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(-_-) Shame on You, Rand Paul (-_-)

Shame on you, *senator* Rand Paul, for betraying not only the principles that you pretended to espouse or the people who trusted you (I never did) but also for betraying your father, Ron Paul, who has spent over 30 years of his life exposing the corruption of backroom thugs like the one you've endorsed tonight. You have irrevocably stained the Paul Familys' good name and reputation. The Liberty Movement will continue on without impostors like you.

Intoxicate yourself with the poisonous, ill gotten gains that the thieves have bribed you with. The true patriots of this movement will never sacrifice their principles and dignity; just for a raffle ticket to sit at the diamond encrusted, bloodstained table of affluent scum who are killing the soul of this country and world. Shame on you.

How does it feel Rand...

To drive a spike not only through the heart of this movement, but through that of your own father's as well.

You pathetic coward. You disgust me.

We wont forget this.

You are done.

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People forget that Ron Paul

People forget that Ron Paul REJOINED the republican party. How is that not any worse than Rand endorsing someone? While I certainly wouldn't endorse Romney, Rand has done enough to earn my support.

Rand endorsed Mitt Romney

He and I obviously do not have similar views.



Rand is clearly not going to be the guy because of this...

This endorsement will be the reason Rand wont have enough to succeed in 2016 or the future.

We need some one with courage and dignity. Someone who stands behind what they say.

He didn't just endorse a candidate last night: He endorsed and agreed with a broken system and establishment who will now use this to co-opt us just like they did with the tea party. OUR tea party that Ron Paul patriots started.

And I will not vote you down, you haven't done anything with your statement to harm this movement. Rand has.

Mark my words they will use this against us. We did not need this.


I agree 100%, Rand likely just lost any chance of 2016 nomination. The Liberty movement will be the establishment and they are not going to get behind a flipper such as Rand.

I tend to think Rand just committed political suicide.

My thoughts

as well.


What did you gain by endorsing Mitt. Staying on the sidelines without endorsing anybody was the second best thing you could have done. The best thing would have been to stick with your endorsement of your father. The worse thing you could have done you did. Endorsed Romney on Hannity show?????????????????????????????????????
I still say something smells here.

I think

at least in rands mind he got an audit and internet freedom.

Yes, maybe; and I can see Romney's self-satisfied smirk

And Romney will say and do whatever to pour water on the R3VOLution and then if he wins, he will flip and do whatever the globalmeister banksters tell him to do.

If Rand thinks he is helping the Liberty movement, he underestimates it. He misunderstands it. It's about total transformation. Transcendence.

On the Tree of Liberty what will be sustained? Any of the old?

By their fruit ye shall know them.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

It's true

it's a flawed strategy. Compromise isn't what inspires people, practicing the principles you preach does.

It appears as though the personal temptation to gain influence is so great that it causes hypocrisy even in people who strongly believe in and understand the liberty message.

Rand is relatively pure right now, but if he continues along this path he will end up as nothing but a compromise.

It'll be interesting, but sad to watch.

On MittCentral they called him, "A Real American"

Gee, if that is what it takes to be "a real American", then count me out.

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Real American?

Our people really have forgotten what we are as a nation. They will spit this back in our face for months. I will fight them.

And that cheese-eating rat Hannity

Trying (but not too hard) to hold back that smile of sick glee in his face. Vomit.

I agree. WHY did Rand have to go on Hannity's show at ALL???

This is unbelievable and uncalled for.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Good question....

and I hope more questions follow suit.

I am at work...

I'll be back to deal with this. Trust me.

Shame on you

Ron Paul never attacks his opponents directly. By saying, ' If we come together for the wrong ideas what do acomplish' he says it all. In fact he is saying this would be afutile waste of time!! Eloquently he parts company with people like Romney of which he has nothing in common with. Romney stands for the continuance of the domestic police survalence security state, the war on drugs and the endless foreign wars. Romney and Ron Paul are like oil and water.
Rand Paul is a bit of neo conservative. We in the liberty movement must have patience and realize that our movement has grown but we still need to school ourselves in history and economics and love to bring our message toAll people on earth.


Shame on you

Ron Paul never attacks his opponents directly. By saying 'If we come together for the wrong ideas what use is it' gives us the answer. Mitt Romney has no ideas. There is nothing for him to rally with! Continuation of the drug war, the domestic police state and the endless wars. That is what he Romney stands for. He can not change. Ron Paul is just the opposite. Romney and Paul are like Oil and Water. Ron Paul @012.
Rand his a neo Conservative who is a little bit lost. Unfortunate for him, he rose to be Senator. Foreign Pol;icy is very important if the move toward Liberty continues we must all undertand how we are continually lied into war and how so many of us are so brainwashed that we can stand up for the Palestinian people. Nationalism is a diseade that we must conquor.


Ron didnt attack romeny like could have cause it was all about

protecting Rand.
Well he is his father but this is not kindergarten.

Ron wasnt in this ever to win it :/ sad but true!

He stopped when he was about to draw 10 000 + crowds.
Then he went to secret breakfast with Bernanke and everything was over.. :(

WE did great! The campaign was utter joke! And they never ever had any secret tactic! They got what they wanted:
Some influence to push for Rand Paul 2016.
Rand is bowing down to th establishment cause he doesnt want to be an outsider like his dad. He walks some middle way but we are "extreme" libertarians(at least I am)

Ron Paul IS NOT a sellout...

Thats for damn sure. You have made a terrible case for an accusation.

Dont become a troll.

Rand Paul

can fight a damn site harder on the inside, than he can on the outside!
Rome was not built in a day, nor a revolution in a few years.
How long do you think it took the mongrels that control your Government now to get to where they are? JFK was assassinated in the 60's for crossing these people, the Rothchilds have been working towards this end since the French Revolution for heavens sake! Christianity has been fighting for the last 1600 years or so.
So lick your wounds, buck up your ideas, and keep fighting for your liberty, because if you fold when the going gets tough, you hand a victory to your enemies.

Rest assured I will keep fighting on...

But we have been stabbed in the side folks. A true patriot for liberty would never do what Rand has done tonight. Had he stayed strong for his convictions those words would have never left his mouth. This is another in a string of setbacks for this movement.


You have the foresight to see what the movement will become; co-opted, with plenty of former die hard Paul supporters frothing at the mouth over a lack of support for Rand's 2016 run. I suspect many people are angry because in their mind they built up Rand to be his father. The only way this movement will survive is if it goes to local/state efforts at reform, namely using the 10th Amendment to back itself up. Otherwise, it will simply be swept into the dustbin of history after another "terrorist" attack rallies the public back onto their knees licking the boot of tyranny for safety. I'm very serious about his. Over the next four years words like "compromise" "flexible" "nobody is perfect" will become very VERY common in the liberty movement...

“Facts don’t cease to exist because they are ignored.” – Aldous Huxley

Well, the fact is, nobody is perfect, not even ROn Paul

But I get what you mean, and appreciate the weakened position the Liberty movement is being drawn into. We must resist it.

We need to keep motivated. Ron's talks always awakened us. I for one would like to see Tom Woods begin speaking around the country; I would like to see Gary Johnson carry the Liberty torch too. It doesn't matter to me what Party they are; I'm an Independent. I just want the movement to keep growing.... not flounder.

I have to "let go" of my disappointment, my hurt, my anger, at Rand.
That only makes me ill.

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

We need more among us

to see this for what it really is. We will make it, but life just got this much more difficult.

RonPaul2008PA, please tell me

RonPaul2008PA, please tell me how the hell Rand's endorsement changes anything about the election? If he didn't endorse Romney then his political career would've been seriously damaged. Do you want one of the closest people philosophically to Ron in Congress to end up with no political power to help fight for us? Everyone is crying over a stupid endorsement that doesn't mean anything when we should be concerned about fixing the country and, believe it or not, Rand is trying to fix it.

The day Ron Paul pulls a move like this....

Wait a second, he wont...

Because he has never has!

Never has he waivered on what he has stood for. He will never endorse lying scum like Romney, and neither will I.

Sounds like Santorum, playing with the team mentality. Exactly what Ron said was bad about the party system today.

I am with Ron Paul. Rand is with the RNC now.

I'm sorry that Rand doesn't

I'm sorry that Rand doesn't match up to his father, not many people do. But I don't think that is sufficient reason to completely throw Rand under the bus. After Ron leaves Congress, we are going to need people to help fill his shoes and Rand is one of the best options we have. You can't focus on one election; you have to focus on the bigger picture.

What kind of consenus do think Rand

is going to be able to build in the future now that he has used us as his personal stepping stool? A consensus of neocons?

Romney fights dirty and filthy, and tonight Rand has endorsed this!

Talk about throwing people under the bus? he just threw his own father under the bus!

He has used us all, even Ron.

The big picture is this: we find leaders that have the courage and decency to speak the truth no matter what peer pressure they face, not ones that tell bold face lies.

What business does deception have if you are telling the truth?


My mind cannot absorb all this right now...

...see you all later! Love all of you great people!