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(-_-) Shame on You, Rand Paul (-_-)

Shame on you, *senator* Rand Paul, for betraying not only the principles that you pretended to espouse or the people who trusted you (I never did) but also for betraying your father, Ron Paul, who has spent over 30 years of his life exposing the corruption of backroom thugs like the one you've endorsed tonight. You have irrevocably stained the Paul Familys' good name and reputation. The Liberty Movement will continue on without impostors like you.

Intoxicate yourself with the poisonous, ill gotten gains that the thieves have bribed you with. The true patriots of this movement will never sacrifice their principles and dignity; just for a raffle ticket to sit at the diamond encrusted, bloodstained table of affluent scum who are killing the soul of this country and world. Shame on you.

How does it feel Rand...

To drive a spike not only through the heart of this movement, but through that of your own father's as well.

You pathetic coward. You disgust me.

We wont forget this.

You are done.

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You can't win them all, take it with a grain of salt

for all you know Rand could be saying this so that the msm can sleep soundly, and mitt's team can sigh with relief

I feel the same about you.

So what.

Does it win delegates. Does it spread the message of liberty?

Free includes debt-free!

I don't have to lie to be liked

by the party. I have put blood sweat and tears into getting my state in action, delegates and all. What has Rand done? Besides giving this poison endorsement that he knows is going to and is now hurting this movement. Opportunist. He has stepped on all of our backs to get cushy with these romney types. I'm threw with him.

Are you the all-seeing sage.

If you didn't see it it didn't happen.


Free includes debt-free!

ytc's picture

Will there be any chance for Rand to MOVE MitMit to

renounce the illegal & immoral wars of aggression, Patriot Act & NDAA?

I totally agree with what Ron said at Tx convention:
What good is it, if we bring people toghether for the WRONG ideas!

The reality is shame on you for posting

a post that could turn back the momentum of liberty. The real shame is on you for being so rigid that you break. Do you have any real, no a real idea of what is going on? Seriously, a real idea of what is happening in DC right now? You don't, I don't, Michael Nystrom doesn't, none of us do, and you post this. It actually makes me sick to see all of us veterans, those of which who agree with this post to be so lacking of knowledge and jump to conclusions about people that we at this point should know are on our side. Your post is terrible, and we are all terrible if we don't fight the battles which need attention, and Rand is not one of them. Good day.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

Make no mistake

we will continue onward. I sure as hell will. I was in this 5 years ago before rand jumped on the bandwagon and I will be here in this movement after today; unlike him. I knew he would do this at some point, just didn't know it would be in one of our most critical times.

When you know the truth you can stand tall...

Not hide behind an "endorsement". We are the brave ones. Not Rand.

A political endorsement, big deal.

How is Rand a coward for taking the skewering given here.

Is he sacrificing his political career to get Senate sponsors to Audit the Fed?

Free includes debt-free!

Nicely said

Couldn't say it better myself.


The truth as I know it

Rand just taught me that this philosophy can't be taught.

It's either in you or it's not. Scary.

Its sad

and sickening.


What else can one say?

I'm being as civil

as I can be, believe me. I feel sad for Ron Paul. He would never do something like Rand did tonight.


not WTF @ you....WTF @ Rand.

My sentiments exactly!

I can't believe Rand did this! I knew he would do it eventually because after all he's loyal to the high-jacked Tea Party, but NOW?? and on HANNITY?????? I hurt for Dr. Paul...If we feel this bad what do you think this is doing to him???


Thats exactly

what I'm thinking. What a terrible heartache for RP. Ron would never turn his back on 30 years of courage for something like this.

DP let me know if you are with me...

Because I am with you.


I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I'm sure there are many others who are with you. Some may not agree about Rand but at the end of the day we all move forward for the cause of liberty. I feel like it was a slap in the face to the grassroots. Maybe salt in the wound is a better way to describe it. I do hope I am wrong but standing up is what the movement is about. And if it's a stealth thing I have my doubts because would the establishment every truly let Rand in the inner circle, because he is after all Ron Paul's son! Stealth would be unknown RP people moving up through the ranks. But the point was you are not alone. Have your moment, then put on your brave face and rise up again. This isn't about Ron or Rand or any one figure, it's about freedom!

It is futile to fight against, if one does not know what one is fighting for. -Ayn Rand


We are with you.


Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

If you think I'm totally disgusted...

its because I am.