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Time to tell which Paul supporters are intelligent enough to read between the lines...

Time to tell which Paul supporters are intelligent enough to read between the lines and which will allow their knee-jerk reaction be to abandon Rand Paul and call him a traitor to the cause of liberty.

So, tonight Rand Paul endorsed Romney for president. I think it was a good move on Rand's part seeing as party loyalty runs deep for the sheeple of our country. Deep down, however, I'm sure he knows it will garner exactly zero votes for Romney from the Liberty movement... in fact, with that in mind, I see no danger in the move at all.

After Romney loses in a landslide to Obama, Rand can run in 2016 without being blamed for contributing to the margin that caused Republicans to lose in 2012. I'm sure the faint of heart will abandon Rand, will cry foul play, will call him names, but that's ok. So far, he's given me no real reason to mistrust him. Besides, it's not like he says he agrees with his philosophy (as if he Romney has one) - just that they have similar family values and agree on like 4 policies (none of which Romney will actually do anything about).

In the grand scheme of things, it makes absolutely no difference at this point. No one is going to say "OH! Rand supports Romney?, he must be a true conservative, then" This is obvious Republican politics, and can only benefit the liberty movement at this point. I don't necessarily think it is a VP move, I think it's more far-sighted than that. I'm thinking 2016. Politicians think in terms of 4 and 8 years... constituents think in terms of months... MAYBE years at best... so it becomes hard to keep everything in perspective sometimes.

Let's take a moment and imagine it is 2016. Romney is as McCainesque, not-distant-enough memory and we have an open election for the White House. Rand Paul is nominated to run for the GOP nomination. Formerly a tea-party favorite and a champion for fiscal conservatism in the Republican party, Rand lost much of his support when he went against the party's nominee and supported writing in Ron Paul or even worse, voting third party for president in 2012! How could this man, who carried so much sway in tea party movement betray the GOP? This traitor to the party cost the GOP the 2012 election, and is the reason Obama got another 4 years. No one could ever elect this man. Paul Ryan it is! We must gather around and elect Rick Santorum, and with no incumbent in the white house, the GOP will win and put Marco Rubio in the oval office for 8 years! This is what all the hot heads want, right? Rand to be a perfectly conforming non-conformist in the liberty movement? To be "JUST LIKE HIS DAD?"

What I can't understand is how anyone in the liberty movement can not see how obvious this is. You'd have to be numb to reality to not read between the lines on this one. I for one, will be using this opportunity to separate my intelligent, Ron Paul supporting friends from my irrational, overly-emotional, non-conformist for the sake of non-conformity supporters of paul just because he is anti-establishment friends. I swear, if Ron became president half of these people wouldn't like him any more just because he would, by definition be the "establishment." It truly saddens me to see the lack of trust, and the lack of loyalty so many have.

Trey Stinnett


It is not my intention to say that anyone who thinks that whatever Rands plan is won't work, or anyone who thinks that playing politics won't work, or anyone who says that purist ideology is the BEST way to grow the movement, or anyone who says that the two party system is bunk, or that the only way to restore our liberties is revolution is, in any way, unintelligent. What I AM saying is this: if you are the over-reactors who are posting images of Rand with a for sale sign, calling him a sell out, or a traitor, or "Benedict Rand" you aren't seeing clearly.

We are at war. This war for liberty isn't a game of checkers, it is a game of chess - infinitely more complicated than any of us can know. There are patriots, two of whom I believe to be the Pauls, who are employing vastly different strategies in an effort to effect positive change toward liberty.

The way that Ron gained his popularity was by being ideologically pure, not making bunk endorsements, and not playing party politics. Ron is the ultimate advocate for liberty- a role model for anyone who wants to be a liberty EVANGELIST. However, evangelism isn't the only weapon we have at our disposal.

There are many in the movement, I dare say most, who believe the complete removal of our government is the only way to restore our liberties. There are those who exercise civil disobedience - ignoring unconstitutional laws and being thrown in jail. Those who advocate 911 truth while publicly supporting Dr. Paul despite the negative effects of their association. There are expats, off-gridders, protestors, gulchhers, seasteaders, and finally there are politicians.

Rand Paul is a politician. Just because he doesn't move in diagonal lines like a bishop or side to side like a rook does not make him a traitor to liberty! Recognize that we each feel called to employ a different strategy and that in-fighting, name calling, and jumping to conclusions for the sake of your own self-gratification as your own form of "purist" is completely counterproductive and can only benefit the statists.

I am glad to see so many comments by people who can tell there is more to play here. What saddens me I how quickly some are willing to throw one of our own under the bus - especially of something as insignificant as endorsing the GOP nominee over Obama.

I can't stress this enough: We need people fighting for our liberties on all fronts. If you don't think that playing politics is the best way, or even proper (and you're probably right), that's ok. But labeling someone a traitor because they are trying to fight according to the rules, is short-sighted and counter productive. There is a whole sector of this movement who believe that there is only one way to advance liberty and the moment that someone tries a different tactic they aim to tear down all that we have worked for. Don't be that person, please. Be above it. Be smart. Disagree with Rand's strategy all you want, but don't believe him a traitor to our cause.

As always, Jack Hunter says it better than I: http://www.ronpaul2012.com/2012/06/08/ron-paul-is-becoming-s...

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I don't see Romney bringing change

But I do see Romney buying us time to take over the GOP.

Time to tell which Paul supporters are in Total DENIAL

You don't get it.

Rand Paul's endorsement of Mitt Romney, is equivalent to him endorsing Henry Kissenger or Dick Cheney or The Bush Family or David Rockefeller.

This does not help anything.

In fact, it just proves (as does Ron Paul's lack of interest in challenging Mitt Romney for the past two whole months), that the Paul Family are political frauds, and just interested in selling books and taking your money.

When they had a chance to compete, the Paul's clucked like chickens.

We needed an Andrew Jackson, and just got one more "status-quo" approved smokescreen.

Congratulations. You have been co-opted.

The truth is here in this post:


Thank you.


The only "separation of Paul supporters" going on are between those of us who have spines and those of us who don't.

For all of you spineless pussy's who will blindly follow Rand and "trust" him because his last name is Paul, good luck with that.

If Rand's last name was "Thomas" and he wasn't related to Ron we'd be crucifying this fukker worse than he's already getting it.

But since his old man is an icon and a National Treasure we're supposed to blindly trust that he's got our best interests at heart.

Fuk off Sheep... If you believe that then I've also got some ocean front property in Arizona I'd like to sell you.

exactly right.


I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

Denise B's picture

If all of what you say is true

the question still remains in my mind, why now? With the convention so close, why couldn't he just keep quiet until after it? What did he stand to lose by waiting until after it? If Ron Paul was destined to lose because he just didn't have the delegates, why was anybody pressuring Rand to do anything? He could have just as easily let the process play itself out in August and then made his endorsement. This whole thing stinks to me and something very strange indeed is going on. I don't in my heart of hearts though believe that it is a betrayal of Ron Paul. He has already proven himself over and over again to be a man of integrity and man of his word. Heck, if you listen to his speach last night he said several times that there can be no unity, unless it is unity based on principle and we all know that Mitt Romney doesn't know what that word means.

Bottom line for me, I don't know what Rand is up to and I don't care. We are too far into this process to give up now and I don't care who endorses Romney, I will never vote for him. Delegates please don't give up, stay the course and go to Tampa and represent the only candidate worth voting for. If you haven't had your convention yet, please attend and get those spots. Our day in the sun is only two months away. Let's give it everything we've got and we can decide where to go from there.

I don't like it

But I do understand it, and yes it does seem very mysterious and odd to do it when it really wasn't being expected of him. The fact that he went out of his way to do it, and on the platform of one of the most holy to the neocons, Sean Hannity, was bewildering to me. There MUST be more to this. Why announce on his FB page that he was going to have a big announcement on Hannity? Why sit there and endorse, as if he had three rifles to his head directly off screen?

I don't like it on principle, but I will withhold judgement as to the reasoning, when I have time to watch this play out.

100% correct. If you think

100% correct.

If you think Rand did this without his fathers knowledge and consent I don't have much to sayto you.
Ron has never played politics and Rand always has. It really is a brilliant political strategy when you actually think about it.

The only thing all these whiners are doing is hurting the movement by giving the media drones fuel for articles I already see popping up. You people are fanning the flames and are not helping in the least.

It's an endorsement that gives him political footing. Look at every piece of Rand written legislation he's hands down the best senator in congress. Ron stood on principle for 30 years never compromised always made intelligent arguments and he still couldn't solidify support among mainstream voters who have their heads in their asses. Rand has the ability to infiltrate and you traitor callers aren't helping. I thought this move would be seen as the op stated not as all this emotional garbage rhetoric. Grow up and think!

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty."

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It would seem to be Ron's silence and Rands turncoat actions that are "hurting the movement by giving the media drones fuel for articles I already see popping up."

That is what seems to be "fanning the flames and are not helping in the least."

Just thought I would point out that... that is the same empty arguement that is thrown out everytime some spin Dr. does not like what you are saying and wants to make you "feel bad" and stop asking questions...

Liberty asks questions!


I agree, and this strategy

I agree, and this strategy has been done many times. Read history, Hitler played the system as well when he ran for president in Germany. He supported and stood by Paul Von Hindenburg (the then President who won the 1933 reelection) which Hindenburg eventually appointed Hitler as Chancellor which got the Nazi party to become mainstream (and eventually takeover). The point is, is standing on principle is respectable, but it doesn't get you elected. You have to know how to play the system. That's what politics is, it's the only way that works. (I have BA in History)

sick... spin... and poo

"standing on principle" is the only way to keep and defend Liberty.

If you loose one you loose the other...

I said it once and I'll say it again...

A lie is a lie, a fake is a fake, and a politicain is a politicain... (but Jefferson and Webster siad it best..)

Why did he feel the need to... to... do that...

“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and it time depraves all its good dispositions.” -Thomas Jefferson (1785)

“I never … believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man.” - Thomas Jefferson
In a letter to Don Valentine de Feronda, 1809
“If the citizens neglect their duty and place unprincipled men in office, the government will soon be corrupted; laws will be made not for the public good so much as for the selfish or local purposes;"

"Corrupt or incompetent men will be appointed to execute the laws; the public revenues will be squandered on unworthy men; and the rights of the citizens will be violated or disregarded."

“If a republican government fails to secure public prosperity and happiness, it must be because the citizens neglect the divine commands, and elect bad men to make and administer the laws.”

“Corruption of morals is rapid enough in any country without a bounty from government. And…the Chief Magistrate of the United States should be the last man to accelerate its progress.” - Noah Webster



My Ass!


Read between the lines?

WTF? The one thing, the very thing that has always distinguished Ron Paul, and supposedly by association Rand Paul, from the establishment crooks is the fact that there was no reading between the lines with them.

The Paul principles, honesty, truthfullness and unwillingness to "play politics" or make compromises to go along to get along is what has gotten this revolution where it is today. It's those founding principles that has inspired people to believe that there really is something we can do about it.

Now you would have us believe that he really does share his father's principles but that he is "playing politics" in some ingenuius ploy to run for president in 4 years? HA! Nice try and a feeble attempt at defending him.

You're trying to get people who have woken up and seen the truth to go back to sleep. Bullshit is bullshit and Ron Paul supporters can smell it a mile away.

Rand will not be able to get

Rand will not be able to get the grass roots support, he will have the establishment support, but after his pick for pres(mitt) fails worse than obama nobody in the grassroots will support anybody who supported such and idiot, effectively eliminating any passionate base

Of course, Rand is trying to

Of course, Rand is trying to get libertarianism mainstream.

Whatever Romney offered, don't trust it

Never trust a flip-flopper like Romney. Whatever he said in that private meeting, we are talking about a known liar here. I don't expect him to honor any promise he made to Paul if he gets in.

One good thing about a Romney presidency, though--it will get the sleeping anti-war left riled up again. Goodness knows they forgot all about that kind of activism under Obama.

"Reformers perceive the crisis others do not detect." -DNW

Do you think Rand didn't check with dad first?

Hannity watchers were already voting Romney. It's all a game of Texas hold'em. We are not bluffing, we are sans -bagging. We have the highest hand. Don't fold your cards. And trust the Paul's, they have never given you reason not to. Rand would never do anything to harm his father or the cause of liberty. Take your guns to Tampa!!

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

"party loyalty runs deep" but

Family loyalty runs deeper, as does loyalty to one's principals. Unfortunately, the "sheeple" know that too. And for those sheeple who are also voters and delegates, they just witnessed a man shame his father and shame the family name and throw egg in the face of every supporter that has been fighting for him. And to do it on the Hannity show, further legitimizing the con artist?? Wow.

Time to tell why they call us Paulbots

Ron Paul is not some political god. Ron Paul is just a man. His campaign has been fumbling for months. He left Benton on. He let delegates slip through the cracks. He didn't fight the fraud. He didn't sue. He came out saying that he doesn't have enough delegates. He admitted that he can't win with only 500 delegates. You are living in a dream world, my friend. Enough of this "Ron Paul has a master plan"! I am being realistic, not disloyal. Yes, I recognize there could have been a threat of some sort. I am not ruling out the possibility. But as you said, this is politics, and the only reason why Ron Paul has any supporters is because of his integrity, not because of politics.

And to everyone who trusts Romney to follow through on his word regarding potential backdoor deals with the Paul family:

1)So what if he offered Ron a position as Chairman of the Fed.

2)So what if he offered Rand a position as VP.

3) So what if he promised to do anything that would give the Paul family any leverage in this election.

Do you really believe a flip-flopper like Romney will follow through on his word??? DON’T TRUST MITT ROMNEY! Rand Paul made the biggest mistake. He’s going to get stabbed in the back by the establishment and regret making this petty endorsement.

By the way, NO Republican would have blamed him for endorsing his own dad. Families have each others' backs. Republicans would have understood.

"Reformers perceive the crisis others do not detect." -DNW



Do you not see?


My thoughts exactly...

You hit it on the nail. When the great Barry Goldwater got the Republican nomination in 1964 the eastern wing or more aptly the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party bailed on him and voted for LBJ costing him around an estimated 8 million votes or more. However Richard Nixon who lost in 1960 endorsed Goldwater and campaigned extensively for Goldwater in his homestate of California and other states even though he did not support many of his positions. This led to Nixon becoming a key man in the Republican Party and in 1968 he won the Presidency. Which in hindsight was a very very bad thing because he was an indiot crook but my point is this... Rand endorsing Romney even though he really doesn't agree with him (or for that matter probably like him) is a good thing. It endears him to the party bosses and to the mindless idiots who blindly vote the Republican ticket and never question much. Rand could really have a shot at the Presidency in 2016 or 2020 I think.

Now for those wondering- Personally I am very Libertarian almost to the point of being an anarchist and I detest the Republican Party. But I understand the game of politics and I also understand that Rand is a very smart individual who knows how to play the game but really is working against the Republican party itself while trying to infiltrate it. Rand is more intelligient then you guys realize. Ron Paul is his dad after all! I think it's obvious that Ron told Rand to endorse Romney. It has been clear to me now for almost a month that Ron was winding his campaign down slowly in order to keep collecting delegates. He knows he has enough delegates to have a speaking slot at the convention and have some affect on the party platform. Romney will probably have to make a few concessions to Ron as well. Audit the fed, give one of Paul's friends a cabinet position etc. If you guys can't see that then I really worry for your sanity.

I've heard it said that getting libertarians to do something is like herding cats. Some of the people on this website prove this quote out. If one little thing is wrong with something all holy hell breaks loose to them. Political resolve is a wonderful thing to have but contrary to what y'all believe Rand did not betray it this time. If you realized what he was actually doing you would be praising him.

By the way I will not be voting for Romney in November unless he has Rand,Ron or someone similar on the ticket as V.P. and gives some concessions to Ron Pauls positions.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeles

Good Analysis

Good historical reference.

I, too, believe that this was a wise move for Rand. His political future, either in the Senate or as a presidential nominee in 2016, depends on his perceived party loyalty.


he will lie to them He will lie to us! can you say Politician?


"I can't change the direction of the Wind,

But I can adjust my sails to reach my destination" and that destination is still Tampa

Attention All Delegates! Break your "Binds" and vote for the Constitution in Tampa! Ron Paul 2012

Can't beleive some people are

Can't beleive some people are questioning Ron and Rand Paul intentions. I don't fully understand the endorsement , but still, the previous actions of Ron and Rand Paul shows they are the only hope for humanity.

Politics is a science, 99% of the people don't understand how Politics works...this endorsement can be the difference between Rand being able to run for president or not 4 years from now.


you sound like an Obama supporter

just saying.

"... he HAD to play politics... there was no other way..."


The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge


"Can't beleive some people are questioning Ron and Rand Paul intentions." -Independent Pursuit

You should ALWAYS questions EVERYONES intenstions...

Don't get fooled. You must weigh the evidense...

Put it to the scales.

"the previous actions of Ron and Rand Paul shows they are the only hope for humanity."-Independent Pursuit

ummm.. my fellow citizen Ron and Rand Paul is not Jesus Christ!

"Politics is a science, 99% of the people don't understand how Politics works..." -Independent Pursuit

I agree with that part...

“He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length it becomes habitual; he tells lies without attending to it, and truths without the world’s believing him. This falsehood of the tongue leads to that of the heart, and it time depraves all its good dispositions.” - Thomas Jefferson(1785)

“I never … believed there was one code of morality for a public and another for a private man.” - Thomas Jefferson
In a letter to Don Valentine de Feronda, 1809


Rand Paul is not Ron Paul and

Rand Paul is not Ron Paul and he is free to do as he likes. A son is not always like his father and you shouldn't throw your support behind him blindly because of his blood officiation with Ron Paul.

He needs to be judged by his actions just as his father has been judged by his.

I have always thought of this movement focused more on the ideals of liberty and not the ideals of politics. Yes politics plays heavily in this as well, but I don't think that making sacrifices in principle for the sake of political gain is in good keeping with the liberty movement. Hell if Ron Paul did this I doubt he'd be as effective at carrying his message.

yes exactly

yes exactly

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeles