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Open Thread: Where does the Daily Paul go from here? (I'm going to China)

I know this sounds funny, but I am literally packing my bags right now for China. It is not what you think. My wife, who is a neuroscientist, is presenting a paper at the Human Brain Mapping conference in Beijing. I'm just going along for the ride ;)

I was hoping to be able to slip out the back door and take a little break from the DP for the next 10 days or so, and let the moderators run the show.

But in light of the recent news - Ron Paul's email, and now Rand endorsing Romney - I realize it is incredibly unfair to the moderators, who do such wonderful work with such a thankless task. So expect a little chaos on the site over the next couple of days. The front page might not get updated as much. A lively and spirited debate is likely to ensue. But a little chaos is good, every once in a while.

But this brings up a point I've been thinking quite a bit about and would like your feedback on: The future of the Daily Paul. The Liberty movement is big and sprawling, and the only thing holding this faction together is Ron Paul. And now we are seeing it start to blow apart. People are canceling their subscriptions in droves. Traffic on the site peaked back in January. Ron Paul is retiring from Congress next year.

Does it make sense to go on with a site called the Daily Paul? What began as a search for truth has led us here. I'm not much interested in leading the masses into the Republican party. The Campaign for Liberty and YAL are professional political organizations that will no doubt carry on in that role. I understand that is the path for some, and I respect that. It is not the path for me, and I hope those who disagree will be gracious enough to respect that as well. This site will not become the Daily Rand.

But what will become of this awesome community? Is this the end? What direction should the community take from here?

All of your thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

I likely won't be back online for at least 24 - 36 hours. The flight to Beijing alone is 12 hours! I'll take some pictures and share them with you, somewhere, online. (Maybe here.)

Hold down the fort, be kind, patient and understanding with the moderators. It is really unfair to them for me to leave right in the middle of this. (Sorry guys!)

And if you can afford it, please make a donation to the site which will go to the unsung heroes behind the scenes here who make this site possible and keep this community together. We're good through the convention, thanks to the last moneybomb. Beyond that, we'll have to see. It would be nice to keep the site going through December 21, 2012, when we all check out anyway. ;-)

Thank you everyone for a wonderful ride. Remember that tolerance is the substrate of liberty, and freedom begins with you, It begins in your mind. (I've learned a few things from my neuroscientist wife.) If you are consumed with hatred, fear, anger or spite, you are not close to being free.

And while it sounds like a cliche, they're only cliches because they are true: Love is the answer. Find love in your heart and you will lack for nothing. It is the most powerful force in the Universe.

Onward, friends, with the LOVEOLUTION!

In Love,

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I agree

with this statement. We need a good news site with a liberty spin. I think this should be the direction of the site.

Well with

some of the comments on here about Gary Johnson. Perhaps a name fitting should be the New repubLIBcan.... ;)

Long Live

the DailyPaul!

Mr Nystrom, I just wanna give

Mr Nystrom, I just wanna give you props for putting up with what sometimes degenerates into profanity filled venting of vehement anger on this site, MYSELF being a big culprit.

You are a fine gentleman and I appreciate your patience with those of us who can't help ourselves sometimes (like following Rand's endorsement, for instance)

Have a safe and fun trip, and let us know what your impressions of China are. I'm sure a lot of us are curious, myself included.

reedr3v's picture

I read through the many comments in this

thread and am pleased to see the community as inspired and positive and determined as ever, despite recent earthshakes obliterating the near-term clarity of our paths. I'm thrilled to see so many rising from the rubble and striding purposefully forward. I knew our movement has great strength, and it will overcome the obstacles.

I hope you, Michael, will give this community a chance to continue our support of your loving Liberty vision, with your gentle, reliable, clear-sighted, evolving guidance.

When I look at the burgeoning array of libertarian websites, the energy and diversity is amazing and very encouraging. To answer to your question, I asked what is unique here at the DP? I think it is the seasoned community you brought together with its lively, user-friendly attitude and up-to-the-minute open forum of news and ideas.

Ron Paul Forums is good also, but I never found its forum nearly so inviting. Freedoms Phoenix is dynamic, but harder to navigate and it's not a 24-hour forum. Most sites have a particular niche in the gamut of libertarian opinion. Despite the focus on Ron Paul, Michael has always allowed constructive divergence of opinion, and a wide spectrum of interests to add spontaneity and richness to the site.

I see the DP as becoming more international perhaps. We have many members from the global community, and there may be something of an increasing diaspora. One website, libertarian-international.org, and its wonderful sister site, libertarian smile, do feature international libertarian news. But they offer less member-generated, sparser content than the DP.

As RP's campaign reaches the conclusion, win or lose, people are looking intently for a maturation of the Liberty movement. No longer in its infancy, no longer merely a collection of abstract ideals, no longer enclosed in a particular political effort, many are seeking the translation of Liberty into their daily lives, as Michael expressed in one of his own comments.

The community here is tested, faithful, savvy, loving (for the most part,) and hard working. We will prosper best if this site can morph into an ever more supportive network of responsible, creative, NAP supporting individuals that take our virtual friendships into real-life community networks that ripple outward carrying the Liberty message far and wide.

Finally: the name Paul is soon to be rather confused with Rand on the national political scene. I'd like to see a name that reflects the principles that most inspire us and Ron Paul too. For me that the Nonaggression Principle which is most inclusive of diverse peaceable people and offers the clearest statement for educating those who haven't awakened yet. Daily NAP doesn't quite do the job. Daily ZAP (zero aggression principle) may not appeal to all. Whatever, its the site input and spirit that's important.

Love you all, and deep appreciation to Michael.

Sorry to go on at length, but I wanted to give Mike's request serious attention.

This is what they want us to do

This is exactly what they want us to do....give up so that there are no obstacles in their path. After all this time, all the work so many have done, FINALLY THEY ARE AFRAID OF US! Michael, if your funding is cut off and you can't continue, I understand. You have given so much to get us to this point BUT this just happened today and I think we all need to take a breath and regroup. IF the RP delegates continue their battle to Tampa then THIS SITE will be very important! We have to follow through with the convention to prove that they can no longer bully, scare or intimidate us. Do we give them what they want and destroy our children's future? Are we that tired and weak? I don't think so...I think we are deflating somewhat which is their plan. We are a very formidable group and the ONLY thing that will stop them.

I would love to ask everyone to NOT LET RAND'S TREASONIST ACTION STOP US! We have nothing to lose by completing the task before us. I think that the Louisiana Convention did it for me. To watch what the GOP thugs and their private police did to those elderly patriots and then the Ron Paul supporters continued on without taking a breath and won! I was so freakin proud of ALL of them! This was a total crime against all that America represents...to try to stop our elective process with physical force and they remain free to do it again!

I'm speaking for myself but I am stronger in my positions now than I ever was before...Every fiber in my body screams for the end of this tyranny and the beginning of our Liberty. I will give more in donations if you need it to compensate for those leaving because I know we desperately need this site to help the patriots that are going to keep fighting until the end. Divide and Conquer....that is the battle we face right now and I won't let them win. This is no longer about Ron Paul as it was before, this is about showing the PTB we will continue to stand together until our last breath. The people ended the Vietnam War, the people have the ability to end these wars...we ONLY have to stand together! We can now focus our funds on your site, getting the delegates that need financial help to Tampa and anything else in the name of Liberty.

Anyone want to join me?

IF anything

"The r3VOLution Page" or something to that effect.

I think we can transition into a state by state growth page. By that I mean that so many of us will have battles and have stories to learn from. Local and national accomplishments, goals, issues that will come up. We will also have candidates to support, like Justin Amash.

I think a central hub to get out information on all sorts of issues that come up is also essential to keeping us together and to grow in a different direction so as to attract new people and the ones who recently saw no need to be here anymore.

Create new forums, topics and state by state forums as well, the important ones can be highlighted as currently done.

ALL in the name of Freedom and the principles that brought us together through Dr. Paul and now in each of us.

"No army can stop an idea whose time has come"

You can definitely find

Somebody to buy/maintain the site. This site has its own value.

I vote to keep DAILY PAUL as is

I wish you and your wife a wonderful China voyage, and that you return inspired, refreshed, and very happy!

I am deeply appreciative to Michael Nystrom, the moderators, and many posters who have been my only family. My walls are covered in years of DAILY PAUL copies, and art, Quiltingsando's flag flys proudly in the sun, LIBERTAS PERPETUA. I love so many of you so much (including those who I fight).

Had it not been for all of you, I would not have joined the GOP, petitioned and qualified for a seat on the Republican Central Committee, become a team leader, plastered my county in RON PAUL rEVOLution banners, posters, cards, and stickers, with LOVE, LOVE LOVE LOVE for Ron Paul and all of you carried me through each day.

It didn't matter that I was rejected by the local paper for my letters, or the businesses that rejected me for dropping off Super Brochures, or the Democrats and Republicans who sneered at me and keyed my car, and scoffed at me, and hurt me, because I had you to come and feel at home. I was never alone. I knew every second of everyday, despite my dyslexia and computer illiteracy and public education, I could come to DAILY PAUL and meet a friend, make a new friend, and argue with someone smarter than me and learn a thing or more.

I have 12 chickens and a rooster because of DAILY PAUL. I have food stored, and a large collection of tee shirts, my DAILY PAUL shirt is my favorite, even though I have some really cool shirts for two campaigns now. I actually wanted to go to Tampa in hopes to meet Michael Nystrom to say THANK YOU in person, and share a Jones Ron Paul soda and Ron Paul chocolate bar. Deep sigh.

What would I do without ALL of you? You're the only reason I even have a computer. Maybe dumping the computer wouldn't be a bad idea?

Well, I vote to keep DAILY PAUL as is, in honor of the LOVE I have for ALL of you in the rEVOLution. GOD BLESS YOU ALL ABUNDANTLY AND CONSTANTLY.

B. B. Grace

Love it Granger

Beautifully expressed and so true. Brought a tear to my eye. Daily Paul is just so much more than a "blog site". It is so rare to have such a gathering of like minded people that one can TALK to! Most of life is filled with noise and pap....social nicities... business babble, etc. just leave you feeling empty. But when one comes here (I would say ESPECIALLY when there is no election going on) it is just a fulfilling and challenging and satisfying experience.

Love ya Granger. I'll pray for you at Mass on Sunday. We Catholics gotta stick together!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

Viva La Revolucion!

I agree...

I too owe so many things to this movement. And you, Granger were always a great read =)

on a side note..there is a website called Backyardchickens.com that you might want to check out if you haven't already =) I locked myself out of my original name there (PAChickenChick) but will be making a new account...lol.

Personally, I plan on keeping my paid subscription forever!

The DP is a cornerstone for the liberty movement. The community and site were still running throughout 2009 and 2010.

What would it take for you to keep in Michael? I mean specifically in terms of dollars and cents, monthly paid subscriptions, ad reveue, whatever.

If we can get you 1,000 paid monthly subscribers at the $15 level is this worth the effort? I will work to make this a reality to keep the DP.

I like the name DailyPaul and don't currently have any other suggestions for a rebrand.

I hope you have a beautiful trip to China!

Thank you for all of the amazing experiences over the years.


Greg Hill


Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MkiX0jJJozk


I think this site should continue without a doubt! This site has grown a community who knows what they agree on and that is Liberty.

Dr Paul is the main reason we're all together though and while it must go on without him or its not a movement, I think changing the name would damage people's feel of what they are coming to look at.

So I recommend not changing from the DP idea too much but instead change it to something with the same starting letters of each word like DailyPaulse, DailyPoll, DailyPosterity, or DailyPrinciple.

Just my Two Cents.

Or "The Daily Pulse" (of the

Or "The Daily Pulse" (of the Liberty movement).

Continue as the Daily Paul!

Ron Paul has done so much for us. There's no reason why the site cannot continue to be named after him.

The liberty movement needs leaders, I hope we don't become divided and conquered. That's what the statists want, folks! We can agree to disagree on somethings and still be allies, and work together for liberty.

What's next is the million dollar question. The next big project may not come before smaller projects, such as electing more liberty politicians to lower offices, educating ourselves and others, etc.

This will always be my first choice for liberty

which has been shown and embodied to me in Ron Paul. I love it here! I don't want this site to disappear! There are different understandings of Liberty, Freedom, and what it means to be American. But I think the unifying force here is Ron. We agree he embodies what we believe is Freedom.

I am Catholic, and in Catholicism there are many saints who have followers. There are the Franciscans, the Jesuits, Benedictians,the Poor Clare nuns, etc. Not to mention the CHRISTIANS....

Why now be called the Paulites or Paulians... "The dailyPaulers" or something...


I just realized

This is the third major blow in 2 days

mine too

Hang in there with me! Everything is gonna be allright!

Perhaps “The Daily Libertarian” or something.

Ron Paul is an awesome guy who finally might be able to retire. But for us the beat goes on. I have a feeling Ron Paul will be just as much a part of the individual liberty revolution as he was before.

My Twitter feed as well as the Facebook groups & page I maintain are currently alive with negativity. But we can be of good cheer. Pain & disappointment are part of any worthwhile process.

I shared Ron Paul’s views long before I had any idea he existed. Let’s just keep on pluggin’—maybe not with this or any other Web site… But we have generation to save.

By the way, did anyone think about video editing. Maybe Rand didn’t even say what he appeared to say. After all, a Romney/Rubio scheme does seem to be in the works, …Food for thought.

On Facebook:
Personal ProfilePolitical GroupPolitical Page

Call it "The Daily Liberty"

Ron Paul jump started this movement and we will now take the torch and move forward stronger than ever.

We transcend any candidate. We do not cater to them, they cater to US.

We are a movement of liberty.

Who is with me?

I understand your idea, but

"Daily Paul" has such an ernest feel to it. Because even though we should not be "worshipping" any one individual, it shows where we came from and who planted the seed. And the person who planted the seed, Ron Paul, is one of us.

I say, honour the father of our Loveolution!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Even if you are not around

I will be forever thankful to you, for one special reason: this site that you began has given me hope in my heart for love.

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

This is a No-Brainer

It doesn't take a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist to figure out that something good is happening. The Republican party and MSM are nothing if not predictable. Dr. Paul saw all this coming months ago. The establishment is a cumbersome beast that is a slave to ritual and resists change.

Anyone who calls Rand Paul a deserter is obviously Brain-dead. I believe in Dr. Ron Paul and I know that this is part of the long term plan. Even as we speak our people are slipping into the state conventions as paul delegates and undercover romney delegates (even in Illinois).

Romney has already begun to reshape his dialogue toward a palatable platform that we can possibly get behind...smaller government, more limits on foreign intervention ect.. Lets see if he can expound upon more of the issues that are dear to us because if he doesn't then we are going to be hard to control in Tampa.

This is no time for us to go to sleep and let whatever happens happen. It is time for the Romney camp to go to sleep and see what happens.

Meanwhile let us make sure that we End the Fed and bring our soldiers home.

This time don't give us Barabbus!

You might be right about

You might be right about Rand, but Romney flaps in the breeze. He pays lip service to Liberty, nothing more.

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If you are personally done, Michael, will you offer it

If you are personally done, Michael, will you offer it to someone else to run?

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

Michael, this site cannot go


this site cannot go as long as the internet is around. There is no better gathering for lovers of liberty worldwide than this site. This site is about the idea, Ron Paul was the messenger of that idea, and it must live on. We can't have people dropping like flies and reverting to defeatism just because his son Rand - who by far has one of the best Constitutional voting records and always will have - committed to something that was done deal a month or two ago. I will stand by Rand, and I will stand by Ron. Should his voting record become one of furthering the destruction of our liberties at home, THEN I will throw the flag. But now is not that time.

Please stay online, Daily Paul.

I just say to myself....

this is all a bad dream and I will wake up and it will be fine...But I guess it's not, and as confusing and frustrating as it might be I will not give up hope and will never support Mitt-Bama...I will continue to fight regardless of the out come..
Thank you Michael for this great site.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

People always ask me what is the best site to get information on

the web from, and I always say the DailyPaul bar none!!

Michael, I hope you have just the most awesome trip you possibly

can!!! Thoroughly enjoy yourself!! I love to travel and it's one of those things that makes life a piece of heaven at times. I hear that China is an amazing place to visit! JCM

Tom Woods.com

From a comment on Tom Woods' website -

I like the idea of calling it “Liberty Times” and serving in the same format it has now. It can link up to your Liberty Classroom Tom and maybe serve as the sort of “Drudge Report” for the liberty movement, with plenty of room for debate.

DailyPAUL.com forever!

Michael - change nothing

Michael - take a vacation. Don't worry about website. We will survive 10days.

To Michael,

I come to this site not only because I want to find any new news update regarding my hero Ron Paul, but I also come here because this site has become a news aggregate for articles that are important to me. When the fight against SOPA was raging, I learned all about it right here. As the Audit the Fed bill was gaining traction and co-sponsors, I followed it right here. As the NDAA was passed in the dead of night, I learned about it here. Just recently when the NDAA was deemed unconstitutional, I learned it right here.

I appreciate that you do not want to take this site into the GOP fold. I refuse to vote for anyone that I do not agree with, thus my vote largely goes to third parties. I think that this site should remain independent, and focus on PRINCIPLES! If candidates are running on a liberty platform in the Republican Party, then great. If others are running in the Democratic, Libertarian, Constitution, hell even the Green Party, then great. The importance is spreading a message of downsizing the federal government, bringing our troops home, auditing and ending the FED, and restoring our constitution. It doesn't have to be limited to Ron Paul and the Republican Party.

Too often whenever we talk about any other candidates, I get a response like, "This site is called the Daily Paul, not the Daily such and such". This sort of attitude and thinking needs to stop. I want to promote as many people with a liberty minded conscience as possible. Whether its in regards to an election and politics, or in regards to thinkers, authors, media pundits, activists, and more. There are so many things that this site can do to help focus our movement towards the important things: Stopping an obtrusive government and promoting our constitution.

Right at the very page, ABOVE the Daily Paul banner is a phrase, and I think it says it all. This website is "Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America"

I hope it continues on, I love the people here, and the discussions we have. I love this community because it is a home to me. Please don't abandon it.

Austin Battenberg

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

Long after Mises is gone, Mises.Org lives on

The Daily Paul should remain as a water cooler/bulletin board for libertarians of the Ron Paul variety to discuss philosophy and how it applies to the news of the day.

Most importantly, it could be a trusted place to vet and let each other know about Liberty candidates.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


Thanks for the heads up ....

.... and HUGE thank you for creating and maintaining this site over the years. I'd LOVE to see it continue. I visit this site literally EVERY day, and I do a lot of posting/commenting as well :)

Losing the Daily Paul would be like loosing our family

Losing the Daily Paul would be like loosing our family, our friends, our support group. I think if it closes down many of us would feel lost. For many of us the Daily Paul has helped to keep us focused on our goals.

As for the name, I would say don't change it. The Daily Paul is well known. People know what we are about and what we stand for and to change the name would be like starting all over again.

"The Price Of Freedom Is Eternal Vigilance."
Thomas Jefferson

Michael, I know you feel as many of us do, numb and shocked

At the recent events. While Dr. Paul may well not be president and did kind of fall short in that he did not keep his promise and wait until the votes were counted, I think it very important to keep the "dailypaul.com" up and running in honor of Dr. Paul and his ideals. Surely soon Dr. Paul will give us a hint as to why he threw away all the hard work, and even harder earned dollars prior to the convention, but I think the man and his principals should live on through this site. As well I would assume that Dr. Paul will continue to lead us in ventures in the near future, but so long as the movement does not give up and head to Costa Rica we should continue the efforts and move forward with Dr. Paul as our guide from his past and whatever he may do in the future. We have always tried to make sure the site was a catalyst for Dr. Paul's trip to the White house, but in between election cycles it has been a beacon of freedom on the internet, and that beacon must go on. This is just my opinion, but we need this avenue to discuss news, keep each other informed on the real goings on the MSM fails to report, as well as giving us all a sense of community. As time passes we may well need to dump the chat feature, and many other features to keep costs down, but I for one think until they come to take us all to re-education camps the site is a necessary entity and should live on well after the 2016 cycle. Just my thoughts on the issue.

Always remember:
"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds." ~ Samuel Adams
If they hate us for our freedom, they must LOVE us now....

Stay IRATE, remain TIRELESS, an

Stay safe, Michael..

and best of luck to your Mrs. on her presentation!
I personally believe that this site should remain long after Ron's demise...as TMOT so eloquently pointed out, this whole movement isn't necessarily about Ron Paul, it's about Liberty! It's about removing the scum that have been in charge for the past several decades and replacing them with those who understand our Constitution and what Freedom from Tyranny truely means.
I would also continue to name it DailyPaul, as he is our father of this movement. His name shall forever be a part of American history, just as Adams, Paine and Jefferson are. The Campaign is not over yet, the battle hasn't even started yet...we are still slaves to the system, and we will not surrender nor will we quit our fight against those who enslave us.
I rely on DP multiple times per day for my news and information. For me it is invaluable in my quest to spread the word of Liberty to those who have forgotten what it means to be free. The good folks here that share their knowledge and experiences are my friends, whether I know them or not. We fight for each other against our enemy.
Keep the site, keep the name. I will not give up. Ever.

Silence isn't always golden....sometimes it's yellow.

"The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them." - Patrick Henry

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First of all (to agree with

First of all (to agree with an earlier point) as far as I'm concerned you've more than done your share of helping us all with your site (and of course all those behind the scenes as well). So whatever you decide to do, it's fine by me. After the convention if the DP ends, so be it. That would be the appropriate point. Even though I would be saddened as well. Although I think it should morph into something else. EVEN THOUGH I HAVE very mixed feelings about it, because I would very much like to see the name stay the same ( But it probably should change).

Although, and this is just wishful thinking. Maybe something crazy will happen at the convention. There could be a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. I still can't figure out this whole Rand thing. He knows there are hardly Paul supporters that will pay ANY attention to the endorsement. Sorry digressing here.

As far as possible name changes. Here are some possible candidates.

The Daily Nystrom
The Daily Michael
The Daily Mike

Maybe a thread devoted to possible names could be started?

The other thing. I hope the idea could be considered of putting together, just once, a youtube/DP convention so we would have a chance to meet you and/or other DPers. I'm thinking Chicago is nice and central.

Once again. Thank you for the site. Whatever you decide to do, I support.

AND have a great trip. Safe travels! :)

Two shorten the road.

The Daily Paul

A site where liberty lovers can go to organize, discuss, and build upon the freedoms our country was founded on.

We are dedicated to find and seek out liberty candidates to run for local, state, and federal offices. Our values are inspired by a steadfast patriot of the movement, Dr. Ron Paul.

Tu ne cede malis.

Candidates for Liberty Webpage:

2016 Liberty Candidate Thread:

I don't know

What to say.


JMO but I think the movement has to focus on being fair to all people - finding candidates that do that, reporters that truthfully and accurately report and try to educate.

We can turn our movements attention to issues that we can impact, and work on a local level to continue to network, elect, and support each other, businesses and people with similar philosophies.

The Daily Paul can continue to educate us and bring us the news to support the movement.

It would be nice if we could bring more of the Occupy movement into 'the light' about the federal reserve system and such too - there are areas in which the two movements could potentially overlap. Maybe a viable new party could rise out of this - be it the old GOB reforged by the liberty movement, or a 3rd party empowered. In any event, it has to stay about the principles, and not any corrupt establishment or corrupt party.

I don't see

What has to change about the site? Ron is a figurehead for the movement and a beacon in a way. The site name could change but I see no reason for that. I'm a member of a third party now, The Ron Paul Party and even if some other leader emerges they would have to stack up against a Ron Paul, he's the measure of a political man (or woman) for me. I say let his name be remembered as the leader we all respect and let this be a site for those who love liberty to always come home to.

I deeply appreciate all you do, I'm not a money giving member, because I can't afford to be, but the site has meant so much to me. I've never looked at any other site the same way I see this place and I am so thankful to you and all your crew Michael.

Enjoy your trip. Your

Enjoy your trip. Your moderators will hold down the fort @ DP. I'll patrol the streets of Somerville for you :-) As for the future, I wouldn't change much. Most of us are and will always be Ron Paul Republicans. Ron Paul has certainly earned the site being named after him.

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And who logged on here the day after Rally for the Republic

Wasn't it all 'finished' at that point? The next morning this was the first place I went. It never even crossed my mind that it was 'over'. I don't think this is over just because of one lost campaign.

Ron Paul has been basically 400-1 powerless as a congressman for 30 years. He will probably have way more influence in the next decade or two.

Especially when the Great Default occurs.

Currently consuming: Morehouse's "Better off free", FDR; Wii U; NEP Football

I agree--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

I'm not going anywhere

I've been signed in here every day, all day, for almost 4 years. This is where I get my news and make new friends. It hasn't always been about Ron Paul exclusively. Vaccines, gardening, chickens, prepping, metals, health, it's all part of our movement. Stay the course.

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

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+1 for chicken threads.

Lol (Oh, the good old days of Daily Paul)

I think that was Lawson's thread if I'm not mistaken. that was a classic, it's too bad that was one of the threads we lost.

Joη's picture

how'd it get lost?

is it this one?

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

No kidding (and the turkey in Nystrom's backyard)

I now have 12 hens and one rooster because of that thread.


I have one that just started brooding, I could have used some of that chicken advice!

Colchester, New London County, Connecticut