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Hannity / Politico: Rand Paul Endorses Mitt Romney


Politico reports:

The endorsement came in an appearance on "Hannity," a little less than 24 hours after the elder Paul acknowledged in an email that his delegate total is "not enough to win the nomination."

Romney embraced the endorsement in a press release, calling Rand Paul a "leading voice in the effort to scale back the size and reach of government and promote liberty."

Official Press Release on Mitt Romney.com

Mitt Romney today made the following statement on receiving the endorsement of Sen. Rand Paul:

“I am honored to have earned the endorsement of Rand Paul. Senator Paul has been a leading voice in the effort to scale back the size and reach of government and promote liberty. Over the past three and half years, President Obama has made government more and more of a presence in our lives, and Americans can’t afford four more years of the same failed policies. As President, I will reform the federal government and make it smaller, simpler, and smarter. I am grateful for Senator Paul’s support and look forward to working with him to get America back on the right track.”

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I think having this post 'disappear' is the tactics of the MSM and that it should be pasted as the top article until we hear a proper excuse for the timing of this from Rand. He could have waited til after Tampa for this and kept his word. I don't like the idea that our movement would be subversive OR that Rand is a pure Judas. This movement never ever played the hand of deception and if we are starting to do that now then we should all be on the same page here and I, for one, am not following the chapters of deception if that is the part of the book we are in.

Take it it straight to em, right from the front and square between the eyes with truth and liberty.

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Don't you know

anything about strategy? Oh ye, of such little faith. Read between the lines instead of doubting wisdom.

I am surprised

that a few folks on here think they know what is going on. For the entire campaign we have taken things at face value and dealt with them directly in the face of their perpetrators. All of a sudden everything is working differently and only a few people here seem to think they have the inside scoop.

Oh by the way all, we are going to play the establishments game and beat them at it now! Ugh... maybe not? Maybe? No one really knows and I am in doubt you have any real knowledge on this.

I have to say, if this is the case then I am disappointed but could deal with it. That said, I still don't believe this is part of Ron's plan at all... I have been under the impression that we weren't going to play the game their way but 'our' way, the right way.

ONe of the reasons we are here is to bring face value to the corruptions we've been subject to. So why is it a good idea to play by rules we have diametrically opposed for years?

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Like most of us this makes me

Like most of us this makes me sick. You never ,ever, never take your hand off the throttle till you cross the finish line. Ever!


...that's why you are or are going to become a delegate, correct?

“First they Ignore you,

“First they Ignore you, than they laugh at you, than they join you, than they black you out, than they cheat at the state conventions, And then they THREATEN YOUR LIFE and or your FAMILY to stop the movement The more power they loose the more dangerous they become. We must not give up the fight no matter what MY OPINION OF RAND PAUL AND RON PAUL HAS NOT CHANGE AT ALL.


seem to deny individual liberty to Rand. He said all along that he will support a GOP nominee. You cannot even suspect him of secret deal with Romney, since Rand indicated he would support Santorum or Perry as well. Come from a cloud down to Earth.

Liberty means, you get to do whatever you want, so long as

you do not interfere with the Liberty of others to do the same. Romney is a major anti-Liberty, anti-Constitutional, pro preemptive unconstitutional war promoter, and we are calling Rand out on his hypocrisy in Public Debate, and you then claim we "seem to deny individual liberty"?

I don't mean to sound sarcastic, but I suggest you read up on the definition of Liberty. Rand is endorsing Romney, and that makes Rand complicit with the Establishment against Liberty.

You call yourself "Liberty_First" and believe debate is to deny someone their individual liberty? With love of Liberty in Mind and Heart, please "come from a cloud down to Earth." We are in the fight of our lives to save Liberty on the ground here.

We have our job, Rand has his

Exactly. Also, Rand did not make his announcement until the day after Ron Paul wrote his supporters stating that including delegates pledged to Romney, he would have over 20% of the Tampa delegates; enough to influence the convention and direction of the Party but not enough to win. Only then did Rand follow through with his earlier pledge to support the Republican nominee apparent and, I assume, after a discussion with his Father. All this gnashing of teeth and rending of clothes seems like a lack of trust in Ron Paul's judgement.

Ron did give us all instructions. Delegates are to, with respect, change the platform and redirect the Republican party as best they can. The rest of us are to help liberty candidates such as Justin Amash and help reform the Republican Party. Ron has been a Republican throughout his Congressional career and knows how the system works. Let Ron and Rand contend with that system as they personally see fit instead of trying to second guess them. The rest of us have enough work to do advancing the Constitution wherever we are.

There are probably only three other members of Congress who advance the Ron Paul liberty agenda as much as Ran Paul. it seems like a better place to direct outrage is at the other 450 some members of Congress. When they have been replaced, then it is time to go after Rand for his imperfections.

"And if you still need a leader...

...you might not be ready to be a part of the freedom movement." [Adam Kokesh]

Essential. My new favourite quote.


Keep going.

Regards from Poland.

FREEDOM goes beyond one man . . be our own personal Leaders

I'm angry at this endorsement, like a lot of us. But that quote linked by our friend from Poland (above) is absolutely correct. Ron Paul has contributed a great deal to the movement for Liberty. But, he has also stood on the shoulders of giants. Men like Thomas Jefferson and Ludwig von Mises who Ron Paul studied, and many more. Humanity's desire to be free is inherent in all of us. True freedom means no longer looking to some father figure to hold our hands. It means claiming what is already ours. . . the right to live our lives as free men and women.

Liberty is beyond the actions of a single man. The flame of Liberty will never be extinguished.

good one

keep it up Americans
Best wishes from Czech Republic

This is so disheartening...As

This is so disheartening...As I see it one l'il ole endorsement at the wrong time and place just took out both Pauls as a serious threat to the Republican Party establishment. They were duped and ill-advised to follow this course of action. They forgot why they were there.


If you still believe. Let's show positive support to Dr Ron Paul.

Ask not what your Paul can do for you, but what you can do for your country - Anon.


Does someone have one of those bags they keep in jets.

Let's Fight the Good Fight

This can make the movement STRONGER not weaker!

This is a hurdle to jump not a brick wall! DON'T GIVE UP! That's what the enemy WANTS! We have to just keep moving forward no matter what they throw at us! Jesus had his Judas. There is one (or more) in every movement but it can work against the rats if we only let it!


It would make more sense to you

if you knew the TRUE story of Judas. He never betrayed Jesus. He did what he had to do to bring about his Father's wishes.

Judas still loved Jesus, and Jesus loved him to his own end.

Unfortunately Judas, along with a couple other disciples, were a bit short on bravery and would, in fear or despair, roll over for the 'Elite Masters' when cornered by them.

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what to do.

I am behind Ron Paul through the convention. if the worst happens i'll vote for gary johnson. Ron Paul will always be my first choice. He showed me Von Mises. I don't care what rand does this is about LIBERTY.

Weak minded always need a scapegoat

to unleashed their anxiety upon.

If we had the numbers, we would smile at Rand or Benton. Since deep down we know we don't have the numbers, we panic. This difficult situation gives us a good glance into fecal nature of many so-called Ron Paul supporters who woke up just few years ago to join Ron Paul, but somehow assume now they themselves know how the things work.

Well spoken......Jesse

Or should I call you Grima Wormtongue! Traitor!


Marxists also used name calling and often killed each other for purity of their dogma. The power of collective thumb down should replace free exchange of ideas.

Whatever, dude.

Rand Paul will get to test whether he is indded the Man of Consequence he apparently believes himself to be.

Rand Paul betrayed my expectations. No matter. Will continue the effort regardless and watch for Rand at next election. Got to get both he and that bastard Romney to quit sending me stupid mail now. I had no idea why Mittens was soliciting me, now I wonder.

Where have you been?

Rand Paul said he will support a GOP nominee long time ago, be it Perry, Bachmann or Santorum. Why are we so dumb not to believe him?

If we did not curse Rand then, why to squeal now?


Just maybe it's because the voting hasn't even been done. Or where have you been? The nominee hasn't even been selected or voted on yet. I don't curse Rand Paul. But this endorsement didn't add one vote to Romney. Not from people who love liberty anyway. Yet he talks like we should find common ground. Like we should try and find some way to agree with Romney on things like, "A family of five kids".

I appreciate your attempt to guide the narrative, and I also agree that Rand has the right to choose as he sees fit. I also have that right. And I am exercising it. I am choosing to "Squeal" now, because I now have to go back to my numerous friends and family on facebook, and in real life and on other forums, who have not had their eyes opened yet to the message of Liberty and having to fight from a position of weakness. This message isn't about Rand. Or even about Ron. This message needs to be spread and it's tough to do when the person that is supposed to be pioneering it, can't even get support from his own son.

Just this morning I got an email from an aunt of mine who is a staunch Republican and would, "vote for my dog if he was running as a Republican against Obama". She is now mockingly asking me, "I thought you said that the movement you were in was about voting for your ideals and principles. Rand is following like a proper Republican should. Why don't you? We have to beat Obama..." Yada. Yada, Yada.

My debate with her and everyone else who likes to ask why we as the liberty movement won't fall in line behind everyone else quietly so we "beat Obama", has always been that we should vote our conscience. I still plan to do that. I'm wondering why Rand has chosen not to. Or if he is in fact voting his conscience. And if he is, then he has shown that his conscience is not in line with limited government, a humble foreign policy and an honest dollar. And those are the least of our concerns.

I don't want or have to debate you with any of this. Please don't act like everyone else is being unreasonable. Rand, whether he meant to or not, just made it twice as hard for me to convince anyone that Ron Paul and his message should be taken seriously.

Conspiracy Theories

Been a long time lurker, but I felt compelled to register today and make this post.

Can we please put a stop to all this talk about assassination/kidnap threats on Dr. Paul and/or his family?

There is absolutely no evidence of this and it makes us look silly to outsiders.


Let us find solace in the fact that even though rand paul is no longer with us, many of our supporters have reaffirmed their loyalty to ron paul and to freedom!

What is in the mind of Ron Paul now?

Its time for Ron Paul to speak up. Everyone feels betrayed and the wind has been knocked out of many by reading these comments. Ron Paul needs to address this situation and quick to keep up the confidence of this army. He admits he does not have enough delegates to pull off a win and now Rand Romney I mean Rand Paul endorses Mittens.
It's time for the revolution commander step up and take charge before this revolution becomes a diss allusion.

Ron Paul needs to end the conspicuous silence.

RP's silence just makes me think that this entire campaign of his has been some sort of subterfuge.

A lot of people have gone to significant effort, participated in "money bombs," got their friends and family members to put up signs, and to have this presence for a person and his family that it turns out that we don't really know as much about as we thought.

If Ron Paul is a wolf in sheep's clothing, a shill for Romney (who in my mind is a truly despicable human being that I would not buy a car from, let alone elect to public office), that is certainly something to consider.

So what is it Dr. Paul?

I saw young men take off service ribbons and give those to Doctor Paul. What does he have to say about this?

We have our orders

Ron Paul told us to keep going. We have people we injected into the party. They need our support. We need to keep going.

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!