RNC?

We got some time to plan it out!

We can provide any information you might need, just ask!

Thanks Everyone!

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Check out this website

http://www.RidesForRonPaul.com they may have a great way to help you.

First, start a Chip-In and

First, start a Chip-In and post it here:


Second, I think you have to stay in the hotel that they assign. No way around that.

Bump for now and someone bump

Bump for now and someone bump for later because guys in Tampa are EST and home from work now.

No one?! Bumpin it back up!

No one?! Bumpin it back up!

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Bumping for more readers.

Don't give up. I'm sure some help will be forthcoming.

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You could also start a chip in if no one has a place for you

to stay. I'll gladly pitch in to help pay for your hotel room.

Thanks guys, Ill keep

Thanks guys, Ill keep trying!

Might try the pitch in if all else fails, but I know RP supporters are already strapped for cash....So I wanna use that as an absolute last resort