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Open Thread: Where does the Daily Paul go from here? (I'm going to China)

I know this sounds funny, but I am literally packing my bags right now for China. It is not what you think. My wife, who is a neuroscientist, is presenting a paper at the Human Brain Mapping conference in Beijing. I'm just going along for the ride ;)

I was hoping to be able to slip out the back door and take a little break from the DP for the next 10 days or so, and let the moderators run the show.

But in light of the recent news - Ron Paul's email, and now Rand endorsing Romney - I realize it is incredibly unfair to the moderators, who do such wonderful work with such a thankless task. So expect a little chaos on the site over the next couple of days. The front page might not get updated as much. A lively and spirited debate is likely to ensue. But a little chaos is good, every once in a while.

But this brings up a point I've been thinking quite a bit about and would like your feedback on: The future of the Daily Paul. The Liberty movement is big and sprawling, and the only thing holding this faction together is Ron Paul. And now we are seeing it start to blow apart. People are canceling their subscriptions in droves. Traffic on the site peaked back in January. Ron Paul is retiring from Congress next year.

Does it make sense to go on with a site called the Daily Paul? What began as a search for truth has led us here. I'm not much interested in leading the masses into the Republican party. The Campaign for Liberty and YAL are professional political organizations that will no doubt carry on in that role. I understand that is the path for some, and I respect that. It is not the path for me, and I hope those who disagree will be gracious enough to respect that as well. This site will not become the Daily Rand.

But what will become of this awesome community? Is this the end? What direction should the community take from here?

All of your thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

I likely won't be back online for at least 24 - 36 hours. The flight to Beijing alone is 12 hours! I'll take some pictures and share them with you, somewhere, online. (Maybe here.)

Hold down the fort, be kind, patient and understanding with the moderators. It is really unfair to them for me to leave right in the middle of this. (Sorry guys!)

And if you can afford it, please make a donation to the site which will go to the unsung heroes behind the scenes here who make this site possible and keep this community together. We're good through the convention, thanks to the last moneybomb. Beyond that, we'll have to see. It would be nice to keep the site going through December 21, 2012, when we all check out anyway. ;-)

Thank you everyone for a wonderful ride. Remember that tolerance is the substrate of liberty, and freedom begins with you, It begins in your mind. (I've learned a few things from my neuroscientist wife.) If you are consumed with hatred, fear, anger or spite, you are not close to being free.

And while it sounds like a cliche, they're only cliches because they are true: Love is the answer. Find love in your heart and you will lack for nothing. It is the most powerful force in the Universe.

Onward, friends, with the LOVEOLUTION!

In Love,

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The R3volution lives on!

Since the whole r3volution arose out of Ron Paul's views on important issues, I think the site should continue to be dedicated to him and his policy stances: End the Fed, sanctity of life, opposition to pre-emptive and non-defensive war, anti-police state, protecting freedom and privacy, Austrian economics, etc.

Thank you Michael, for founding this site and keeping it up and active, and for allowing us to have input in where to go next.

Phasing Ron Paul out of this

is NOT the way to go (with the changing of the site logo and the fading of his picture to the right.) Please keep the it the way it is right now!

Formerly Tebowtime195
My blog:
NEWEST BLOG POST: 'The Daily Paul is Inspired by Ron Paul (September 10th, 2012)' - My thoughts on the whole deal with the 'Inspired by Ron Paul' picture being removed from the Daily Pa

delete the whole forum

or delete the whole site. so tired of still seeing the Rand bashing!


I love the DailyPaul and there has been some discussion of what should happen to it after Tampa. Of course it should stick around, but without a presidential race, it's not going to be the same kind of "hub" as it has been. We need to think of a reason "why" people would want to come here since Ron Paul, sadly, won't be around forever.

This rEVOLution was never about Dr. Paul, but about us. So to keep DP not just going, but growing, we have to make this site about many different people. took a step in that direction. They list the different candidates in different states who are running for office. DailyPaul sorely needs a section dedicated to liberty candidates. A place where they can list all their information for people to investigate for themselves.

DP should take a page from Ron Paul meetup sites as well. Because they're good at informing people of what's going on in their area and how they can contribute.

So my suggestion is to combine the ideas from both libertycandidates and Ron Paul meetup pages. Create a section dedicated to liberty candidates and on each candidates page, give a DP user the option to receive updates on this candidate. I would personally love an option to look at the liberty candidates in my area and check a little box that sends me an email and/or a text message reminding me to "Remember to vote Jon Doe this Saturday the 16th between 7am and 7pm" right on saturday. Or on the day before, or both, or any date the user chooses to be reminded.

It would also be a great idea to have emails and/or text messages sent out (optional of course. always optional) informing someone of a new liberty candidate in their state. "Jane Doe just became a liberty candidate in IL." Something like that could be sent out every day/week/month, etc., whatever setting a DP user chooses.

Currently, Libertycandidates doesn't have anyone running for precinct committeeman as I can tell. That's a political position that would thrive if given the opportunity. Learn how to become a PCM and then put your profile on the DP. People are notified that you're there to check out if they like you and should get text messages/emails reminding them of when to vote for you.

If people can come to DP not only to converse, but to do ACTUAL WORK in promoting liberty candidates then the DP is more than just a hangout site to talk about the good doctor. It's a place to really get stuff done. To WALK and not just TALK. Real action.

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Updated List Of Liberty Candidates

Something like this is a start/good template. Even if it just starts as a list like this where an email/text message check box can be integrated to alert a member who and when they need to vote

Who: John Doe
What: IL House Rep Dist 99
When: Tuesday 11/6/2012 7a-7p
Where: find your nearest voting location at"

I think that would be good as both an email and text message.

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It may have started with Ron Paul

It may have started with Ron Paul. As a place to promote his canidacy and inform of the latest news from the campaign trail, but it has evolved into something much bigger now. Keep it up, keep the name, keep the message...Liberty!

Our ignorance and apathy is what greases the wheels of the machine...

Mr. Nystrom

I do not believe such concern is needed over people leaving this site. I'm looking at the trend on Alexa,, and it seems as if the overall trend is quite healthy. Liberty is not going away and we all come here as a place to connect and share ideas. The action on this site seems to be just as strong as ever. Of course it peaked in January when there was a political frenzy but the overall trend is up; we are climbing the mountain, and I still can't see the top.

God bless you, Mr. Nystrom.
Know your stuff, learn real history and economics

I missed this page

Could you incorporate some of the ideas located here:

I was tilting on the idea of a new initiative. One where working people who have little time out of their day could go to 1 area for all their liberty activism information/instructions. (more activism than discussion based website)

a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat

I do so hope

the Daily Paul will remain. I am willing to continue to pay my Premium Membership fee to have this forum here for the Liberty Movement. We will need a place to continue to communicate and move the message forward and stay updated on various candidates etc.

I say keep the name

and site up.

Or else sell it to benton for 100k.

It's a brilliant site. Try for 200k

DailyPaul is not a cult of personality

Ron Paul's Presidential campaign is over, and Rand Paul isn't running for anything this year. Ron always emphasized that our movement is not about him personally but is about ideas that we share with him. We don't follow him. He follows principles that we also follow, and he speaks for us. He doesn't even speak well by some standards. He's not charismatic or polished. He's only thoughtful and principled, and most of his competitors in the political arena are not. If he were a better politician, I wouldn't love him so much.

Gary Johnson is the only horse left in the race remotely espousing our ideals, and from what I can tell, he's a worthy candidate. He endorsed Ron Paul in '08 and again earlier this year when he dropped out of the Republican race. He doesn't move me in quite the same way, but he does have an impressive record. I wish Paul had his place on the ballot, but he doesn't, and he apparently doesn't want it.

I'm supporting Johnson now. I hope the rest of the movement also rallies around him rather than acquiescing to Romney or dropping out altogether. We still have a candidate, and he really is a good one. Find out for yourself. I wish Ron Paul could endorse him, but I don't expect even Ron to place political purity above his son's future prospects. I wouldn't either. Family trumps everything.

Life is complicated sometimes, but Rand Paul is not my son, and Romney certainly is not my candidate, so for what it's worth, I think Michael should gear the site toward supporting Gary Johnson without changing the name.

Please do something with this site

Us real Paul supporters are sick of the childish, naive, and ignorant posts around here. Many of the people that post are now saying screw the Pauls and supporting Gary Johnson.

Then there are those that trash everyone EXCEPT Ron Paul. First it was Jesse Benton, then Rand, then Jack Hunter.
By the way, Rand said all along he would give support for whoever the Republican nominee was.

Please don't change the name, but do whatever you gotta do where there are limited posters or people have to sign some kind of agreement. Start over if you have to. Sick of this Gary Johnson crap and Paul and Paul campaign trashing.

We need new candidates to

We need new candidates to stand up.. and they are out there. We need this site and our own media to be able to identify them and communicate with other supporters.

Daily Paul

I urge you to keep the Daily Paul name. Not only to honor RP, but also because he'll still be around. I hope and expect that he will continue to write and speak after he retires from Congress. I hope his "Texas Straight Talk" will become a syndicated column that could be carried here, on other websites, and in many newspapers.

The Daily Paul should continue to carry both news and discussion, but I agree that it shouldn't focus on the Republican Party alone. Especially on foreign policy and the Bill of Rights, there's need for more focus on the Democrats--both the good guys and the very bad guys who used to be good. There's also need for talk about the deep cultural and economic forces that push us into one war after another.

Many thanks, Michael, for the great work you have done for all of us and for our country!

Mary Meehan

Mr. Nystrom I hope you can

Mr. Nystrom
I hope you can find a way to keep this site open no matter what happens in Tampa. If Ron Paul does not become the nominee and you shut this site down I fear that the liberty movement could fade away. I think you have done more for the libery movement than anyone else other than Dr. Paul.Your decision could determine whether or not our movement succeeds or fails! Should you decide to continue running this site you will be remembered for your role in the revolution after we win much like Thomas Paine is still credited with his role in the original revolution. In the future we may be supporting candidates that are not named Paul but there is no need to change the name of the site. Ron Paul started this movement so it is fitting that his name remains.

This is where I get most of

This is where I get most of my news each day. It truly is a "Daily" for me, and has been since 2007/8. I would not know what to do without it...please don't change.

Isn't this premature?

The Convention hasn't even happened and your discussing what the Daily Paul should become? Really?

Whether you like it or not, you have played and are playing an integral part in these historical course of events. The DP is where most Paul & Liberty supporters come for information. The media come here and so do the Pauls and SO DO THE DELEGATES. You have a responsibility, perhaps one you weren't prepared for, to keep this site running for Ron Paul, the delegates and the Liberty movement. We all have a role to play, and Michael, this is yours.

With that said, you own this site and left it to chaos - just as you predicted. Why? For spirited discourse? Look what's happened! No moderating taking place and the intel pro trolls have almost destroyed your creation. Please, clean up this site! Get rid of the trolls and redundant trolling posts! This movement needs this site and needs you to stick with it.

Keep it the DailyPaul

Maybe Ron will still chime in ... Maybe now he will be able to truly speak his heart. Maybe Rand will repent ... [thats just the christian in me saying that] ... after the last cycle we kept busy solving the worlds problems ... Why change now ... I don't post so often anymore buy lurk several times a day ... BTW I go to Federal Court tomorrow to tell the Judge how much the cops need to pay me to buy my silence.

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

the stranger's picture

sometimes bad is bad

Micheal asks, “Does it make sense to go on with a site called the Daily Paul?” and people respond with ideas for new site names. He didn't ask for new site names. I think there is a grand misunderstanding at play.

We have a financial system that hits the event horizon this year, it actually went terminal during the last days of Bush, and we're going to work toward 2016 election cycle? Constitutional rights are effectively gone, right now, and we're going to work on the 2016 election cycle? We're going to fix the Republican party, to counter the evil Democratic party, and set things right? That's the plan? That was not the point of this web site, the Daily Paul, as I remember it. If it was, then I'm sure it will continue.

Sometimes you just have to stand back observe the insanity of it all. A sprawling omnipotent empire replaces a constitutional republic and what is the plan to fix that? We're going to vote. We got voting fraud and we're going to fix that how? By voting! The friendly skies are deadly now and we're going to stop that how? By sending faxes and emails? Signing petitions? Posting comments... It's not just delusional, it's also a misallocation of resources.

I've compared Paul's presidential run, with its resultant manifestation of liberty and constitutional awareness, to a potential lightning rod. A lightning rod for the intense high voltage energy created by a powerful gathering who's time had come. One fear was that as long as the energy was directed through the system, literally working within the system, then that (relatively slow moving) energy could be 'safely' shunted to ground. The analogy may be dead wrong, it could be something far worse.

Lightning Rod.

+1. you mentioned the direction of energy. it would have beneficial effects if this lightning hits the Debt-Clock, to burn it, or fuse-out, erase the numbers that move magically, wipe-out the debt = Freedom.
As long as the Debt-Clock is ticking & increasing numbers then it means the burden of debt gets heavier /yoke of slavery more tiring.
Debt = Slavery. Mort-Gage = Death. U$sury = Cord to tie-down forever.
Lightning rod must cut the cord of usury, that will ensure Freedom.

WAHOR! DP Liberty forum!

I just ran into this old post and felt a tingle!
Maybe it's a sign that involves a DP name change

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

Thank you so much for this site

Michael, your work is essential to the Liberty-Loving community, and I want to thank you. You're a hero of the R3volution!!!

Your site epitomizes and inspires the R3VOLution community that owes its beginning to Dr.Paul's message and to his steadfast courage, character and intelligence.

This has consistently been the one and only place to easily find current news and videos of the R3volution during the MSM blackout and the official campaign's non-interactive (somewhat limited and rather stale) site.

We have just begun this fight for freedom and most of us are still learning and pursuing the ideas we have to incorporate in order to win the war. This forum will be crucial in the coming days, months and years. The excitement and love of liberty here is tangible. It is only here we find the necessary information, encouragement, support, and thought-provoking discussions to keep the love of liberty alive and to make it possible for us to work to legalize the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I'll become a paying member as soon as I can. (I did make a small donation to your site after Super Tuesday.) It seemed right to put most of my resources into backing Dr. Paul, so I'm tapped out right now. I imagine there are many other liberty lovers in similar circumstances. There is still so much work to be done and I hope you will be able to keep this community of talented, intelligent, caring people together.

How about.....

Daily Revolution.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty." - Thomas Jefferson
"Annoyance is step one of thinking"
"We're all in the same boat, it doesn't matter if you like me"

The best name ever!

Great idea John Ashman!
Michael, we are not going to let you go away!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

Like it.


tamtamfreedom's picture

I like it too...

We still need this site to stay up so we can have a central place to discuss the liberty movement and new candidates and when the SHTF if they don't kill the internet it will really be of extreme importance for connecting with liberty folks. Plus, I, like many here, come to this site daily for information that I don't find anywhere else, I've given up on most all news sites because they are just complete propoganda 24-7. We come here for the truth! Hey how about we change the format to the DAILY TRUTH! to counter all the lies that will be told when Obamney is president. Please Michael, this site is truly one of a kind and so very important to the grass roots movement. You have been awesome and I'm still with ya.


and change the format slightly so that there are guest contributors from all aspects of the rEVOLution. Dr. Paul, Naomi Wolfe, Chuck Baldwin, and more.

It would remain as a information and action clearinghouse.


Now that you have crashed and burned

Which was kind of inevitable for a number of reasons.
1. You are true believers, unable or unwilling to give any value to ideas that come from "outside"

2. You do not understand the nature of humans. Humans are groupish not solitary individuals living only for themselves and their friends. As Sun Tzu would say, if you do not understand the nature of the problem/enemy and yourself then you are doomed to defeat.

3. Enter the two words orwells boot into any search engine. The first article or two that comes up, under the name factotum666, or will be mine. Follow the link at the top to xfool... and when you click there click on the Human TOE off to the right. But only do that if you have a long attention span, as it is 32K words, unlike the article of orwells boot. By the way, that article pretty much explains why this effort failed. In detail. The second one offers some possible paths to success.

4. I attempted to give the campaign a club with which to beat Romney. It was rejected. Oh well. Here is the club Not only does it offer a free market solution to the housing/foreclosure problem, but it also offers a way to subvert the fed and re-establish a commodity and community based banking system.


For a guy who preaches "commonality" starting off with an insult probably not the best move.

Daily Paul is the most Kickass name. Don't ever change it ..

.. no matter what.

Other than that?:

Let the people unsubscribe if they want. The more that opt out, the more we will get to know the people are left over.

After a while, the people that stick around and continue reading and contributing voluntarily will be better qualified and in better position to come up with a 'plan' (if that is even something good or not).

Let the herd thin out on it's own, I say. Don't sweat it. We'll pitch in some money here and there.

I agree with this

All the new trolls will go away - the rest of us who remain can help to guide the site.

the stranger's picture

an accessory to the crime

“I'm not going to be an accessory to the crime...

“I won't associate with the lessor of two evils, and that's what this is...

“This is the reason we need a new third party...

“on the political end there's a huge vacuum, and it's waiting to be filled, and now Ron Paul has vacated it. There is no freedom party anymore, there's no constitutional party anymore, it's gone” Gerald Celente

Keep the name

and let the site go where it wants to go.

Add Simile, Noah's Ark, = To The Blessed Mount.

riding Noah's Ark, & sailing with the tide, to rest on the blessed mount.

Add = on top of DP's page there is a frame with "Peace Gold Liberty", here you could add Hope, stretch the frame one inch and insert a silver coin (with a dove holding an olive branch in the beak, flying over the Ark). I saw this coin after google search.

Any news or updates from Nystrom?

Just curious if he got there safe and all is well?

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Keep the Name.

Keep the name. The movement could (already happening) devolve into anything once Ron Paul's name is taken away from it. It used to be the Ron Paul Revolution. Now it is "the liberty movement." Just doesn't have the same feeling, does it. It also lacks the fortitude, and the non-compromising mindset.

This is the same thing that happens to any movement once it becomes interested in growing. It compromises to allow more people in. Look at Christianity, for example. It has become meaningless to become a Christian in this country. If you're born here, you're a Christian.

Taking his name out of it, to me, makes of it a different thing. I'm not interested.

John F

YES - Keep the Daily Paul !!!

This is freedom central for our movement. There are other great sites, but this is paul (small P) supporter CENTRAL. Loss of this site would do more to fracture the movement than Rand's endorsement of Romney!

Long live the DP!

the stranger's picture


Below is a four paragraph excerpt from this morning's “Early June Issue”  ©2012 - The Privateer (reproduced with permission)


The US establishment is happy in their work. We know this because President Obama called Mitt Romney personally on May 30 to congratulate him on winning the Republican nomination. On May 29, Mr Romney had won the Texas primary vote, thereby gaining on paper the required 1440 delegates for nomination. Mr Obama's campaign spokesman told the eager mainstream press that Mr Obama had told Mr Romney that: "He looked forward to an important and healthy debate about America's future."

There are many inside and outside the US who have been looking forward to an important and healthy debate about America's future for a long time. Sadly, they all know that this is NOT going to happen in a contest between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney for the presidency. So does the US establishment and both the major political parties. The only "loose cannon" in their political roadmap was Ron Paul. On June 6, Dr Paul personally acknowledged that he will not be the Republican nominee.

Dr Paul has never made any secret of his goal, which was not so much to gain the Republican nomination but to: "Grow our movement and shape the future of the GOP" (Grand Old Party - aka Republican party). He talks about hundreds of his supporters who will be at the Tampa Republican convention: "...ready and willing to push the Republican Party back to its limited government, liberty roots". The problem here is that the Republican Party is one of the entrenched political fronts (the other is the Democratic Party) of the US establishment. To push ANY establishment party towards liberty is impossible without pushing the political and financial establishment off their perch as those who hold POWER in the US.

That takes more than a political "movement", it takes a political REVOLUTION. Revolutions do not have to be violent but they are not spawned from WITHIN the establishment they are trying to overthrow. The best faint hope for the Republican party is that Mr Romney goes down to defeat at the hands of Mr Obama in November. That would at least highlight the folly of continuing to avoid a debate on political principles in favour of a popularity contest as to which candidate is the most politically presentable.

Keep The Name

Breitbart is gone but it is still
If anything ever happened to Arianna it would still be called the huffington post. Keep the name Daily Paul

The Daily Paul is and will continue to be synonymous with the message of truth and liberty. That being said theres no reason why it can't evolve. I had the idea of something like a youtube but for liberty patriots to become the media. "Truth Tube"

Just my pennys worth

Blessed are the peacemakers

Keep the name.

When I hear Ron Paul I think principles not just the man. He inspired your dedication to doing this and I don't see why the name should change. This site has been instrumental in helping me to gain further insite and the links and information I have gathered from those on here has educated me more so than might otherwise have happened. Keep up the good work and thank you.


Thanks for starting the DP. This has been my hub to sanity and honesty for just about 5 years. Ive made the front page twice and felt like a rock star for a day both times! :)

I would never change the name. Ron Paul should be honored in that small way. That being said, I come here for more than Ron Paul. DP covers all the things that I hold dear to my heart. News on violations and usurpation of our rights, news about war and economics. This community is awesome. Smart, driven.. principled. When I posted that I was robbed I got an email from a member offering to send me a few bucks. (I declined, but how awesome is that?!)

I love the DP. This is my first stop everyday. Whatever you ultimately decide, I hope the DP lives on for many years. I honestly dont know where I would go if the DP shutters. I was on RPF until after the last campaign. It got so full of conspiracy nutso's that I started coming here more often. There are still conspiracy people, but its not as bad.

Thanks again Mr. Nystrom. I hope you enjoy your trip. It is certainly well deserved!!

In Liberty,

P. Nicholson

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

I understand your sentiments--

DP is the best discussion board I have ever visited--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Goals for Daily Paul

Become an example of freeware, opensource, transparency in the way the Campaign for Liberty can never be... become a grant agency for liberty activists and politicians.
Go International and go local. There needs to be a DailyPaulChicago. DailyPaulNewYork etc,.

I hope it stays the same

While I will respect any decision that is made (now that it has been clarified that it will not be called the Daily Rand:), I truly hope that the DP just stays the DP. I love this place. I mean, where else will you find information on Dr. Paul, liberty AND information on growing animal fodder?! It's like a one stop shop for me. I can click on this site and spend hours learning so much. While all great things do come to an end, I'm just not ready for this to end, I'm not done learning here. I would love for the Daily Paul to continue, just as it is. It's a great site!

I never understood

why Ron Paul does not use this site as his media. If MSM does not like him, why does not he go where he is liked. In this way, he would give a boost to Daily Paul which is a good media, and we might get a snowball effect, a positive one. It is called a positive feedback in control theory By using the positive feedback, we might move the system to another stable point - a good one.

Isn't it what the free market is about? If someone does not work properly like MSM, go to the competition?

Why Michael does not try to reach Ron Paul, get some honest answers from him for a start about the campaign, and where things went wrong if he knows (and can tell without risking his life), and discuss possible collaboration in future? Ron Paul said he wanted to spread his ideas, why would not he spread them on Daily Paul? We could have discussions with him here. We understand him much better than his son Rand :) Actually, where else could he go (if he does not become a president)?

"Where does the Daily Paul go

"Where does the Daily Paul go from here?"

How about getting rid of trolls ? You let 3 or 5 losers to destroy this site, 90% of the negative threads and comments are written by some losers who are DP members for only 4-5 months.

DailyPaul was a very good place to read interesting news and comments, now a bunch of losers are making a joke out of this site.

Your moderatoras are incompetents, lazy or both, WTF are they moderating anyway? When you see a 17 weeks member member bashing Ron Paul everyday at 4:00 am, with all his threads having negative don't need to be a rocket scientist to understand that loser is here only to make troubles.

The Daily SHTF or The Daily EOTWAWKI

Perhaps a survivalist networking tool prior to when TSHTF or TEOTWAWKI? Politics is just distraction masquerading as relevance. Why not do something tangible instead of bitching and moaning over emotional illusions?

I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: "O Lord make my enemies ridiculous." And God granted it.

How about DailyLiberty?

Ron Paul may turn out to be playing a part and this is something that all of us must consider if we are truly smart freethinkers and not idol worshipers. I have serious questions that need to be answered.

1)I believe the voting process is rigged, so how did RP even win his district each time?

2)Why was RP ever allowed to debate?

3)Why did RP repond to Wolf Blitzer in an interview that he might support the nominee if they changed some of their views? He was still in the race at the time and did he really believe that these establishment neocons would keep their word?

4)How come the campaign never challenged the election fraud that was obvious in some places? It makes no sense at all. People on this site kept saying that it would make us look like sore losers. That was a bull@#$# excuse. Look at where we are now!

5)If Ron Paul and his family have been threatened, why not shout it to the world? You think that any person with sense who is trying to ruin the money making interests of the elite would assume that threats and every other type of sinister actions would be taken to stop them. Why choose to take on the fed so strongly and not expect to be JFK'd?

6)Did anyone think that insider former Bush advisors like Doug Wead were trustworthy and pure all of a sudden? Not me!

7)Why Ron didn't you push the fact that you had by far the most donations from active duty military members?

I'd like to believe that Ron Paul is genuine because I've always thought that he is. His problem may be that he is too humble, too trusting, and maybe even a little bit naive. My fear is that he will fade away just like Ross Perot because of the threats and his sonny boy Rand will fall in lock step with the establishment to protect his own neck.

In my opinion Michael doesn't

In my opinion Michael doesn't give a f*** about this site anymore, to much work for too little money and fame..."the number of subscribers is down", "I would close it down in December"...pretty much tells you what's in his mind.

I think he cares ALLOT

But I also think he has been hurt recently, and he's not telling us directly, how or why he has been hurt. I think it's a hurt that is so deep, if many of us knew how badly he was hurt, we would abandon ship, but not him. After all, Nystrom is more like us than any of us are like Ron Paul. I think Nystrom got a taste of what it is to be a Paul. So, like Ron Paul, he keeps it to himself and those closest to him.