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Ron Paul Short Film "Elektable" World Premiere Thursday, June 28th, 7PM

Okay, things are now getting very real everyone. This is the first of several promotional videos that are being shared to get the word out about this world class piece. I hope you guys love this broader glimpse. Please help me up the subscribers to my channel, as that will be the easiest way to get the word out over the next few weeks. Many more details coming soon:


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thanks. good luck

Subscriber 750.

Thank You Nuclear Kid

I have been so excited about this film project of yours since you announced it Memorial weekend. I just think this is going to be HUGE for our man RON PAUL, who as you say, deserves our best, and I THANK YOU and admire you for giving this YOUR BEST! I believe this is going to be a great shot in the arm for us by reviving our enthusiasm and bringing into our fold MANY more Americans who have not got the Liberty and Freedom message yet, and are still asleep!
Thank you for putting your creative American genious to work for America and Freedom! I know there is more to your film than just a beautiful girl in a bikini with a flag, but to me, I am loving that Lady Liberty symbol! She looks like she is strong, beautiful and LOVING our flag! I am a middle age Christian Patriotic grandmother and I fully support a project like this that portrays youth, beauty, fitness, strength, intelligence, truth, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, AND patriotism, as part of the Ron Paul happening in this country we call the "rEVOLution".
I just think that MOST people will be able to see and feel what a positive image "Miss Liberty" portrays for our Country. (Makes Miss America stuff look dull!) I can't wait to see and use your film!
Keep the faith people, this election is NOT over YET!


Wow !!!

And a BUMP, of course


You just made my day.....and then some :) Thank you so much for your kind words. I need all the positive fuel I can get as I race to the finish line with this. I have a golden opportunity to ROCK THE EARTH with this, so onward I march.....

In Liberty,


Yo, Nuclear Kid!

What a great privileged it will be to see your passion, vision and hard work all poured out into the art form you love and have spent so much time to perfect! What a perfect storm for you -- and us. We get to share in that, which is pretty incredible! But also, thanks for sharing your time, effort, heart, and love to provide us with something to pass along.

Can't wait to see it!

Thank You!

Much appreciated!

Yeah, how dare

he abuse the flag like that?!?
People need to get their priorities straight. The sanctity of the flag is simply another method of crowd control. What should it matter what someone does with a piece of cloth that happens to have red, white and blue? Its not the cloth that is important its the symbol. I don't care if you burn the flag, burn a bible or shred the Koran because I have nothing invested in the physical items. And because I have nothing invested in the physical flag then my emotional attachment to the symbol of the flag can never be harmed by physical methods.

Of course, you could just wait until the film is released before you judge. Just saying...

Based on what I've seen so far...

Based on what I've seen so far I wouldn't be recommending this. I am a huge Ron Paul fan, but using an attractive girl in a bikini has nothing to do with Ron Paul's message. Another DP user made the point that your use of the American flag wrapped around a woman is officially disrespectful ( "The flag should never be used as wearing apparel, bedding, or drapery."; section 8 of the United States Flag Code). I think many veterans would be offended.

I want Ron Paul's message to go viral, and I think a video is a great way to do that. However, if these two issues are not resolved in some way, I will not be promoting the video. That's just a matter of fact.

As long as it isn't

exploitative, I think it'll be ok.

The thing about being a Ron Paul supporter, I felt this tonight, is the knowledge that if you're on his "team", so to speak, you are an American. You stand for America, and it's philosophical traditions.

We have the moral high ground. Plain and simple. The fact that what the government ruling class has been trying so far, (over the pastg 80 years!) has put us in the position we now face, and this position does nothing but strengthen our argument.

Short, quasi-metaphorical example.

What we've been doing, as a nation, isn't working to our benefit. The Austrians economists deserve a go, because they've been right, even if the Mainstream media purposefully, blatantly ignores them.

American ingenuity has to be released again.
It is the ebb and flow of humanity.

"If this mischievous financial policy [greenbacks], which has its origin in North America, should become endurated down to a fixture, then that government will furnish its own money without cost. It will pay off its debts and be without debts. It will hav

Since one would assume

that the referenced veterans served and possibly fought to protect our Freedom of Speech wouldn't it be realistic to forecast their approval of someone exercising freedom of speech?

Clarifying Free Speech Rights

Your comment made me recall the words of Evelyn Beatrice Hall from her summary of Voltaire's viewpoint: "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." The fact that veterans defended our rights, including that of freedom of speech, does not necessarily mean they approve of the *content* of every utterance made by every person exercising this right. Otherwise, you could conclude that anyone who approves of freedom of expression necessarily approves of statements made by Neo-Nazis or members of NAMBLA. On the contrary, people have a right to say whatever they want, but they do not have the right to force others to listen or approve of it.

and since I never said

that the vets would approve the *content* then I guess your comment was in support of mine?

Haha! Nice try, but it was not.

I did think you were trying to imply veterans' approval of the content in this video, but if you weren't, you are claiming that veterans will be happy any time a person exercises free speech rights, regardless of the content. I have great difficulty picturing veterans like my (now-deceased) grandfather or great-uncle who both served in WWII ever saying, for example, "Yay! NAMBLA printed some new propaganda! This is what we fought for!" I think instead they would be disappointed, and probably even disgusted, that that was how some individuals chose to exercise their right to freedom of expression.

I believe that the American flag is a symbol, and desecration of the flag cannot be illegal and punishable if we value the rights it stands for, including free speech. It would be horrifyingly ironic if the symbol was perceived as more valuable and worthy of protection than what it represents. However, I would never personally choose to exercise my rights by disrespecting the flag in any way, because it would communicate disrespect for veterans and for the principles the flag stands for, and this is not my attitude.

***Just Watch The Trailer Early Next Week***

That will clear everything up. But to your point, was it wrong for Jim Craig to drape the flag around him after winning the gold medal in the 1980 Olympics? He's not in the military and America wildly embraced this image:


How is it any different when Mr. Craig does this? Was it disrespectful for him to that? He's a very proud American and so is Bridget (the girl in the bikini). There is absolutely no difference between the two. Case closed.

When you see the trailer next week, you'll have a very different perspective to consider. I appreciate your feedback but I'm now officially done defending the "bikini girl" (who BTW has a finance degree and is a hardcore Austrian Economics follower).

I've been a filmmaker for over 15 years now. I've busted my tail and spent a tremendous amount of money to make a massive statement about Ron Paul and the Liberty movement. I want him to win NO MATTER WHAT, regardless of how small we're told his chances may actually be. I could have spent the last two months at home with my wife and kids - but I told them that this was an absolutely necessity and that I was doing it for their future. In my gut and soul, I was absolutely right to see this through, as this is the best creative piece I've ever worked on. And finally, all the messaging comes directly from my intense 5-year journey as a member of the Daily Paul - something I am extremely grateful for and that will positively shine through in the film.

So you can obsess over the flag and choose not to share it. That's your call. But I will most certainly knock this into the stratosphere for the Liberty movement. Bet the bank on it.

I support your efforts for Ron Paul

I'm a 23 year Vietnam veteran and I don't find anything in the promo that is offensive to me. Ron Paul and all that he stands for and espouses is the future for our children and for the country. Anything less is failure and we are a people that do not fail when we work together against those that would see us fail. Can't wait for the film and wishing you the best in all your endeavors.

Thank You!

Thank you for your incredibly inspiring words!

Just wanted to say

I'm a paleoconservative, religious female and the bikini girl didn't offend me. It's a great image. It works because you chose the right girl. She looks natural. Thank you for all of your hard work for our country.

Thank You :)

It's pats on the back like this that make it all worthwhile. Burning the midnight oil here........


Thanks for the response. I respect all of your hard work and your passion for liberty. It is your right to make whatever type of movie you want. I've heard it said "I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight to the death for your right to be able to say it." (as long as it doesn't infringe on someone else). I encourage you to keep pursuing your passion. Thanks.

Ron is always talking about

Ron is always talking about ideas.

What is the underlying idea you are trying to promote?

Based on your trailer, my takeaway is simply that the director enjoys photographing attractive women and wants to use that to somehow make liberty popular. The message I get is: "If you like Ron Paul, maybe you can meet attractive women."

2nd Version

I noticed that one user suggested creating a 2nd version without the sex appeal and flag abuse. I think this is a great idea.

Quality Product

It's not that people hate bikinis... it is that there is a time and place for them... assuming for the sake of argument, that sex will sell a product (and it clearly will for some buyers), I couldn't help but notice that Dr. Paul did not use a single woman in a bikini in his ads... nor does Dyson vacuums... nor do other products that can stand on their quality alone. It seems to me, it is almost a concession that your product is not good enough to stand on its own if you have to resort to those kind of marketing strategies, or that you will take the easy route to success rather than earning peoples attention. And I think that is what sets Dr. Paul apart, everything he says and does is based on principle, rather than manipulation, and his supporters are people who value his message on its own merits. People that value the message will listen to him because of the message, not for some cheap thrill they are getting. All the other candidates offer cheap thrills. How about a little class?

I'm not saying stop working on it, but maybe you can improve it with feedback like this. Or if you want a cheap thrill, perhaps celery is the way to go (see previous MacGruber link)! Maybe you could put the bikini girl in a business suit, and we could see what she has to say? Hotness and sexiness to me is a girl with a brain.

Excuse me but...

Ummmm... A time and a place like what? Maybe a time and a place like a revolution? Maybe like the French Revolution?? http://endtimepilgrim.org/liberty.jpg

Sorry, but Lady liberty is often depicted in very little clothing, many times nude. So I still don't understand the dislike of the girl in the bikini!!

Here is an example of a U.S. 5 dollar Silver Certificate depicting lady liberty with a bare chest. http://www.philadelphiafed.org/education/teachers/publicatio...

I don't see it as a marketing ploy, I just don't think you understand the art history of this wonderful icon.

Now if your argument is that the general public will not understand that due to ignorance, I can see the validity to that argument and that's maybe why she is wearing a bikini.

The Trailer Will Clear This All Up

I appreciate your feedback but "Lady Liberty" (ie. Bridget) is not the focal point of this film, just the marketing hook to catch everyone's attention. Without a doubt, this has worked. Also, as I mentioned below, she has a finance degree and is a HUGE Ron Paul/Austrian Economics fan. So she's sexy in a lot of ways :)

But more to the point, please watch the trailer that will be released early next week. Then, the premise of the film will be revealed. I have an awful lot of confidence that it will strike a deep chord with everyone. Essentially, I've revealed about 2% of what the film is about - which was intentional - so you're jumping to conclusions right now with very little to base them on.

That being said, a healthy discussion is always good :)

Okay, back to work I go......


Loving the talent being used for liberty!

I don't think you...

bikini haters get the point, or at least the point I see in it. Lady Liberty has always been a beautiful sexy lady waving the flag of freedom. She is a metaphor for liberty the sexiest thing EVER IMAGINED, updated for our time.

At least that's what i get out of it.

Here is...

an example of lady liberty from the french revolution. It's way older then this and she has bare breasts.

Knocking the bikini is pretty silly imho.

Oh, I

forgot to post the link of the painting of lady liberty from the french revolution http://endtimepilgrim.org/liberty.jpg

Maybe that will make more sense for my argument.

How I get down voted...

for explaining a long standing metaphor I'll never know. LOL

Here is another example of lady liberty on our own currency, again she has bare breasts.


The girl in the bikini is even more "tasteful" then our own money and french revolutionary art.

I'm not telling you to like it, only that it makes complete sense.

And those thinking it is a cheep marketing ploy, you fail to understand my position and the art history of lady liberty.